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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Isaiah Gavigan at College: Freshman Year

In my previous post about the Gavigans I told you that we were going to check on Isaiah at college next, and that's where we are now: at the student house. Isaiah has just arrived, and is soon to meet the other five students living here: Ariel Capp, a Junior; her boyfriend Barry Beaker and his brother Björn, both in their 2nd semester of their Junior year (and Björn being on academic probation!), Cedric Cooke, a Sophomore, and Xander Roth, a Junior like Ariel.
The first thing that happens after Isaiah has gone inside is that he walks in on Cedric having a bath. Cedric just smiles, and Isaiah looks... and takes at least a minute before he leaves the bathroom.
Later, I find Cedric going to sleep in the double bed with Barry - is there something about you I don't know yet, Cedric? (Actually, the double bed was meant for whoever would happen to become an item at this house; for the moment, that's Ariel and Barry. But the students choose where they want to sleep, which for Ariel is almost always the purple bedroom in the attic, and for the lads, whichever bed they find empty.)
This semester, Xander is the first one to finish his term paper. Getting their term papers written and acquiring the skills necessary to continue their studies are the only things I make sure of in this household; everything else just happens as the students see fit.
The chess table and chairs on the upstairs landing is bugged - Isaiah can't sit down; both chairs are shown as being "in use". I have no choice but to sell them and put up a new chess table and chairs.
On the morning after his arrival, Isaiah decides he wants to declare his Major in History. (That is something else I leave up to my Sims - if they don't make a choice, they are automatically assigned the Philosophy Major by the game. Isaiah was really quick to decide!)
It is late spring, and the first thunderstorm ends with the tree in the backyard being hit by lightning. The rain still falls heavily enough to put the flames out before anything worse can happen, though.
Isaiah has prepared Grandma's Comfort Soup on his own initiative, something the others are really grateful for.
Although it is spring and Ariel and Barry are in love, they show surprisingly little inclination for romantic interactions. This was an exception. Maybe they are sensible enough not to kiss and hug all the time in front of the others.
Today, Björn takes it upon himself to prepare dinner. He goes for stuffed Turkey. I doubt real life students live that grand :-)
Although there are several plates of turkey on the table, Ariel prefers stuffing her face right from the fridge.
Björn and Barry are now Seniors. Björn, who was on academic probation for the past semester, is determined to make more of an effort this year.
Cedric tells Isaiah about his Alien heritage.
Xander and Ariel are starting the second semester of their Junior Year.
For Cedric, the 2nd semester of his Sophomore Year is about to start; Isaiah is now half way through with his Freshman Year.
"It is nice that there's just the two of us today for breakfast," Isaiah says to Ariel over plates of omelette. She has not done anything towards her lifetimewant of 50 first dates this year - but I am sure that Isaiah will eventually become the 11th name on her list. "Just the two of us" is not true - but the team mascot and the cheerleader obviously do not count :-)
It was Isaiah's wish to buy a toymaking bench, and so I make another exception and tell him to start making toy bricks. They could be come in useful for one of his father's businesses in the future.
Nobody ever talks to the team mascot, but he keeps turning up around meal times.
Barry and Björn start their final semester! (Barry in his PJs...)
Late at night, Isaiah makes his Bronze Badge for Toymaking, after 19 bricks (he has full creativity skill, so maybe that has something to do with it).
Xander and Ariel are now Seniors.
While Ariel is already getting started on her term paper, Xander is writing something about Barry in his diary. I wonder what!
And with Isaiah completing his first year at college, we end this chapter.
This is, by the way, my 100th post! I also have been keeping the birth and deaths lists updated.


  1. Congrats on your 100th post!
    I love reading college stories- I enjoy playing college most of the time. Like you I let my sims decide on a major- if they don't then I tend to put them into a career related one if it's their LTW.
    I like the coupling of Ariel and Barry. :)

    1. Thank you :-)
      When I have been playing at college for a while, I tend to get a little bored with it; the only "cure" is to have the group of students move to a different place, and of course moving on in the round to the next household which is not on campus. This time, it had been a while since my last college update, and so I was happy to play there.

  2. College is refreshing in between regular 9-5 jobs and rearing kids!

    1. It is, but it does get a little boring when played too long in a row ;-)

  3. A nice uni update. In my original prosperity and in the Fellowship One hood I play uni at the end of the round, the entire 2 years they are there. When the groups of kids are large I am SICK of uni by the end. In Megalahood and Clovercrest I switch it up a bit. Megalahood has all of one uni to do at a time, but instead of playing all 3 unis at the end of the round they are spread out between the other neighborhoods. Clovercrest I play half a uni round at the end of the original houses, and the other half after the new houses that have gotten added. I like playing at different times cause it just feels more fun. I will likely move 1/2 of the uni rounds from Fellowship One to after the original houses, and then the other 1/2 at the end, or somewhere further down the list at least.

    1. That sounds confusing - I would never be able to remember when to play which uni, and for how long :-D
      Like you, I tend to get sick of uni if I have been playing it for a while, but when there is enough interval between one round and the next, I enjoy it.

    2. That is what spreadsheets are for. :D I keep a running list of my houses, the order I play them in and then mark off each house as I play it for that round. So it's not that hard to keep track.

    3. Good method! I have small index/record cards for each Sim in alphabetical order. On those cards, I note their name and - if they are married - their partner, their aspiration and LTW, their career steps and other LTW-related things such as the names of their best friends (if the LTW is to have 20 BFs), for example.
      When a Sim dies, I move their card to a different box from where I keep the active Sims.


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