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Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Cleveland - O'Mackey - Picaso Household: Update

Welcome back to the Cleveland - O'Mackey - Picaso household! It is Monday, and we find the same Sims living here as when we left them in November 2011: Gabe O'Mackey, one of (so far) two PlantSims in my game who were not born that way (the other one is Leod Broke, formerly McGreggor)...
...Marissa Cleveland and Alex O'Mackey, Gabe's estranged wife...
...Matthew Picaso, Alex' 3-bolt-man and the reason for her estrangement with Gabe...
...Justin Cleveland, Marissa's son...
...and Jules O'Mackey, his 3-bolt-love who he met while still at college. Everyone here is on Permanent Platinum, so the week won't present much of a challenge to me; most of the time, I simply let the game run on fast forward and watch what they are all up to.
One thing is for sure: the garden is not faring any better this week than last. Not much of the once so prettily laid out flower beds is left.
Gabe has even been neglecting his beloved orchard, as you can see.
Justin and Jules are as much in love as ever and can frequently be seen at some romantic interaction or other.
On Monday, Stephen Tinker comes home from work with Alex (she is a General).
A typical situation probably every Sims2-player is familiar with: In spite of there being four bathrooms in the house, everyone insists on using the smallest one - at the same time!
Tuesday morning before sunrise, Gabe succumbs to lack of sunlight, something I have never seen happening to a Sim.
Don't worry, he does not die, but passing out can't be very nice, either. Once the sun is up, he regains consciousness rather quickly.
In fact, he feels very good by the time he returns from work on Wednesday. Beau Broke, who happens to pass by, is cordially asked inside.
So is Guy Wrightley.
On Thursday, Marissa returns from work when she finds someone has been waiting for her...
It is Mr. Reaper and his Hula Girls. Marissa is ready to go; at 84 and on Permanent Platinum, she has had a good, long life and is now looking forward to join her husband Jason in the afterworld. 
Friday passes by without anything worth mentioning. On Saturday, Justin takes a taxi to the cemetery.
Both of his parents have found their last resting place here side by side.
On Sunday, Matthew invites his sons over, as he already did the previous week. In the meantime, they have grown from children to teenagers. Will they still feel as close to their Dad as when they were younger?
Matthew makes sure everyone joins him and the boys for a meal. Gabe is excempt - he needs sunlight more than food.
But he comes in later to have a glass of lemonade, made of mouthwatering lemons from his own orchard.
Placido seems to have more important things to do - he leaves on his own accord right after lunch.
His brother Pierre stays on - now that he is finally old enough to use the drum kit, he takes full advantage of it!
Oddly enough, he keeps thinking of babies. Isn't he a bit young for that?
He spends the rest of the afternoon fishing with his Dad, and the week ends on this peaceful note. 
Alex and Gabe are now 71, Matthew is 69, and Justin and Jules are only one day away from Elderhood. Are they ever going to get married? How about Matthew and Alex? So far, neither of the four have expressed the wish to get married, and so, for now, I'll leave them as they are.


  1. It's hard to keep up with a large garden - my sims hardly ever manages that!
    IRL, my husband does it ;)

    1. IRL, I don't have a garden - not even a balcony with potted plants :-)

  2. Well the house is at least peaceful. Even with Gabe and Alex technically still married there isn't much drama. It will be sad to see this line die out too, but it happens.

    1. I was glad they found a way of living together without drama!


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