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Friday, 9 November 2012

DeBateau Family Album

 Just a few snapshots from the DeBateau family.
Beaumont, Armand, Tara and Melanie. Beaumont and Melanie were resurrected by Armand.
The Beaumont residence... 

...and how it is located in the neighbourhood.

Tara and school friends Sally Riley and Daniel Bell meeting up for a jogging round.

Beaumont wasn't always so adverse to Chastity!

Melanie after her makeover.

Beaumont and Isabel, who left her husband and children for him.

Beaumont tried every potion available to cure his zombie-ism, but to no avail.

Tara in an outfit she she wore in autumn.


  1. It's sad you lost so many of your posts, but at least pictures give me a hint of what happened before. I LOVE their house.

    1. Yes, I still think it would have been good of EA to keep the old Sims2 boards active so that we could still use the storytelling mode and upload directly from the game.


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