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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Freshe-Frost Household: Week 2

Sorry about that - only after I had finished the week at this household, I realized that I never took a picture of the house from outside by daylight. As the week ended at midnight and I did not want to wait 7 "hours" until the next Sim-morning, I went into build mode, switched to daylight and took this picture. Anyway, enough of the lengthy explanations! Let's see who lives here now.
Tom Freshe, a Fortune Sim who graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics which should help him towards his lifetime want of becoming Business Tycoon. During the previous week (the report of which sadly was lost with this update), he went from Junior Executive to Executive to Vice President and received a membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories.
Ellen Frost was his girlfriend at college, and when she graduated Magna Cum Laude in Literature, she moved to New Maximiliania as well and joined Tom here. If you remember her from college, she had different hair then; a rather scraggy pony tail which has now been replaced by a fuller, prettier look. She is a Fortune Sim like Tom, but strives to become Criminal Mastermind. Last week, she started out as Bank Robber, then worked for a while as a Cat Burglar before being promoted to Counterfeiter. She is a member at "Games of Glory". Between her and Tom, they only share one bolt of chemistry, but that does not mean they love each other any less. Ellen's turn-ons are a bit odd: she likes both a guy who is a hard worker AND is turned on by unemployment!
The promotions were not the only things happening during the previous week. Tom had been invited by the Aliens to visit them aboard their space ship, and returned with a souvenir: little Freiya was born a few days after the visit.
It is Monday, and both Tom and Ellen have to go to work, so they call in a Nanny.
Money is no problem in this family, and Ellen gives the nanny a generous tip to make sure Tom's daughter gets the best care available.
At first, the nanny does not seem to take her job very seriously.
But as soon as the baby wakes up, Nanny Lawson is there and makes sure the little bundle of joy is lacking nothing in terms of attention and food.
On Monday afternoon, Ellen returns home with a promotion to Smuggler.
Tom has been promoted, too, and is now President of the company.
A stranger in Ellen's bedroom? Don't worry, it is only the head of the Platinum Gym who has just given Ellen her membership card.
After a badly needed nap, Ellen gets up, just in time to help Freiya with her age transition.
The first thing Freiya does, while her "mom" is busy making smart milk for her, is crawl outside and sit in the snow! Nobody seems to mind, and after she has finished her bottle, I make her crawl back in where Tom teaches her to walk.
On Tuesday morning, Tom is invited to "Dreamy Fields".
One of Tom's turn-ons is glasses, so Ellen decides to wear a pair of specs matching her purple sweater. This raises their chemistry from one to two bolts.
Wednesday sees Tom as the new CEO of the company.
And on Thursday, he takes a clever decision with a chance card and is made Business Tycoon, having thus reached his lifetime want 19 days before elderhood. Along with the promotion, there is a bonus of 35.000 Simoleons, boosting the household account to an impressive 107.071 Simoleons.
Freiya is a very bright little girl and has learnt her toddler skills quickly, undoubtedly helped by smart milk and two loving parents.
Ellen is not related to Freiya at all, strictly speaking, but she considers her to be their little sunshine no matter what.
On Friday, Freiya's toddler time ends and she turns into a child. A look at her family tree reveals that she has seven half-siblings so far - all having the same Alien father: Björn and Beta Beaker, Cedric Cooke, Jacqueline Jacquet, Lance and Lilo Landgraab and Deirdre Dreamer, the youngest of them all. Note: This was played and written in November 2010 - in the meantime, the Alien family tree has grown quite considerably!
Her room is now filled with furniture that more befits her age. You can tell this little girl is proud of her Alien heritage, she even displays a picture of her Alien dad above her bed :-)
But her human dad is the one who is there for her every day.
And her human "mom" answers all her questions, too, as good as she can.
She was a bright toddler and is a bright child: it was one of her wishes to learn physiology, and so young Freiya becomes an expert in the workings of the human body on Saturday.
On the same day, she maxes out her body skill.
Tom makes the acquaintance of two wolves with glowing eyes; he does not seem to be in the least worried.
On Sunday, Tom invites the Jacquet family over, so that Freiya gets to meet one of her half-sisters, Jacqueline. The girls get along well from the start.
By the time they all sit down for lunch, Freiya claims she has just made her third "bestest friend" in Jacqueline, the other two being her dad and Ellen.
It is a fun-filled afternoon and Tom and Ellen are glad that their clever little girl is, after all, a child like all the others, being silly and giggly and enjoying a pillow fight with her new "bestest friend". 
On this cheeful note, we leave the household with still some unanswered questions: 
Are Ellen and Tom going to get married? 
How long until Ellen is going to reach her lifetime want? 
Will Tom keep going to work now that he is on Permanent Platinum? 
Is Freiya going to meet her other half-siblings, too?


  1. Cute girls and a quite interesting colour scheme in the living room :)

    1. I wanted something a bit different, and rather like it, although I would not want it in real life :-)

  2. I love little Freiya, she is so cute. I also loved her bedroom. I don't think I have ever zoomed in close enough to notice that the crib has aliens on the little....banner? lining? not sure what to call that part. Anyway, I also really like her wall paper, it's fun. A nice family update.

    1. It was fun to play this family! I like zooming in and looking real close at stuff. Some of the clothes also have nice texture which you only see close-up.

    2. That is cool. I think the only thing I've REALLY zoomed in on was the Rabbit and Teddy Bear toys. They "age" and get all dirty and pieces "fall off."

    3. That is one bit I have missed so far - must check that out next time I have a household with a kid!


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