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Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Dosser Family: Week 4

The Monday morning after Jessie and Mickey got married, we find them together in the living room, reading and studying.
Mickey prepares a delicious dinner of chili con carne for them...
...while Jessie goes to work and, in spite of her glum expression, has just been promoted to Symphony Conductor.
Uh-oh... what is going on outside in the courtyard of the apartment building?
One of the townies living here has attacked Max Flexor, who has recently moved in! I wonder what triggered off their animosity?
On Tuesday, Mickey manages to alarm the entire apartment complex when he causes a kitchen fire. Thankfully, everybody is sensible enough to evacuate the building, leaving the firefighter to do his work.
I'm afraid it is burnt omelette that day for Jessie and Mickey's lunch!
The townie and Max Flexor get into another fight.
And another!
On Tuesday, Jessie is demoted to Concert Pianist - this time, it had nothing to do with a chance card, but her demotion was due to bad work performance (I must admit she wasn't in the best of moods after the fire).
This time, Max wins.
Jessie takes her demotion very hard.
By Friday, she has convinced her boss that she is well worthy of being Symphony Conductor again. She goes back to work instantly...
...and returns later the same night with her final promotion: Now she is a Rock Goddess! Three days before reaching elderhood, she is now on Permanent Platinum just like Mickey.
Still, with their noisy neighbours not showing any consideration, sometimes Mickey and Jessie wonder whether they should not move out and find a nice house on their own - they are rich and could afford almost any property in New Maximiliania.
The Landlord seems to be rather angry with one of the townie tenants (not the one who has been picking fights, though - that would have explained his anger!).
It is Saturday, and Beau Broke has come over for a visit with his old college mates. He and Jessie enjoy one of the last autumn days warm enough to eat outdoors and reminisce about the graduation parties they hosted.
Sunday sees the onset of winter with the first snow.
Jessie and Mickey are as much attracted to each other as always, which is nice to see.
Mickey comes home from work with a cold - no wonder; what was he thinking of, going out in the snow in this skimpy outfit!
The Landlord seems to be angry at almost everybody these days, I wonder what's the matter with him! Today, it is Zoe Zimmerman who gets a telling-off for no apparent reason. (Watching the scene for a few more minutes, I saw that the Landlord apologized to Zoe.)
Mickey has been busily making clowns-in-the-box and kites, and with Christmas approaching, he wants to show goodwill to his fellow tenants at the apartment complex, giving each of them some of his home-made toys as a gift. 

Are Mickey and Jessie going to move to a quieter place, now that Jessie is almost an Elder? Will she stay in her job as Rock Goddess, and Mickey keep working as a Professional Party Guest?


  1. Good job with the careers! Still advice on a different bedroom. Or a new house :)

    1. That's what I did with them eventually :-)

  2. Oh those neighbors are really terrible. Still, these guys have done well.

    1. I can't even remember what was so terrible about the neighbours, but Jessie and Mickey still managed to pursue their careers and be happy together :-)


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