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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jessie Pilferson and Mickey Dosser: Week 3

- - - Update 3.12.2011 - - - Back at Jessie's apartment, we catch her early on Monday morning, still in her bathrobe, eating cookies for breakfast. Yes, it has been one of those nights again... the noisy neighbours have woken them up, and while Mickey managed to get back to sleep, Jessie felt restless.
When Mickey gets up hours later, he makes sure to have a proper breakfast; a bag of cookies is not his idea of a healthy diet. Do you remember how he used to be a bit overweight at uni? Well, he has changed!
Monday afternoon, Jessie returns from her roadie work with a promotion to Studio Musician.
Mickey maxes out his creativity skill.
"I have a feeling that this is going to be a really great week - here's to us!" he exclaims later over dinner, consisting of left-over omelette from breakfast.
And he is quite right: On Tuesday, he is promoted one last time. Mickey is now Professional Party Guest and has reached his lifetime want, 21 days before Elderhood. Who would have thought this formerly lazy student who even was on academic probation would turn out so well?
To celebrate his permanent platinum status, he invites Jessie to the Mountain Road Restaurant.
After their meal, he turns to Jessie and says he has something to show her...
...and produces a little box covered in midnight blue velvet.
Jessie is delighted - it is an engagement ring!
Back home, Mickey takes up a new hobby: toymaking.
On Wednesday morning, Jessie is promoted to Concert Pianist (of course, that is still the outfit for her former job).
Did you know this? - I didn't! When a Sim reads a book about cooking (note: NOT to study for cooking skill points), he gets hungry really quickly!
Mickey and Jessie really enjoy their life together.
Now that Jessie has this career reward object, she often plays the electric guitar, much to Mickey's delight.
On Friday, she takes an unfortunate decision with a chance card and is fired.
That's a shame - she was already so far up on the career ladder! By Saturday, she manages to get her former position as Studio Musician back.
Saturday is also the traditional day for the landlord to host a party for all the apartment tenants. DJ Verse, Gavin Newson and Delilah O'Feefe attend, too.
Very early on Sunday morning, Jessie returns from work, smiling happily: she is Concert Pianist again.
After both she and Mickey have slept enough (for once, undisturbed by their neighbours), they set up chairs and a wedding arch and invite some of their closest friends over. And then, Jessie Pilferson becomes Mrs. Dosser - this three-bolt-couple simply had to tie the knot, I think, even though it is a "bad memory" for both of them, because they are Romance Sims.
Tiffany Sampson (left) and Francis J. Worthington are among the guests. Nobody invited the townie lady, but she is not sent away.
While Francis, Beau Broke, Delilah O'Feefe, the townie lady and the newlyweds enjoy the wedding cake, they talk about their former co-students and what became of them. "Yes, Heather Huffington... I remember her," Jessie says, winking at her husband - she knows that, for a while, those two were an item, but that's long gone, and today she is nothing but happy. Let's hope she'll soon reach permanent platinum, too; maybe during her next week here.


  1. Congratulations to the happy couple!

    1. Thank you! I love playing weddings :-)

  2. Awww...congrats to the couple. I did not know about reading about cooking makes you hungry. I guess it kind of makes sense though. :)

    1. That bit about the cooking book was new to me, too - it is a nice touch, isn't it :-)


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