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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Greenman / Picaso Family: Week 3

This is the third week with the Picaso family; maybe you remember that there used to be Matthew and Jessica Picaso in this small house, and not much else. Jessica's dream was (and still is) to marry off 6 children, and she has now three with her husband Matthew. But he found his three-bolt-love in Alexandra O'Mackey and left Jessica to live with Alex, still making a point of being in touch with his three children often. Jessica, who only ever had one bolt between her and Matthew, is working hard all day to make sure the children have everything they need, and she still wants to have three more.
Here she is with her (so far) youngest child and (so far) only daughter: Paola.
Her twin boys, Placido (left) and Pierre (right) are good kids and mostly do as they are told; they were not happy when their daddy left to live elsewhere in New Maximiliania, but since they still see him often, they are OK with it.
Now that Jessica is on her own, she thinks about who she'd like to have her next three children with, and she actually knows only one man who she really wants: Gary Greenman, one of Rose Greenman's six children (Rose has the same lifetime want of marrying off six children).
On Monday, first Pierre...
...and then Placido bring home their first A+ reports. Jessica is especially glad because this, to her, proves that her sons are not suffering too much of their parents having split up.
Matthew Picaso is a bit older than his wife (Jessica is still legally married to him). He comes by daily, without anyone calling him, and looks after his youngest, Paola. Jessica is grateful for him being around, but she also wonders whether he does not trust her to be able to take care of the kids without help.
So, on Monday night when the kids are asleep, she confronts Matthew and asks him to divorce. She is sure that, after his initial shock (shock?! It was HE who left HER, not the other way round!), he'll be actually happy for the chance to marry his three-bolt-love Alex... and she herself will have a second chance for happiness with Gary Greenman. This is, by the way, the very first proper break-up in my game!
They sit down and talk. "You really want the two of us to be not husband and wife anymore?"
"What 'husband and wife', Matthew? That ended when you moved out and went to live with Mrs. O'Mackey!" Jessica replies.
Deep in his heart, of course Matthew knows that she is right. They agree that he can come over any time to see the children, but they are now officially not married to each other anymore.
On Tuesday, Jessica asks Gary over and tells him. This picture does not do his joy any justice - and they did celebrate in style ;-) making Jessica get closer to her lifetime want.
The boys bring Helena Stacks home from school today.
On Wednesday evening, Paola turns into a toddler.
With an ever-demanding toddler around her all day and two school-aged boys to look after on top of being pregnant, more than once Jessica nearly collapses with exhaustion. So I make one of my very rare exceptions in the game and let her use the energizer a few times.
Paola is a sweet little girl and brings her mum much joy, but carrying the next addition to the family around with her in her belly all the time is still quite exhausting for Jessica.
Today, the kids bring Melrose Moonbeam home from school.
In the evening, their dad comes over and meets Gary for the first time. While Placido and Pierre have a pillow fight near the koi pond, the two men cautiously and politely talk to each other.
On Thursday, Param Patel accompanies the boys home from school.
Finishing their homework does not mean for Pierre and Placido that all their tasks are done. They are used to helping their mum and mostly do their chores without complaining.
Still on Thursday evening, first Pierre turns into a teenager (observed by his dad who is, as usual, visiting, and school friend Melrose Moonbeam )...
...and then Placido. Pierre's aspiration is Family, like his mother's - and like his mother, he wants to marry off six children. Placido with the mysteriously pointed ears (nobody knows where he gets those from!) turns out to be a Knowledge Sim and wants to become Chief of Staff.
Jessica is glad that her boys are now old enough to really pull their weight at home; they can help her caring for little Paola, which she finds increasingly hard in the last stage of her pregnancy.
On Friday afternoon at five past three, Jessica gives birth to her 2nd set of twin boys: Prezioso (that's Italian for precious), hold here by Pierre, and Pablo (sorry - I could not resist having a Pablo Picaso in my game, even though the real one is spelled Picasso with two s).
Until now, although she had tried several times, it had been impossible for Jessica to have Gary move in with her - the message always said "there is a pregnant Sim in this house". On Friday afternoon, just after the twins are born and tucked into their cribs, Gary finally can move in and adds about 3.000 Simoleons to the household account - which is very welcome, since Jessica can not go to work because of the children, but the bills keep coming anyway.
The sleeping arrangements are a bit cramped: on the top floor, Gary and Jessica have a double bed, and Pierre sleeps here next to the cribs for Pablo and Prezioso. Downstairs, there are a single bed for Placido and a crib for his little sister Paola. There is only one bathroom for the whole family, which is clearly not enough.
On Saturday, Gary leans fire safety - he feels it is his responsibility as a father.
Jessica and Gary get engaged and couldn't be happier.
Paola has finally completed the exhausting toddler "years" and turns into a pretty little girl.
And Jessica is pregnant again! Remember - she wants to marry off six children, and so far, has "only" five. The magic lamp had been left for the Picasos already during their first or second week here, but nobody ever made use of it. Now Gary feels the time has come to do something about the financial situation of his ever-growing family, and he rubs the lamp until the Genie appears. He asks for wealth and a long life, which leaves a third wish for Jessica, who also asks for a long life - that will make it easier for both of them to see their lifetime want come true.
Paola looks even cuter with braids, don't you think? You can't see it here, but the family use part of the Genie-money to add an extension to the "shoebox": at the back, where the patio with the energizer was, is now a bedroom and bathroom for the two older boys. Paola now sleeps in Pierre's old bed, next to her twin baby brothers Pablo and Prezioso.
Sunday morning, Gary feels a bit unwell, but still goes ahead with their plans for the day, which you will see in a bit.
Pierre attempts to repair the trash compactor - not a good idea when you do not have even one mechanical skill point!
I guess the plans for today become apparent now, when Gary's family appear, all dressed in their finest attire: (from front to back) his little sister Gerlinde, mother Rose, little sister Greta and older sister Lavender... well as his brother Gordon and human father (not biological father) Jason Greenman. The blonde lady walking through the door is, you guessed it, Jessica Peterson, a family friend.
So Jessica and Gary tie the knot, with Jessica becoming Mrs. Greenman and Rose Greenman having half of her lifetime want fulfilled - Gary is her third child to get married.
Pierre looks very smart in his white suit, doesn't he?
There is much mirth when the cake is cut!
Paola is proud of her pretty formal dress and feels at least as beautiful as her... what? aunt? Gerlinde Greenman. Well, she is her step-dad's sister, so that makes her an aunt, right?
The events of the day are not over yet! In the evening, Prezioso turns into a toddler...
...followed hours later by his twin-brother Pablo. Again, busy times are ahead for Jessica and Gary, what with child no. 6 on its way and again two toddlers to look after! Good job they got the money from the Genie and can afford to stay home with the kids. I really enjoyed playing this household and hope you enjoyed reading about them, too!


  1. Great round. I always think having lots of kids is hard work but satisfying when they grow to the next stage and there's never a dull moment is there?!

    1. Exactly! But I must admit I am glad that there are some single Sims or smaller households in New Max, too :-)

  2. I am starting to get used to all the childless houses here in New Max, so this house feels like a shock of things happening all the time :)

    1. There are indeed many childless households in New Max, but where there are kids, there is nearly always more than one :-)

  3. Wow, this house if FULL of kids, and really cute ones at that. I do love seeing the genetics play out in these families. I think it was Wen's blog years ago that really showed me how "complex" they made them in this game, and I started to really pay attention to them. :)

    1. A FULL house indeed, and fun to play!


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