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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Freshe-Frost Household: Week 3

Welcome back to the Freshe-Frost household! The house still looks pretty much the same since I last played here...
...and the Sims who live here are still the same, too: Ellen Frost and her college sweetheart Tom Freshe, as well as Tom's half-Alien daughter Freiya.
To Ellen, Freiya is as much her daughter as if she had given birth to her, and the two of them often play together.
On Monday, Padma Patel happens to walk by, and Freiya greets her just as her Dad's helicopter arrives.
Ellen makes Hamburgers for the girls and herself. Padma tells them about the toys she has at home.
On Tuesday, Ellen greets Albany Capp...
...and, just as Freiya returns from school with her first A+ report, Placido Picaso.
Along with Freiya, Selma Singles has gotten off the school bus. She is not too impressed when the helicopter arrives, bringing Tom home from work. (Selma is one of Nervous' and Erin Singles children, as you probably have guessed.)
In her room, Freiya diligently does her homework - she wants more A+ report cards.
To reward her for her efforts at school, her parents get a wombrat for her. Freiya names it Blacky and never forgets to feed it and play with it.
On Wednesday, Ellen spends the morning working out.
Freiya does indeed keep bringing home good grades, and always has a smile on her face when she gets of the school bus. This bright little girl obviously loves school!
Over dinner, Ellen explains a maths problem to Freiya.
On Thursday, 12 days before reaching Elderhood, Ellen is promoted to Criminal Mastermind and is now on Permanent Platinum just like Tom.
She needs a few hours of sleep first and foremost, and afterwards, still in her PJs, she greets Almeric Davis and General Buzz Grunt.
Once again, Freiya is accompanied home from school by a class mate - and this time, it is not just a class mate, but also one of the 16 half-siblings she has all over New Maximiliania: Wilma Williamson.
Whatever she is doing at the time, Freiya always interrupts it and runs out to hug her Dad when he comes home from work.
On Friday, Almeric Davis has dropped by on his own accord. For unknown reasons, Ellen and Almeric have an argument in the bathroom. It is nothing serious, thankfully, and does not lead to poking and shoving, but they talk to each other again normally a little later.
With Ellen and Tom both being on Permanent Platinum, I leave them to their own devices for most of the time, as is my habit. And as is their habit, my dear Sims are close to starvation pretty soon!
This time, though, it is different: Tom is kind enough to prepare omelettes for the family without me having to tell him to.
Blacky the wombrat is well looked after, too.
If Ellen has the choice, she likes to just sit in front of the TV in her PJs all day.
The nanny still keeps coming to their place, in spite of Ellen being home during the day (as a Criminal Mastermind, she works nights). Nanny Gast must be wondering what Ellen needs her for.
William Williamson pays a visit on Friday. He and Tom both have the same toy :-)
On Saturday, Freiya talks to her friends on the phone and invites them over for the afternoon.
Before the children arrive, Tom and Ellen enjoy some cuddling on the sunlit lawn (they did this on their own accord).
Ramon Ramirez and Selma Singles are the first to arrive. Freiya has not forgotten to invite her Nanny over, either.
Jacqueline Jacquet, Wilma Williamson and Padma Patel are part of the party, too. What party is it, by the way?
Why, it is Freiya's birthday, of course! She turns into a teenager with the Knowledge Aspiration and the lifetime want of maxing out her skills - shouldn't be a problem for this exceptionally bright young lady!
Funnily enough, now that she's a teenager, she sits down with Ramon and Jacqueline in the dining room...
...while the little girls eat in the kitchen! (It really happened just like this.)
When the younger kids have gone home, the teens sit around the log fire that was provided specifically for this occasion by Tom, and talk about... well, the things teenagers like talking about :-)
On Sunday, Freiya goes to H&M to do something about the ugly outfit she age-transitioned into.
Money is not an issue in this family, and so she can buy whatever she likes, observed by Cassandra Roseland (née Goth).
She greets Stella Terrano, who is one of the very few green-skinned Sims not related to her, while Stephen Tinker is choosing a DVD.
Sunday afternoon, the house looks a bit different from the outside, with some landscaping and decorating done.
Freiya has changed into one of her pretty new summer outfits.
Inside, there have been some improvements, too. Why all this?
Well, typically for a Knowledge Sim, Freiya wants to get into Private School, and with both her parents not working today, this is her best chance. Headmaster Vince Walter arrives punctually at 5.00 pm and is greeted politely, if a bit shyly, by Freiya.
After a tour of the house, everyone sits down to enjoy Tom's pork chops.
I have never tried this before during the headmaster scenario: letting my Sims toast each other. I wonder whether it is good or bad for the dinner points?
It must have been good - dinner is 46 points, same as the house tour, plus 11 schmooze points. So, next time we'll visit this household, we'll see Freiya in her brand new school uniform :-)
After the headmaster has left, Ellen and Tom spend the evening playing "Don't Wake The Llama".
Freiya starts working on her LTW and acquires her first three logic skill points before Sunday turns into Monday. I liked playing this family, and making some changes to their house and yard. Hopefully, you enjoyed this week with them, too!


  1. What luck that your alien girl got the Knowledge aspiration - I think that one suits aliens the best!

  2. Oh yay, things are going really well for this family. I still love Freiya, she is so sweet! Quite the smart little cookie. I know once they are perma-plat you leave them mostly alone, but do you management super closely before then??

    1. I only micro-manage them when I can see that they won't take good care of themselves (or their kids or pets), or if it is necessary for them in order to achieve their LTW. For instance, a Sim with the wish to have 50 dream dates needs close monitoring, or those 50 dates will never happen!

    2. Yes, that is completely true about LTW with dates, or pets even. Cool, I often wondered how much you controlled before then. I find it fun and interesting to see how other play. :)


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