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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Gieke Family Continued

Once again, we are going to spend a week at the home of...
Tara and Chester Gieke...
...and their three cats, Mickey, Samantha and Faline.
On Thursday (which is when the week at this household begins), Blossom Moonbeam walks past and is greeted by Tara.
With it being autumn, there is some leave-raking to be done every day. Tara does not mind - it means she's out in the open, and she has not much else to do anyway.
She is glad for any fellow New Maximilianian walking by, and here she is greeting Melody Tinker.
On Friday, Tara spends some time fishing.
Although he works full time and Tara is a stay-at-home wife, Chester still is of the opinion that the housework should not be done exclusively by her, and helps as much as he can.
Here's Mickey watching Chester making omelettes, obviously hoping for something to "accidentally" drop out of Chester's hands :-)
It is Saturday, and Chester does not have to work. "I'd love to buy you some jewellery, darling," he suggests over their breakfast of omelettes (he didn't drop anything, by the way, and Mickey had to be content with cat food as usual).
So off they go.
At the first shop they stop...
...there are only clothes to buy, no jewellery.
But Freiya's Rayments has jewellery, so that is their next stop.
You know, when the "Human Statues" were introduced to the game, I was a bit disappointed that they were real NPCs - with the emphasis on the "N", as in NEVER playable character, unlike the maids, gardeners etc., who can be befriended and moved in and thus made playble.
Tara ends up with some very pretty earrings, a bracelet and a ring.
On Sunday, the kitchen sink breaks, and fixing it and cleaning up takes up good part of the morning.
On Monday, Mickey turns into an Elder. By the looks of his lifetime bar, he'll still be around for a long time.
With Chester back at work, once again Tara is glad to greet any passers-by. Today, it is Sarah Love.
When Chester comes home from work, it is with a promotion to College Dean.
To celebrate his promotion (but not only that), Chester invites his friends: Marcel Jocque (I think!) and Darren Dreamer... well as Gabe O'Mackey, Andrew Martin, Shaun Singles and Trisha Traveller.
The other reason for his party is that it is Chester's birthday today. At 6.00 pm, he turns into an Elder. Myra Moonbeam was not invited specifically to the party, but since she walked by, she was asked to join in.
The kitchen/dining area was made to look festive with party balloons, and I had actually meant for Chester to blow out the candles, but he didn't make it to the cake in time and age-transitioned without candles.
With his career going well, his wife being the love of his life and himself being on permanent platinum ever since he asked the genie from the magic lamp for peace of mind, Chester has every reason to look so happy!
Tuesday morning after the party sees Chester and Tara cleaning up together.
The cats are not forgotten; Tara often plays with them and cuddles them.
Very early on Wednesday morning, a burglar sneaks up towards the house. The car alarm goes off - I had no idea this happens! I thought the car alarm was to prevent the car from being stolen, not the house from being burgled.
Chester and Tara are sleeping upstairs and never come down to watch the fight between police officer and burglar, but the cats do!
A triumphant officer leads the burglar away.
Samantha turns into an elder cat today. 

Chester is now 56; he needs two more friends for his next promotion (which will be the last, I think, before reaching his lifetime want). I am sure Tara can help with that. She will grow up into an Elder next time I'll visit this household, two days into their next week.


  1. A great round back at the Gieke's. I think sometimes the burglar is going to steal the car but goes in the house first, thus setting off the car alarm. I did have a car stolen once, the owner cried for days. lol.
    Chester makes a good elder- he's having a nice life. :)

    1. Yeah, I'm quite happy with how Chester and Tara have turned out after their make-over, too :-)
      I don't think I've ever had a car stolen in my game - not yet!

  2. Nice couple, but I'm still a bit sad for Tara, with no babies and no job. She lives only for Chester! And the cats I guess

  3. Huh....I've never had a car alarm go off with a burglar that I can remember...of course I don't have very many cars in most of my hoods. A simple life for these two, but they don't seem too unhappy about it.

    1. I mostly let my Sims have a car if they wish for it, but there are few with alarms installed, and so I am not sure whether it goes off every time with a burglar.


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