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Thursday, 22 November 2012

DJ Verse: Week 2

- - - Update 19.6.2012 - - - Good morning, DJ! Your next week is about to begin; let's see what is in store for you.
DJ meets Tom, one of Shelly Tinker's puppies who were given up for adoption when more room was needed at the Tinkers' household. Tom has decided to live on the street - that is no problem in New Maximiliania, since Sims are mostly friendly with strays, and they always find enough food and shelter. Not long, and DJ is able to adopt Tom.
On Tuesday, she meets Alegra, but she disappears before DJ can adopt her.
She has invited some friends over and tries to make spaghetti... not very successfully!
One of those friends is Max Flexor. DJ has one 3-bolt-man in her relationship panel: Justin Cleveland. Justin is off limits, but I'd like for DJ to have a partner who can help her towards her lifetime want. Max Flexor shares the same LTW, and the two of them have 2 bolts for each other.
When I later tell DJ to say good-bye to Max, on her own accord she does so with a lingering kiss!
On Wednesday, DJ meets another stray dog, Scout, but once again he disappears before she can adopt him. Ana Patel happened to walk past at the same time and was invited in.
In the evening, DJ asks Max over again, and he brings along his friend Marla Biggs.
Everyone is worried about Delilah O'Feefe - she is cold, she is tired, and yet she does not do anything about her needs!
DJ asks Marla to prepare a meal - and tonight, instead of burnt spaghetti, the friends feast on pork chops!
On Thursday, Tom becomes DJ's first best pet friend.
Later, she manages to adopt Alegra.
While Jessica Peterson walks past, this dog named Heidi is greeted and befriended by DJ. I know Heidi belongs to one of my families in New Max, but at the moment, I can't remember which one, and the collar doesn't say.
Did you know that dogs react to noise from next door, too?
On Friday, Max is invited over yet again.
DJ can't stop thinking of him :-)
Today, she meets and befriends Moonshine, a stray cat.
On Saturday, while giving her a bath, Alegra becomes DJ's 2nd best pet friend. That's only another 18 to go...!
Later, yet another stray dog named Alegra is greeted and befriended.
Max is there again, and the two of them flirt, hug and kiss quite a lot today - it is spring, as you can also tell from DJ's slightly changed outfit.
They sit in companiable silence, enjoying the pizza provided for the apartment block by the landlord.
Less silent is what they do later in the wardrobe ;-)
And on Sunday, Max moves in with DJ - from now on, the two of them can work on their lifetime wants together. Max brings 17.888 Simoleons which means neither of them will need to get a job for a long time to come.
Trying to raise their chemistry from 2 to 3 bolts, I have DJ change her hair colour from black to brown and Max work on his creativity skill. I don't know yet whether it will help, but we'll see - just as we'll see how things are going to go in terms of their lifetime wants.


  1. Good thing that DJ found someone to share her life with, but it might take time from her befriending pets

    1. It certainly will, but it can safe time in other ways, such as getting Max to help with household duties.

  2. This blog is amazing!You should add these mods to make it more amazing:The Triplets and Quads mod and the ACR mod,i don't have a link so you will have to search them yourself on the internet.

  3. And the risky wohooo mod aswell

    1. Hello Anonymous, thank you!
      I find my game amazing enough and have decided long ago to play as CC- and mod-free as possible. Click on "About New Maximiliania" to find out more :-)

  4. Oh yay, she has some help. :) It's tough to try and do everything on your own sometimes. :)

    1. Some Sims cope rather well, others do much better as part of a couple or a family - just like in real life :-)


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