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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Chastity Gere at the DeBateau House

Today, we are back at the DeBateau house because of Chastity Gere. If you remember, she moved in here with her husband Armand Gere, who was a DeBateau by birth and used to live here before he moved in with and married Chastity. Since Armand died and Chastity was turned into a Vampire by one of her many lovers, Count Gregorio, she remained at the house along with Beaumont DeBateau, resurrected father of Armand and New Maximiliania's only Zombie, and Lola Singles, his latest conquest.
Here we have Lola and Beaumont peacefully sleeping.
On Monday, Jodie Larson (left) and Chloe Singles come by. Chloe obviously wants to make sure her former housemate and sister (?) Lola is doing well.
Chastity greets Aldric Davis when he walks past the house at dark, shortly after she woke up. "I am sure the two of us could have a magic time together," she smiles at the younger man.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing remarkable happens. Most of the time is taken up with looking after the dogs; they constantly need washing, their food bowls refilling, and the puddles they leave on the pavement want mopping up. On Thursday, Lola greets Sandra Roth.
That way, Sandra became one of the witnesses of Lola's death, only a few hours later. Lola Singles was 77 years old and died on Platinum - not on Permanent Platinum, though. Her LTW was to earn 100.000 Simoleons, but she did not reach that goal.
Alabama keeps watching over Lola's urn until it gets moved to the cemetery.
Chastity meets and greets Robert Kim.
On Friday, the only cat in the house, Snowflake, dies at 35 - that certainly is a ripe old age for a cat! Maybe you remember that Snowflake originally moved in with Isabel Baldwin, who left her husband and children to be with Beaumont.
Melrose Moonbeam is far too young for Chastity, but she still sits down with the young lad for a meal; he is, after all, their guest.
On Saturday, Chastity manages to make Robert Kim the 18th name on her list of 20 lovers.
It is Sunday, and the Grim Reaper is here again - this time, he comes to "play fetch" with Bailey, who reached 30 or 31. Beaumont has seen quite a lot of deaths this week; that is what happens when one never ages - all his friends and family members will eventually die and leave him on his own. Not a very nice prospect for the future, is it!
But let's end this short chapter on a positive note: Chastity makes Aldric Davis her 19th lover on Sunday night. I'm afraid, though, that she'll need more than one other name on her list in order to reach her LTW - some of her lovers have died in the meantime, such as her husband Armand, Pascal Curious and Daniel Pleasant. Well, we will find out whether they still count or not when it is time to visit this household again.


  1. A colourful household indeed! Good luck on the 20 lovers :)

  2. This "supernatural" family is quite fun. Sometimes short, simply updates are nice after the crazy ones. :)

    1. Sometimes they are necessary for lack of time, too - better short and simple than no update at all :-)


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