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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jessie Pilferson: Week 1

This apartment complex is home to some of the graduates we accompanied for all or some of their college "years", among them...
...Jessie Pilferson, who used to be part of one of the sororities. Jessie is a Romance Sim who now wants to make her dream come true and become a Rock God. She has graduated Cum Laude in Literature, has many friends among the other graduates, and not just one, but TWO 3-bolt-men in her relationship panel. We'll see who they are in a minute.
This apartment is the one Jessie is renting.
It is still as good as empty, except for some basic kitchen and bathroom equipment. Jessie is not poor; she has saved most of her grant money and can afford nice furniture. And after all, you don't need that much for just one single Sim.
One of the two 3-bolt-men for her is Gunnar Roque. He has not graduated yet, so she can not ask him to move in.
But they spend the afternoon in bed together, and so Jessie helps Gunnar to take another step towards fulfilling his lifetime want: he wants to woohoo with 20 different Sim - and Jessie becomes his No. 2 (No. 1 was Brittany Upsnott).
Of course, Jessie keeps checking the job adverts on the simternet, but there is no vacancy in the music career. The red plate on the wall next to her university diploma was, by the way, a gift of her other 3-bolt-man Mickey Dosser.
Her former "sisters" from the sorority, DJ Verse, Delilah O'Feefe and Zoe Zimmerman, are all renting apartments here in the same complex.
But most of the time, Jessie takes her meals alone in her vast (and still pretty much empty) kitchen / living area.
Mickey Dosser, the other 3-bolt-man, gets invited, too, but he has not yet graduated either, so he can not move in just yet.
Jessie has never given much thought to the domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning, and so it is hardly surprising that she sets the kitchen stove on fire one day. Nobody comes to any harm, thankfully.
Pretty much like she used to do during her time at college, Jessie often encourages her friends and neighbours in taking more responsibility towards their own health by keeping fit, and they (some more, some less) willingly accompany her on her jogging rounds through the neighbourhood.
Sometimes it proves to be just too much! Zoe Zimmerman passes out on the pavement before she can reach her apartment. I am relieved to tell you that she made a full recovery.
Miranda Capp is another graduate, and Jessie loves to reminisce about their time at university.
But she still spends most of the time alone.
It takes almost all of her first week in New Maximiliania before she finally lands a job in the music career. On Saturday, she becomes Summer Camp Music Teacher, but will only start work on the Monday of the following week - which is too late for us now, so we will have to wait for the next update to find out how she is getting on. Bye-bye for now, Jessie!


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