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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Question To You

Dear (precious few) readers of my stories from New Maximiliania,

my list of labels is ever-growing, and so is the number of posts under each label.
Some of the names occur so often that I suspect it is difficult to find out at a glance which post really has relevant information about the family whose name is labelled.
With some of the wonderful Sims2 blogs out there, I have noticed that you have a section of biographies or sort of directory to your neighbourhood; a short entry for each Sim or at least for each family.

Would you appreciate something like that for my blog, too?
Or would it already be helpful if I created labels not just by family name, but by full name of Sim?
That way, for instance someone like Pauline Aspir would only appear labelled on posts where she actually does put in an appearance, and you would not look for her in vain in a post that only shows her late grandfather or one of her parents.

Please let me know what you think is best, and I'll work on it.
Thank you!


  1. I think both options sound good. Both would be helpfull. But both would also mean a lot of work for you.

    I only label my posts with the label of that family, and the round I'm playing. Like when I play Marcus Young, a young man living on his own, I label the post with 'young', and since I'm currently playing in round 12 I would also add that label, so 'young' and 'round 12'

    When Marcus was living with Ingrid Carette, it would be: 'young' + 'carette' + 'round 12'

    He could talk with several sims but I wouldn't add their label to the post, I think it would get a mess.

    I hope I've been helpfull :)

    1. Thank you, Tanja! I think I will try and use a different system to label my posts on here, to make it less confusing. A lot of work, yes, but less work if I start now before I post even more of the same system :-)

  2. Hi, I've been having a bit of a problem with using the tabs. When I click on the Ottomas tab it takes me to the Cho/Riley family. When I click on Picaso it takes me to the Bratford/Martin family. With Cooke it takes me instead to the Contrary Family, as does the Broke tab. I'm confused and don't know what I'm doing wrong. I wanted to read starting with the families I was familiar with. It's fun to compare what one person does with a "famous" Sim compared to another. So far, though, I'm doing something wrong :(

    1. You're not doing anything wrong, Lorelei. The labels I used until now work like this:
      For instance, when I post about the Cho/Riley family and they have guests, and one of their guests is Tommy Ottomas and he appears in a picture, the post gets labelled "Ottomas" as well as "Cho" and "Riley" because Sims by all these surnames appear in the post.
      But I do understand it is confusing and that is why I asked the above question and wanted your feedback.
      It is definitely going to be changed :-)

    2. Okay, thanks for replying. I have tabs for my most popular families but that only gives a family tree and a few facts about them. In addition, I don't always update it as quickly as I should. But it doesn't take you directly to the posts on each family unless you follow the trail of "next" links at the bottom. Still trying to sort that out so I know your quandary.

    3. I have cleaned up the tabs, maybe you have noticed already. From now on, I will label each post only by the surnames of those Sims who make up the household, and not label those Sims who merely come visiting or appear elsewhere on the same post.

  3. I only discovered your blog this week, so I think you have already made your decision as to how to handle the tags, and I agree with it.

    I am enjoying reading your blog. I love the pre-mades, so it is always exciting to read about them. I admire your policy of not intervening too much. The Bells were particularly tragic. So sad to see that name die out.

    I also marvel at your restraint from marrying them off and making babies. I wish I had more willpower in that area. :) Looking forward to reading more entries.

    1. Hello megamaxisnews and welcome to New Maximiliania! Thank you so much for commenting; I do hope you enjoy what you find. This is the most long-term Sims project I have ever played (started 4 years ago), and I am determined to keep it going.


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