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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cedric Cooke at College: Freshman Year

As mentioned in the previous post about the Cooke / Dreamer household, Cedric has left the family home for college. Where does he live now, and who with?
Let's have a look!

Cedric arrives at the house at night. Which house? The one you first saw here, of course.

One of Cedric's housemates is his half-brother Björn Beaker; they share the same Alien father, along with numerous other inhabitants of New Maximiliania.

The other students (Björn and Barry Beaker, Marcus Baldwin, Xander Roth and Ariel Capp) are friendly enough, and Cedric soon feels at ease with them.

In fact, Ariel is almost a bit too friendly for Cedric's liking: she obviously is an item with Barry Beaker, but that does not stop her from asking Cedric on a date, only a few days after he moved in. Of course, he says no.

There is always some household chore or other to deal with, and most of the time, it is either Cedric or Björn who volunteer... sort of :-)

Only after the first semester, which he dedicates to "general studies" and settling in with campus life, Cedric decides to declar his Major in Biology.

The group of students have different time tables for their classes, but hardy ever anyone is on their own for long. When they are all done writing their term papers and (if applicable) acquiring their necessary skills, they can basically do whatever they want.
For Barry and Björn, today this meant playing chess for most of the evening - with a brotherly argument breaking out over who cheated, and Xander watching on.

The computer is the most popular item in the entire house, and that chair in front of it hardly ever is empty.

Like almost all Sims, these students often rather starve than making themselves something eat, in spite of the fridge being well stocked. Every now and then, though, one of them takes pity on the group and prepares a meal for all of them. Marcus obviously couldn't wait until Xander had the burgers ready :-)

Ariel does not forget to thank her house mate (who, by the way, was the 9th date on her list of 1st dates - she wants 50 altogether!) for cooking.

"Aren't you looking forward to spring, guys?" Erm... yes, Barry.

And when spring is here, two things happen: everybody changes their outfits, and Cedric finally agrees to have a date with Ariel. Once she has explained to him that she does not actually want him for her boyfriend (Barry fulfills that role well enough) but needs all those 1st dates for her lifetime want, he is willing to help. They break the date off before pink hearts have a chance to appear, and now Cedric is #10 on Ariel's list.

Something else - and far more important - happens this spring: Marcus Baldwin graduates! With Magna Cum Laude in Economics, he fared far better than Barry's brother Björn, who was put on academic probation this term: he missed his exam because he was so busy studying fire safety. Do you remember our last visit at this house? Then, it had been Barry (pictured here with Marcus) who was on academic probation. Now both brothers are at the same point in their studies again.

Marcus invites his friends and family over for a small, informal graduation party.

His sister Sofia Baldwin arrives with Myra Moonbeam... well as Marcus' flame Pauline Aspir, Desdemona Capp (who recently graduated and moved back in with her parents), Bottom Summerdream and of course Marcus' father, Benjamin Baldwin. His mother, Isabel Baldwin, died years ago when Marcus was still a teenager.

At the end of this term we have Cedric starting his Sophomore Year, Barry and Björn in their 2nd Junior semester and Ariel and Xander just starting their Junior Year.


  1. Wow, your fraternity house is so much prettier than mine. I might have to put up some real wallpaper now. :)

    1. Yippee, a comment!! I sometimes wonder why I keep bothering posting my stories from New Maximiliania, but now I can tell someone is actually reading them, thank you :-)
      By the way, this group of students are not a fraternity, they simply have rented the house. I like decorating and furnishing the Maxis-made houses; sometimes I change the layout a bit, because some of them are really not very playable the way they come.

  2. That was a pretty busy year in uni. Looks like everyone is doing well for the most part though. :)

    1. Uni tends to become a bit boring after the first rush for skills and term papers at the start of a semester is over, but there was always something happening with these guys :-)

    2. I totally understand what you mean. That's why uni is taking me forever in Fellowship One. Not only are there about a million students (well it feels like) spread all over, once that initial push is done it feels like it takes forever to finish. I'm hoping wishes will help. :D

    3. Wishes are a good way to keep the game interested. Right now, I have only one student household left - all the first generation (original) students have long graduated and some have already died of old age in my game.

  3. You never started a Greek house, did you? Not in these early years anyway!
    The house the student live in now I use as a Greek House

    1. I played the fraternities and sororities as they were originally set up by Maxis, but did not establish any of my own after those students had all graduated.


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