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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tybalt Capp - Week 1 on his own

The last member of the Capp family (in alphabetical order, of course) is Tybalt, who has recently moved out of the mansion where his sister Hermia lives with uncle Cornwall and her two sons Callum and Christopher, to make room for the altogether six Children Hermia plans on having. He is one of the first few Sims to move into Downtown, and buys this cosy looking place for himself and his two dogs, Ken and Sam.
The house is almost too big for himself; he leaves the kitchen as he finds it, but furnishes the bedroom and bathroom with what he took from his rooms at the mansion. Buying the place left him with a mere 116 Simoleons to his name, but after having sold the superfluous furniture and replaced it with his own, his account is at 1.906 Simoleons.
Outside, just off the porch, the two dog houses are placed. Ken and Sam instantly settle in, and so does Tybalt.
The welcome committee consists in Shaun Singles, Pauline Aspir and Shaun's cousin Silvia Singles, all three of which have recently graduated from university and have also moved into the Downtown neighbourhood.
Tybalt offers Hamburgers for everyone - but only a chair for himself. I'm afraid he knows better how to deal with cats and dogs than with people!
He has not only brought his own furniture from the mansion to the new place, but also his fruit trees. Some were already here, and with the ones he adds now, he has a veritable orchard, and instantly sets to work on it.
On Tuesday, he makes his second best pet friend in his dog Ken (Sam was the first one). That's another 18 to go if he ever wants to reach Permanent Platinum! Gunnar Roque can be seen in the background; Tybalt greeted him and he was his guest for the afternoon.
Later, Ken makes the acquaintance of a skunk... not to his advantage!
On Wednesday, Tybalt rushes out to greet Balin, a stray cat. Why is it that almost every male stray pet is named Balin (or Bailey), and all the females are Alegra? I really dislike this obvious bug in the random name generator for strays. But it can't be helped, and Tybalt does not care what a cat or dog is called as long as he can befriend them.
As the day goes on, Heidi, who is Ken and Sam's sister, comes visiting on her own accord. The girl next to Tybalt here is Georgia Newson.
On Thursday, Tybalt (who by now has had to pay the Tuesday and the Thursday bills with no regular income) decides to sell his orange and lemon harvest. He gets 84 Simoleons for each batch of fruit.
Then, while taking care of his orchard as usual, something happens...
...and Tybalt finds he has transformed into a PlantSim! This is only the third time in my entire Sims2 gaming experience that I witness a Sim turning into a PlantSim. The first two were Leod McGreggor and Gabriel O'Mackey, both of them still living in New Maximiliania. Tybalt is now 7 days from Elderhood.
His sister Hermia, pregnant with what hopefully is another set of twins, comes visiting him on her own accord. He gives her a warm welcome; she does not seem to notice anything different about her brother.
On Friday, Tybalt meets and befriends another stray dog named Bailey.
Later, Gordon Greenman (one of Rose Greenman's plant "babies") happens to walk by. Tybalt greets him; the two of them obviously have enough in common for him to be interested in this particular guest for the afternoon. On the same day, Tybalt sells his latest harvest: batches of apples for 132, 84 and another 132 Simoleons. The price depends of course on the quality of the fruit. He has now 1.894 Simoleons on his account.
On Saturday, Tybalt rings some of his friends and family members he has not spoken to yet all week. They all learn the news about his plantsimism.
He spends a lot of time at his fish pond in the back yard, and by early Sunday morning, he is rewarded with a Bronze Talent Badge. Of course, PlantSims need sunlight, and more than once, Tybalt is quite close to "starvation" in terms of light. So far, he has shied away from investing into a special lamp for his house.
You can tell how relieved he is when the sun reappears faithfully every morning at 7.00!
On Sunday afternoon, Tybalt invites some of his family over: Hermia and her twins Christopher (blond) and Callum (dark; their father is Tank Grunt), as well as uncle Cornwall. One of the Newson kids has been there already, and of course is not sent away when the other guests arrive.
It's sweet to see how Callum talks to his future sibling(s) in his Mom's belly!
All of Tybalt's fruit trees are now thriving, and he is sure to get a good price for the harvest.
Sunday ends with Hermia making burgers for everyone. The Newson boy (it's Garret, I think) is very fond of Tybalt's dogs, it seems. The latter still has not invested in more chairs, or one of the special lamps that would be so useful for him. 

Is he ever going to raise the number of best pet friends at this rate? 
Will he meet a love interest eventually? 
Is his financial situation going to stay somewhat precarious?


  1. ooh I love Plant Sims! How cool for Tybalt. He'll get lots of gardening done now and will soon earn good cash. I love the family get togethers, it's something I try and remember to do each round.
    Funny but all the wolves in my game are usually called Balin and Allegra, lol.

    1. Yes, I guess that's a general bug in the in-game name generator, quite daft really.
      It was fun to play this household; a bit different from the average Sim family :-)

  2. I never played a plantsim in my life. Still have that experience in front of me :)

    1. Have you never played Rose Greenman and her family? They came into our game with "Seasons", I think.

  3. I, much like jungfrun have never played a plantsim. In all my time playing it's one of the things I've never had. I have sims take care of orchard trees, but I guess never enough of them. :)

    1. then I guess you have never played the Greeman family! It can be fun for a while to play a plantsim.


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