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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Verse-Flexor Household: Week 3

This week at the Verse-Flexor household begins with Monday morning being busy bathroom time for almost everyone.
Strangely enough, at breakfast, Max and DJ sit almost as far apart from each other as possible. (Don't worry, their relationship is as good as ever; it was just an odd choice of seating.)
Do you remember what I said during the previous week about Heidi? I was sure she belonged to someone but could not remember who "her" Sims were; turns out she was a stray in spite of wearing a collar, because otherwise, DJ would not have been able to adopt her, would she! Heidi is now DJ's best pet friend # 3 - only 17 to go...!
Another fight breaks out on the lot between the Landlord and one of his tenants.
DJ does not want to get involved in anything like this and walks over to H&M, where she buys some new outfits for Max - it is almost summer, and he definitely will feel too warm in his current clothes.
While she's out, she also stops at Pepe's Pets and gets some new collars for the dogs.
Monday evening ends with another fire, caused by lightning. It is quickly put out, and apart from interrupting what everbody had been doing, no harm is done.
On Tuesday morning, Heidi suddenly... birth to a cute female puppy - I didn't even know she was pregnant! The puppy is named Vonny, and upon checking its family tree, I find out that the father is Porthos Roseland. Now I remember - Heidi used to live with Cyd and Cassandra Roseland (nee Goth). Cassandra's LTW is to raise 20 puppies and kittens, I think, and so I don't understand how Heidi ended up being adoptable by DJ. Maybe I'll be able to solve the mystery next time I play the Goth-Roseland household.
Max is happy about this latest four-legged addition to the family!
On Wednesday, the Landlord makes the acquaintance of the skunk - he tried to pet it, of course. Until this happened, I didn't know that Sims can pet the skunk (or attempt to do so) on their own accord.
In order to housetrain little Vonny, DJ takes her downstairs on this sunny afternoon and rests in one of the deck chairs provided for by the landlord, while Vonny quickly turns into everybody's darling (pictured here are fellow tenants Ginger Newson and one of the NPC tenants).
Later that same day, DJ becomes best friends with Vonny - that means she has now achieved 1/5, or 20%, of her LTW.
In the backyard, there are always some of the other tenants, and sometimes it is fun to observe them. Here, we have Delilah O'Feefe sitting at the table with Zoe Zimmerman (who was obviously struck by lightning during the last thunderstorm), and Gavin Newson having a pillow fight with Jessie Dosser, nee Pilferson.
Later, the Newson siblings Ginger and Gavin play with Alegra and Heidi, while Mickey Dosser is patiently waiting his turn.
On Thursday, Max finally makes his first best pet friend in Tom.
DJ greets, befriends and adopts this small stray dog named Bailey - all in the matter of only a few hours. She is able to build relationships very quickly thanks to aspiration rewards.
When Max gets up on Friday morning, he finds that someone (= Bailey, the latest addition to their ever-growing pack of dogs) has destroyed half of the settee. Never mind, it can be replaced quickly.
Vonny grows up into a dog looking very much like her mother Heidi.
Downstairs in the yard, Zoe Zimmerman is fighting the Landlord...
...and wins! Does that mean she need not pay any rent next week?
Sharla Ottomas and Lavender Greenman (daughter of Rose Greenman) are guests with DJ and Max today.
Did you know the small dogs can sit on deckchairs? I didn't, until now!
Saturdays are traditionally party days at the apartment blocks, with the landlord hosting a party for everyone. Max here sits with Zoe and Delilah, while DJ is just about to join them for hotdogs. In the background, Jessie Dosser is talking to Gavin Newson, while his sister is probably headed back into their apartment; maybe hotdogs do not appeal to her during the last stage of pregnancy.
The landlord is, for a change, not fighting against anyone :-)
Sunday sees DJ and Max sit close to each other for a breakfast of omelettes. Behind them on the wall you can see portraits of four of the five dogs, all painted by Max.
To give the end of their week some variety, I have the entire household go to the Planetary Pet Park, a lot I have visited maybe once before.
Ashley Pitts, Timothy Riley, Phineaus Furley and Consort Capp are already there (left to right). Nothing much is happening here, and so, after both Max and DJ have fulfilled their wants of fishing, they all go back home.
The week began with a bathroom picture, and I am ending it with one. This is what it looks like after all the dogs have been given a bath, and the toilet has clogged up (but was unclogged by Max). 

Will DJ and Max make progress towards their difficult LTW? Is any of them ever going to roll the wish of getting married?


  1. A lot of work with all the dogs, but very good progress!

    1. They are a lot of work, just as in real life :-)

  2. Awww....a fun group of dogs! I do enjoy pets sometimes. They certainly can be work, but they are fun to watch sometimes. These two seem pretty happy just being the way they are so far.

    1. I think the pets are so well programmed and designed in this game! When this expansion pack came out, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the producers, and they all confirmed that a lot of input had come in from themselves as pet owners in real life.

    2. That is really awesome. It is clear to me, in so many things with this version of the game, that they really put everything they had into it. The interactions, the way pets work, the genetics, just everything. There are so many little things that make it so awesome, and I'm STILL learning.

    3. Yes, even after all those years - I have been playing TS2 from Day One - I get a surprise every now and then!


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