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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lavender and Geoff Greenman: Week 1

As far as I know, this simple blue house with the pond and "creek" running through its garden became part of the lots & houses catalogue with "Seasons". In New Maximiliania, it is home to...
...Lavender Greenman and her husband Geoff. Lavender is one of Rose Greenman's plantchildren, and Geoff's surname was Rutherford before the two of them got married. He used to live with his best friend, Connor Weir. Lavender is a Romance Sim with the LTW of having 20 simultaneous loves, but because her mother's LTW is to marry off six children, she married Geoff in spite of her own LTW. Geoff is already on Permanent Platinum; he dreamt of being a Rock God and reached that goal 9 days before becoming an Elder.
Although Geoff had plenty of money and a posh house before, when he and Lavender moved out of their former homes, neither of them took much with them, and most of their resources were needed to purchase the land and the house. Inside the house, they found some very basic furniture upon their arrival. They sold what they did not need, which left them with 714 Simoleons for furniture. Not much could be bought, of course, and they ended up with a mere 59 Simoleons - and Geoff would only go back to work tomorrow.
They refuse to worry about such mundane things as money, though, and rather spend Mondy afternoon fishing.
The welcome committee consists of Alexander Goth (back), Cyd Roseland (wearing the kilt) and Chaz Whippler, a graduate from college who lives in the neighbourhood.
There are only two chairs in the entire house, and - not very politely - the hosts occupy both of them. But the food is excellent; fish freshly caught from their own pond.
On Tuesday, Lavender not only gained her bronze badge for fishing, but also made use of the time her husband spent at work, inviting Guy Wrightley in for a meal when he walked by. Maybe he could help her towards her LTW.
While still at work, Geoff took the right decision with a chance card and was given 15.000 Simoleons - a VERY welcome reward! Instantly, the money is used to give the house a little makeover. The bedroom looks like this now.
The kitchen has been done up as well.
And the bathroom looks a lot nicer, too.
Shortly before Geoff arrives home from work, Lavender ends her date with Guy.
On Wednesday, Lavender spends some time out in the rain, sitting on the bench overlooking the pond.
Geoff receives his bronze badge for fishing.
Lavender may be a Romance Sim, but she has a large family and cares a great deal about them. So in the afternoon, she invites as many of them over as possible: Paola Picaso and her mother (Lavender's sister-in-law) Jessica Greenman (former Picaso), her brothers Gary and Gordon Greenman... well as her twin sisters Greta and Gerlinde Greenman and her sister-in-law's older sons, Pierre and Placido Picaso. The four of them come over all the way from university for the family gathering.
There was not enough time to do up the entire house, and therefore, two tables and a mix of folding chairs and the chairs from the kitchen are spontaneously put together to accomodate everyone. (Note there isn't even wallpaper in this room yet.)
The family don't mind - they enjoy their delicious meal of fresh fish, and everybody joins in the conversation.
Some of the younger ones have a pillow fight after the meal.
Later, almost everyone heads outside for some fishing.
Lavender and one of her brothers (sorry, I am not sure whether this is Gary or Gordon) have a drink of water in the bathroom.
On Thursday evening, Lavender gets her silver fishing badge.
On Friday, a puddle is left from the rain, and Lavender starts jumping about in it. She does not stop - not even when Geoff wants to kiss her.
I make her stop when Geoff's old friend Connor Weir comes visiting on his own accord (sadly, Geoff is at work at the time).
But as soon as she has greeted him, Lavender goes back to her beloved puddle.
Geoff has been lucky with a chance card again - this time, the reward was 30.000 Simoleons! This calls for a proper make-over, and new windows and doors are installed as well as new furniture is bought. Still, even with the new things in the house, Lavender does not leave her puddle.
The room where the family gathering took place earlier in the week looks like this now - complete with the sunlight lamps essential for any plantsim's wellbeing.
The kitchen has a new window and there are new doors leading to the bathroom (left) and bedroom (right).
By Saturday, Lavender has not left her puddle, not once! Geoff tries many times to kiss or carress or even just talk to her, but to no avail.
When he comes home from work on Saturday evening, he turns into an Elder on the spot.
Circe Beaker happens to walk by and is greeted by Geoff. Together, they watch as Lavender keeps skipping and jumping in that fateful puddle.
Geoff is so worried about his wife that he neglects his own needs. On Sunday morning, he passes out on the bathroom floor; tired, hungry and smelly.
I make Lavender stop jumping in the puddle when Jacob Martin walks by. Of course I expect her to instantly return to the puddle, but this time, it dries up before she can get back to it.
She has not interacted with any Sim for so long that the Social Bunny appears for her! I think this is only the 2nd time that I saw it in New Maximiliania.
Geoff has recovered, and in the afternoon, the couple invite friends and family over: Antonio Monty, Jason Greenman, Connor Weir, Erin Singles and her husband Nervous Singles (formerly Subject), Daisy Jacquet (nee Greenman) and her husband Gilbert and his half-Alien daughter Jacqueline.
The week ends with the family gathering in full swing; Lavender has served fresh fish from the pond and made a delicious berry pie for dessert. 

Is she going to do something more about her LTW during their next week, or will she stay faithful to Geoff? (So far, nothing has actually happened with Guy.)


  1. Wow, Lavender really liked that puddle eh? :D
    Sometimes it makes for more interesting homes when they go against their natures don't you think? She's married but a Romance sim at heart, heh- can't wait to see if she stays faithful.
    I love it when chance cards give simoleons! The house looks great now.
    I think I've only ever seen the Social bunny once- I'd practically forgotten it existed, heh.

    1. If I remember correctly, Marissa Cleveland was the only other Sim in all of New Max who ever had a visit from the Social Bunny. Usually, my Sims rather neglect all their other needs first before they stop interacting with other Sims. Lavender's obession with that puddle was truly strange!!
      I was prepared to play the household with very little money for a while, until Geoff would have earned enough to buy better and more furniture, but the chance cards were welcome :-)

  2. Strange obsession with the puddle. Luckily you won't get any minus points for social bunnies I guess :)

    1. Yes, it was odd! No points in my way of playing, so none taken for the bunny visit :-)

  3. Wow, that was quite an update. Funny about the puddle, and how long she stayed there. I've had sims interested in puddles before, but not like that. I do like seeing how the sims respond to thing, and even if how we play them. It's easy to forget, at least for me, that they are controlled (to an extent) by someone who can "speak" for them in the blog...although some of them make their wishes and wants known QUITE well all by themselves. :D

    1. Yes, those are aspects of the game I also like very much.


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