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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Goth / Roseland Family: Week 4

- - - Update 26.2.2012 - - - Hello and welcome back to the Roseland residence! Upon returning, the strange situation with the tombstones is still unsolved: maybe you remember that Olive's tombstone disappeared for no apparent reason, leaving only Mortimer Goth's tombstone in the small garden pavillion. Now it seems his ghost is "stuck" in one of the pillars; he does not move all night, and after that one night, he does not reappear.
Cassandra so detested the outfit she age-transitioned into that she changed into the black dress that was left by Olive.
Just like before, her days are mostly filled with caring for her dogs.
On Saturday (the week at this household has, for some strange reason, always begun on a Saturday) she asks her younger brother Alexander and his wife to move in. They are now the only ones to carry on the Goth surname.
On the same day, Bellina, who was Cassandra's first dog, grows into an Elder.
Alex and Tara (nee De Bateau) move into the upmost floor of the large house. These used to be Mortimer's, Alexander's and Cassandra's father's, rooms until his death. Alex and Tara place the photo that will forever remind them of the time when they fell in love on the wall, and a bouqet reminding them of their first date next to it.
Tara invites her granddad, resurrected and zombified Beaumont De Bateau, over to show him where she lives now. Tybalt Capp joins him, and he is presented with two of Cassandra's dogs, Ken and Sam, in order to make room for new puppies.
Cyd, Cassandra's husband, maximises his mechanical skill the same afternoon.
Heidi and Porthos are asked to try for puppies together, and are successful on their second attempt.
After lightning strikes one of the trees in the garden, a fire breaks out, but Alexander manages to put it out and the fire brigade is not called.
 "My hero!" Tara (in her working outfit; she is still a World Class Ballet Dancer) happily squeezes Alexander after the scary incident with the fire. She very much enjoyed sharing the tiny apartment with him, but is also happy now to have joined her husband's sister and her husband here at the big house, reminding her of her wealthy childhood home.
On Sunday, Alexander goes shopping for clothes.
What he brought home for his sister is tons better than Olive's old black dress, isn't it?
Cyd maximizes his logic skill.
It is early Monday morning, and Cassandra and Cyd have put up some Christmas decoration and lit the fire before sitting down for breakfast.
Bello turns into an Elder.
Cyd is promoted to Medical Researcher and instantly goes back to work for another few hours.
Upstairs in the family drawing room, Alexander and Tara enjoy a match of chess while Cassandra lights a fire.
Cyd returns with his last and most important promotion: He is now Chief of Staff and has reached his lifetime want, five days before turning into an Elder.
In the evening, Heidi's puppies are born, the twins Jack and Jackie.
Over the excitement with the newborn puppies, they forget to turn off the lights on the Christmas tree, and it catches fire during the night.
As before. Alexander is there to put the fire out just as competent as any firefighter!
On Wednesday morning, Cassandra gives their butler a very generous tip and announces to him that his much valued services are not needed anymore, what with Alexander, Tara, Cyd and herself all being very well able to do their share of housework and gardening, as well as looking after the dogs. While the butler leaves, saying it has been an honour to work for the Goth-Roseland household for so long, strangely enough he never appears in the phone book when Cassandra tries to contact him afterwards (she wants to give him one of the dogs).
Instead, she asks her long-term friend Dirk Dreamer to take Bello.
It is Thursday, and while it is still cold enough for some snow being left on the ground, the first butterflies appear on this day in early spring next to the snowman built by Cyd.
The two sisters-in-law enjoy coffee together.
Much more than coffee, though, Cassandra enjoys the company of her husband :-)
On Friday, Jack...
...and Jackie grow up, being the 5th and 6th puppies of the 20 Cassandra wishes to raise.
Jack is given to Placido Picaso...
...and Heidi to Aaron London, a townie who does not live in New Maximiliania. This leaves the household with only three dogs: Bellina, Cassandra's first dog who she simply can not give away, Porthos, the dog Cyd had with him from the very start, and Bellina's granddaughter and Porthos' daughter Jackie. - - - Edit 8.12.2012: Now I know why Heidi was wearing a collar but still counting as a stray dog that could be adopted! She was given to a townie and not to a Sim residing in New Maximiliania. - - - 
On Saturday, Cyd turns into an Elder.
Take one last look at Tara - you will never again see her in this outfit, because...
...she now is an Elder, too! Of course, those clothes want changing.
With a nostalgic smile, she looks at the picture of when she was so much younger.
On Sunday, Porthos turns into an Elder.
Cassandra finishes the week by learning all about Fire Safety. She is now 63, while her husband Cyd and her sister-in-law Tara are both 55. Alexander is the youngest of the four of them, being still 13 days away from Elderhood.
What will Cassandra do to make Jackie have puppies? Are Alexander and Tara going to remain childless, meaning that the Goth name will eventually die out? Will Cyd and Tara keep going to work every day, in spite of the immense wealth of the household. and them being both old enough to retire? The next round will tell us!

(Note: I have now synchronized the Goth/Roseland household so that their week begins, like almost everybody else's in New Max, on Monday morning.)


  1. wow, in my megahood Alexander married Tara as well! *sob- miss my megahood*.
    Anyway...! Do you have nightlife? If so you can always move Mortimer's gravestone to a cemetary/park- that way he'll 'unstick'.
    There was an unfixed bug with Free Time that stopped you calling NPC's as they disappeared from the phone book. There's a fix at Palladin's place, I can send you a link if you like.
    Will Tara and Alexander adopt? Will he (like in my megahood) get abducted? I hope there will be a Goth heir!

    1. I have each and every expansion and accessory pack for TS2 - that came with the job when I was made moderator for EA on the official German site :-)
      With all the other families, I always move the tombstones to "Gamesend Grounds", which is New Maximiliania's cemetery. But with Mortimer's, I have decided to leave it on the lot. His ghost has not appeared again.
      No adoption for Tara and Alex - their LTWs have nothing to do with children. Alex diligently stargazes every night, but I'm afraid he'll soon be too old to be given a souvenir by the Aliens, if they should decide to abduct him, that is!

  2. Nice week with the aging beauties on this lot!

  3.'s sad to me to be watching the death of the Goth name. They all seem so happy though, so at least they lived good lives!


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