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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Contrary Family Album

Some snapshots taken during the first two weeks of the Contrary family in New Max:

The Contrarys, as they were at the start of the game. 

Rick's room with its original furniture and decoration.

Rick's room after my makeover.

Rick as a teenager, looking happy.

He used to be close friends with Daniel Bell. Sadly, Daniel and his father died in a fire at their house, started by a defect computer.

Opal after a promotion. 
Opal and Edward coming home from work, before they both were elders and retired.

A glimpse of what homelife at the Contrary home sometimes meant - with a glimpse of what the living room looked like originally.

The living room after my makeover.

Rick had one dream date with Etsu Cho when they were both teenagers. I don't think his parents were home that afternoon ;-)
Later, Rick met Miranda Capp - and they have been an item ever since.

Rick on his birthday, not a teenager anymore! He is one of only a handful of New Maximilianians who did not go to university in spite of having had the chance.


  1. Did the family ever repair any of their relationships? I remember these guys were in pretty bad shape.


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