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Thursday, 22 November 2012

DJ Verse: Week 1

Maybe you remember this apartment building? It is where some of our former students live, each in their own apartment.
We are here for DJ Verse. She has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature. I wonder - is this going to be of any use to her regarding her lifetime want of having 20 simultaneous best pet friends? Not that unusual for a Popularity Sim, I guess, but so far, never been achieved in my game.
Before she even starts furnishing her apartment, DJ invites her college sweetheart, Guy Wrightly, over.
The other three graduates who live here are, by the way, Zoe Zimmerman, Delilah O'Feefe and Jessie Pilferson.
DJ has only made slight modifications to the kitchen and has kept to the general colour scheme which is predominantly green.
Hmm... DJ, I don't know, is it really wise to talk to your boyfriend about some other guy you have the hots for?
Well... looks like he is of the same opinion!!
That skirt and blouse are just too awful and mis-matched, so I send DJ to H&M for some shopping. She certainly can afford it, what with having hung on to her grant money rather tightly while she was still at uni.
Afterwards, she walks to Kings Gardens, hoping to meet some stray cats or dogs, but no such luck.
Instead, she meets Chastity Gere, Nina Caliente (who is about to fall victim to the Unsavoury Charlatan) and Trent Traveller.
Back home, the phone rings and Ty Bubbler, a former fellow student, invites DJ to an outing downtown. DJ really does not have anything better to do - still no stray pets in sight - and so she joins the group at the FM.
Romeo Monty is here along with Kevin Beare, Sam Thomas, Dustin Broke, Mercutio Monty and Ty Bubbler, who has organised the outing. The friends have dinner...
...and then explore the upstairs rooms at the FM, where not only Karaoke machines can be found, but even female vampires.
At some stage, I become aware of Ty Bubbler and Kevin Beare arguing and poking each other - but I did not see the beginning and so have no idea what triggered that off! Could Sam Thomas have anything to do with it?
The next day, DJ invites Gunnar Roque over, much to the delight of Zoe Zimmerman, who used to be not only a member of the same band as Gunnar ("The Shifting Paradymes"), but at one time was also his lover.
This time, though, DJ is trying her luck with Gunnar (and she does not have to try hard, I assure you, what with Gunnar wanting to have woohoo with 20 different Sims anyway!). "Can a lonely girl help some hot guy achieving his lifetime want...?" she asks with a seductive smile, taking Gunnar's hands. Well... she can, and becomes Gunnar's No. 6 not long after this picture was taken.
Uh-oh... How did they know? They were downstairs, playing on the swings, when DJ and Gunnar were entangled under the sheets, but now Brittany Upsnott (Gunnar's No. 1) and Zoe Zimmerman (his No. 5) come storming into DJ's bedroom and confront Gunnar with his infidelity. Girls, girls, has no-one ever told you that there is no such thing as morals for a Romance Sim?
It is already autumn, but still warm enough for thunderstorms, and tonight, during a particularly violent one, a tree in the garden is struck by lightning. Good job that the firefighter is there instantly!
And look who else is still there... (she does not live here). There really must be something about Brittany and Fire.
One evening, Peter Ottomas is walking by and is greeted by DJ. Jessie Pilferson wonders why she has never met this attractive fellow New Maximilianian before! Jessie, I am warning you. This guy is happily married and has lots of kids. Leave him alone, ok?
Wednesday goes by with nothing more remarkable than a broken bath tub.
Thursday morning, DJ and Delilah perform the school cheer in the garden. They can still jump high!
And finally, finally, finally, DJ meets her first stray! This one is Bailey, but he does not stay long enough for DJ to befriend him.
As there is not much else to do for her and she has it on her wish list, I make DJ learn couples counselling. Not that it really does anything, but it gives her something to do and sends her aspiration level on Platinum for a while.
Bailey comes back on Friday morning, just when DJ returns from a jog and is actually too tired, too smelly and too hungry to play with the wolf.
Still, she makes sure there is dog food in the bowl, before she sits down for some grilled cheese herself.
Saturday, a small dog named Grace comes by, but again, does not stay long enough to become DJ's friend.
Also, a cat named Sake puts in an appearance, with the same result.
And some time later, a third stray, a small dog named Pepper, finally becomes DJ's first pet friend (not best friend yet, though). About time!
On Sunday afternoon, the first snowflakes silently fall outside.
By evening, the snow is thick enough on the ground for DJ to make not only a snow angel...
...but a snowman as well. And on this wintery note, we leave DJ and can only wish her a more successful week when we come back - in terms of her lifetime want.


  1. Good luck on a truly impossible LTW! :)

  2. Good luck, I'm guessing she doesn't make it since I think you've mentioned no one ever has. That LTW is SO hard to get. It is POSSIBLE to get, but it takes so much effort, and you almost have to have pets around the neighborhood already. One thing you can try, when a stray comes by, feed them a couple of treats. It usually helps keep them around longer if you continue to interact with them.

    1. You guessed right, she didn't make it - no Sim ever has (so far) in my 'hood, and right now I think there aren't any Sims alive with that particular LTW.
      Yes, the strays stay longer when a Sim interacts with them.


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