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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jessie Pilferson and Mickey Dosser: Week 2

- - - Update 7.11.2010 - - - On Monday morning, Jessie is determined that this is the last time she is having her morning coffee all alone.
Mickey Dosser, one of her two 3-bolt-men, has just graduated Magna Cum Laude in Art, and she invites him not only to visit, but to stay. Mickey moves in with Jessie, adding 16.224 Simoleons. Like his girlfriend, he is a Romance Sim. His lifetime want is to become Professional Party Guest.
Now there are two university diplomas on the wall above the desk. Of course, Mickey goes straight about the business of finding himself a job, but without success. Since one of Jessie's turn-ons is a hard worker, their 3 bolts have decreased to two.
It is winter, and at all times the inhabitants of the other apartments in this building are outdoors - sometimes for so many hours that they fall to the ground, frozen solid.
 "Isn't it great that the two of us now live together properly?"
With all the excitement of having Mickey move in, Jessie forgot to pay the rent. The landlord calls to collect the pending payment personally.
Jessie has been promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge.
It is Tuesday, and Mickey still has not found a job in the Slacker career. Therefore, he decides to do something about his own and Jessie's precarious clothing situation, and visits one of the H&M stores in town.
While he's at it, he also gets rid of the wolly hat that accompanied him throughout his college years. Looks like he really is pleased with his new looks!
And Jessie loves the outfit he has brought for her, too.
I must admit I quite like them as a couple now.
Almost every night - sometimes twice in one night - Jessie and Mickey are woken up by noise, music and laughter coming from the other side of the wall. That apartment is rented by someone they do not know, and have no wish to befriend.
On Wednesday, Sally Riley rings their doorbell. An unsuspecting Jessie opens the door and welcomes the young woman in.
Francis J. Worthington, who graduated shortly after Mickey, keeps in touch with his old Fraternity "brother".
Indeed, they both enjoy their life together!
The celebration at the dinner table turns into a celebration between the sheets - both of them forgot that they actually had a guest, Sally Riley. She comes storming into her hosts' bedroom, accusing Mickey of cheating on her! A long time ago, the two of them had a bit of a flirt, without ever doing anything about it. Now Mickey can't help wondering: what was Sally thinking of when she came here today? And what did she think Mickey and Jessie were living together for? To be like brother and sister?! Thankfully, their relationship remains unchanged, but Sally storms off in a very angry manner. Sorry, Sally, but that's entirely your problem!
A much friendlier visitor is Francis J. Worthington, who has for once left his warlock clothes behind and dresses normally.
Jessie is painting a portrait of Mickey, after he has done the same for her earlier on in the week.
Again, the noisy neighbours! By the way, Mickey managed to find a job as Freelance Photographer on Thursday. On Friday, Jessie was promoted to Roadie.
It is Saturday, and Jessie is demoted back to Battle of the Bands Judge for having taken the wrong decision with a chance card. She goes to work the same day, undeterred, and is duly reinstated as a roadie.
Mickey is promoted to Freelance Webdesigner.
Oh those neighbours!! In real life, my neighbours sometimes are quite noisy, too, so I truly feel for Mickey and Jessie.
Sunday is a fine spring day, and Jessie joins her former sorority friends DJ Verse, Delilah O'Feefe and Zoe Zimmerman out in the garden. She is relieved to find that all the girls have survived the long and hard winter, in spite of their being frozen stiff with the cold more than once!
These portraits were painted by Mickey while they were both still in college.
And these are the new portraits. A fitting conclusion for the week, don't you think? I suppose both Jessie and Mickey have a good chance of reaching their lifetime wants before their next week here is over. Will you join me again next time we visit this household?


  1. Haha, too funny with the neighbours littering the courtyard, frozen stiff!
    And I advice Mickey and Jessie to move their bed to another room!

    1. They moved out of the apartment later anyway :-)

  2. Oh those apartments, just like in real life, can really be a pain. A fun week for them though. They are a pretty cute couple of sims.

    1. Maybe they were not the most likely couple to fall in love, but they did and I think, too, that they are well suited for each other.


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