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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Furley-Gorey Household: Week 3

- - - Update 12.12.2010 - - - It is Monday morning again, and the start of a new week for Phineaus Furley and Allegra Gorey. What will it bring?
While Phineaus is at work, Allegra maximizes her creativity skill.
For the second time, the modest-looking house gets burgled!
This time, the burglar wins the fight - it is not the same police officer who is on duty that night.
You can tell that Allegra is not happy about this second burglary!
Phineaus is not happy about having his home broken into for the 2nd time, either, but he has more reason to be happy when he returns home from work on Tuesday with his nomination for Education Minister! Today, he took the right decision with a chance card (but his skill profile matched the requirements, too), and so he is now on Permanent Platinum, 14 days before turning into an Elder.
Over bowls of Chili con Carne, Phineaus and Allegra celebrate.
I do not have to tell you what happend here just now, do I? :-) (Again, like all the other Alien kidnappings in New Maximiliania, this one happened without me provoking it. There is just one exception in the whole neighbourhood: Loki Beaker summoned the Aliens, because it is crucial for his lifetime want to have children.) Do you remember how, at the end of the previous week, Phineaus was wondering whether he would ever get to see those Aliens he has heard so much talking about? Well, he can stop wondering now!
Instead, now he knows what it looks like aboard the space ship.
And actually, he does not need to wonder where his morning sickness comes from, either.
Or the bouts of huge appetite befalling him at all hours.
Allegra is a bit worried when she leaves for work (she is now a Flamenco Master); will Phineaus be alright on his own? Later that day (it is Thursday now), she is promoted to World Class Ballet Dancer - she has reached Permanent Platinum while still being 18 days from elderhood.
She need not worry. Although he has visibly put on weight, he is alright, and that one incident of nausea remains the only one. For a few days, Phineaus does nothing but eat and sleep.
On Friday, Allegra gets invited to the My Muse II - Art Studio.
In the afternoon, she goes to work for the first time in her World Class Ballet Dancer outfit.
Saturday morning at 12 minutes past ten, Phineaus goes into labour.
First Frida is born, a beautiful little girl with blue "human" eyes and a human nose and mouth...
...followed minutes later by her twin-sister Fenya, who has Alien eyes but a human mouth and nose. I predict that these two will be real beauties! Pollination Technician has now 10 children all over the neighbourhood, and each of these half-Aliens has 9 siblings. (As of December 2010!)
Allegra readily gives up her private ballet room, where the baby cribs and changing table are now put.
Her ballet barre is moved to the porch; it is summer, and therefore doing her ballet exercises outdoors under the protecting porch roof will be a pleasure.
It is no easy task to take care of twin babies, as Phineaus finds out!
Especially with Allegra often being out to perform in the evenings.
Phineaus has a nap whenever he gets the chance.
Little Fenya needs a lot more attention, crying often, while her sister Frida is a more content and quiet baby.
Sunday night has come, and the week at his household ends with Allegra returning from work in a hail storm. 
What will the girls be like when they turn into toddlers? Are Allegra and Phineaus going to marry (they are still "only" engaged)? Are the family going to move to a bigger place, now that there are four of them? I really don't know yet, but you'll find out with me :-)


  1. Well, he had kids anyway :) Congratulations!

  2. Awww...more alien babies. There are go to be SO many of them. Especially since most other families don't end up with kids any other way. These two are cute though!

    1. Not sure how many half-Aliens I've had in New Max at its peak, but I think there were well over 20 altogether, all half-siblings of course!

    2. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with the fact there is only one alien "pollinator." I sort of wish there were a couple. I know there are mods that will add more, but it would have been nice. However, with all the awesome things, that is really a minor complaint. :D

    3. I have a few complaints, too, such as that some NPCs are REALLY non-playable (and should never be added to a household with cheats), or that the private school headmaster is always a man and never a woman.


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