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Friday, 9 November 2012

The DeBateau Family: Week 5

It is Monday morning at the DeBateau residence, and Beaumont has just invited one of the many 3-bolt-ladies he knows for a visit, Lola Singles. He asks her not only to be his guest for the day, but to stay - and she happily accepts. She is 67, and I doubt she will reach her lifetime want of earning 100.000 Simoleons - she has never held a job in her life, and so far made all her money by selling her own paintings, giving financial consulting and harvesting her money trees.
The two of them often go hungry - VERY hungry...
...but it usually takes them almost to the point of starvation before either of them thinks of preparing a meal.
On Tuesday, Beaumont decides to ask his son Armand, now married to Chastity Gere and on Permanent Platinum since he celebrated his Golden Anniversary with her, to move in.
Father and son sometimes choose to sleep in the same bed - the "logic" of our Sims is beyond me! Maybe they want to make up for the time they spent apart, first during Beaumont's period of death, before Armand had him resurrected, and then while Armand lived with Chastity at her house.
It is Wednesday, and Cilly and Cesar grow up. Now there aren't any puppies left, and there won't be any new ones, since Isabel Baldwin died during the last round, and it was only for her sake that there were so many dogs in this household.
On Thursday, Armand invites his daughter Tara over, as well as friends Angela Pleasant and Erin Singles. As you can see, Tara is now an elder.
Speaking of elders, Snowflake, the cat Isabel Baldwin brought with her when she moved in with Beaumont, is now an elderly cat.
Beaumont tried to repair the computer that Chastity broke earlier today - now I know what an electrocuted Zombie looks like!
Chastity has not yet reached her lifetime want of having 20 simultaneous loves; she has 3 bolts for the vampire Count David Gregory and invites him over to add him to her list of 15 names.
While she is doing whatever she can to make the count fall in love with her, Beaumont watches in helpless anger - this woman, whom his son married for love (and in order to fulfill his lifetime want), is going to break Armand's heart!
Armand, who was fast asleep for most of the afternoon and well into the evening, doesn't know what his wife is up to at the moment - but he knew what he was in for when he married her; the two of them talked about Chastity's lifetime want before they tied the knot.
Still, Beaumont won't have any of it, and on Friday, he attacks Chastity (I never told him to do that, it was his own idea).
A Zombie who can only limp of course does not stand a chance against someone as fit and agile as Chastity, and she wins the fight. A message pops up, something along the lines "You are a Sim not to be trifled with! Let me pick up what is left of my pride and go", and I expect Beaumont to leave the lot and start a new chapter in his life as a non-playable townie, but it does not happen. Have any of you ever had this scenario in your games?
Chastity needs to get away from the house for a while and asks Count David Gregory to meet her at The Hub, where she flies the family helicopter to.
The two of them have a romantic dinner...
...and meet many other New Maximilianias, such as Kirsten Singles, DJ Verse, Etsu Cho and Cleo Dreamer - and of course, Agnes Crumplebottom :-)
On Saturday, the count rings Chastity and asks her to meet him downtown. At the Crypt O'Night Club, David's favourite hangout, they get into a photo booth together...
...and having their picture taken is not the only activity taking place in there ;-) That way, David becomes Chastity's Love No. 16.
And then, what I half expected but wasn't sure was going to happen, happens:
David has just bitten Chastity, and she...
...turns into a vampire! This is a premiere for New Maximiliania; I've not had a playable vampire in the entire neighbourhood until now.
Back at the house, Beaumont can't decide which one of the three fully equipped bathrooms to use, and has a sponge bath in the kitchen instead. Like I said before, the logic of my Sims...!
Armand has spent a lot of the day taking care of the dogs. There is always one food bowl or other to clean and fill, one of the dogs in need of a bath, or one of their houses in need of a good scrub.
For Chastity, the - until now - unused room behind the book case on the upper floor is turned into her new bedroom, coffin and all. She spends her days in there from now on.
On Sunday, Armand once again invites his daughter Tara over, this time along with her husband, Alexander Goth, his sister Cassandra (not in the picture) and her husband Cyd Roseland.
Father and daughter share a meal, and Armand reminds Tara of many a happy meal they had at this table when she was still a teenager.
And just in time Armand saw his daughter again, for shortly after 6.00 pm on that Sunday, the Grim Reaper appears to hand him his very last cocktail. Armand dies on permanent platinum at the age of 73 - a happy man.
Chastity sincerely loves all her men - and Armand was not only her first love, but also the man she married. His death is very sad for her, too.
Beaumont is devastated - he never expected to outlive his own son. Good job Lola is there to comfort him.
Chastity can't stop too long, or she won't ever reach permanent platinum herself, and so she invites Castor Nova over the same night, and makes him her 17th love.
She is now 60, Lola Singles is 74, and Beaumont, the Zombie, always 54. Let me end this week at the DeBateau house with this odd picture: Chastity can now assume bat form and fly from one place to the other, but strangely, she always "drags" a book behind! I can even click on the book and it says "study". Has any of you ever seen this?

Is Chastity going to stay at her father-in-law's house, now that her husband is death and Beaumont dislikes her so much?
Will Lola ever reach her lifetime want of earning 100.000 Simoleons?
Will Beaumont just live on for ever, without aging one single day?


  1. A vampire and a zombie in the same house! This grows starnger and stranger :)

  2. Ah, the super natural house. :) I have one family that gets most of the super natural people too, in Breeze Point. Kind of a fun round. I've never played with a zombie before either.

  3. It was interesting to play a zombie for a while, but I am not keen on having more of them in New Max ;-)

    1. I will eventually have to get one in Breeze Point since I'm trying to get as many prosperity points as I can, but I don't know that I will worry much about it in any of the others.


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