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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Furley-Gorey Household: Week 2

For our next household, we do not have to move far; this somehow shabby looking house is just round the corner from where we've last been when we accompanied the Freshe-Frost family through their week.
Phineaus Furley lives here. He is a Family Sim with that typical lifetime want of becoming Education Minister. His Summa Cum Laude diploma in Psychology should help him towards that. During his previous week, he was not very lucky on the job side and only found a position in his favoured career on the Sunday. But he was able to start as High School Principal right away.
Phineaus' college sweetheart is Allegra Gorey. Faithfully he waited for her to finish her studies, and now she has graduated and is ready to move in. (Faithfully? Almost... Well, you now we have some Sims living in New Max whose lifetime want is to have 20 lovers. Chastity Gere is one of them, and Phineaus has not been immune to her charms, knowing full well that no steady relationship would ever result of that.)
Allegra moves in on that Monday, adding her own 17.863 Simoleons to the household account. Her aspiration is Knowledge, and she dreams of being a World Class Ballet Dancer. In order to achieve that more easily, she has graduated Cum Laude in Drama.
Phineaus returns from work on Monday afternoon, proudly announcing that he has just been promoted to College Senior Professor. I wonder which college it is - maybe the very same where he once studied :-)
Connor Weir happens to pass by, and since Phineaus has made so many pork chops they really can't eat it all on their own, he is invited in for dinner.
Finally, the two of them are able to relax and enjoy their new life together.
Not for long, though! Only a little while after they have fallen asleep, an uninvited "visitor" enters their house...
...and is stopped very efficiently by this strict-looking police officer.
It is Tuesday, and Allegra has not yet found a new job. Winter has set in, and she decides to go clothes shopping for herself and Phineaus. Belle's Boutique and Tailoring is the shop of her choice.
As usual, there are several other New Maximilianians there: Cedric Cooke, David Ottomas, Juliette Davis (nee Capp), a townie and Jennifer Smith.
The dark red jumper and black trousers are not only a lot better in winter than the short-sleeved polo and skirt Allegra wore before, they also look a lot more stylish, I think!
This evening, Phineaus receives his membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories.
Allegra has now found a job as Interpretive Dancer, and the career reward has become available instantly, but she will only start working on Thursday. In the meantime, Sharon Wirth, and old friend of hers, comes over for some ballet practise in Allegra's tiny "studio".
They both seem to be quite the experts!
Experts indeed!
On Thursday, Allegra goes to work for the first time.
It is now spring, and both she and Phineaus have changed their outfits to more something more lightweight.
Allegra is promoted to Tap Dancer.
On Friday, Phineaus has yet another promotion to announce to all his neighbours (just in case anyone is interested, he he): He is now College Dean of Students. Yes, HE is the guy on whose list every student wants to be at the end of term!
Allegra is made Ballroom Dancer on the Saturday. By the way, Allegra and Phineaus have only two bolts for each other. Allegra does not have any 3-bolters in her relationship panel, while Phineaus has TWO: Monica Bratford and Samantha Cordial.
It is Sunday, and we leave this household with a curious Phineaus wondering whether he will ever get to see those Aliens he has heard so much talk about. He is now 15 days from Elderhood; Allegra is 7 "years" younger. She has, by the way, been promoted to Flamenco Master today. 
Which of the two is going to reach their lifetime want first? Are they going to get married, or is one of Phineaus' 3-bolt-ladies going to put in an appearance?


  1. Too bad they won't have any children together. Phineas (in my game Fabian) makes cute kids :)

    1. Thanks for the link - it is interesting to see them in the house that in my game was the Cordial sisters'! Funny to have a pillow fight wearing a diving suit, he he

  2. A fun family. Funny that he had a couple of 3 bolt people for you, so far he's struggled to find a 2-bolt girl for me....although he did get one, and wants to get engaged to her, but I play wishes, so we'll see what she ends up wanting. :) They seem happy together overall though, and it's fun to see Allegra out of uni.

    1. Yes, isn't it funny how different the same Sims can turn out in different games? And how some have more 3-bolt-partners than they can handle, while others never find one... A bit like in real life :-)


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