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Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Cordial / Green Household: Update

Welcome back to the Cordial house! Well, strictly speaking, it now is the Cordial-Green house; since Samantha got married to Gabriel, her surname is Green. The two of them are as happy as we left them. Gabriel is 63 years old; the twin sisters are 60.
Kimberly is glowing as viciously green as before. What is their week going to be like?
On Monday morning, Gabriel wakes up with a cold. Samantha does not hesitate to use her magic to cure her husband, and he is as right as rain instantly. She then gets out her wand again, this time to...
...summon her spectral servant, who goes about her (?) work immediately. (If you listen to the spectral servant when "it" repairs something, for instance, you'll find that it has a male voice in spite of the female outfit, and I guess since it is bodiless, "it" fits better than "she" or "he".)
I can't believe it has taken me this long to find out that magic folk actually benefit from sitting on their "thrones" - all their needs go up! It doesn't work on non-magic Sims.
Samantha calls the Garden Club again, and this time, Tiffany Zarubin agrees to another evaluation.
She and her team thoroughly check out the garden.
Every plant is examined and every piece of furniture or decoration looked at. In the end, they are accepted into the club, but Ms Zarubin would have liked to see some more landscaping, and therefore does not hand out the special gift for new members the Cordial sisters had heard rumours about but never seen for themselves.
While both sisters are out for work, Gabriel has his friend Sandra Roth over for some cake and a chat.
After having returned from work and a nap, Kimberly decides to fly to the Crypt O'Night Club again; she'd still love to befriend a vampire (vampirism is one of her turn-ons).
From the dance floor, she spots Count Gregory - the same vampire she's met before and, strangely enough, has one crossed out bolt for. Still, they talk a little before it is time for Kim to leave.
Samantha has spent the evening making reagents she'll need for her spells, while Gabriel was browsing the Simternet.
On Tuesday, the spectral servant is summoned again. How very useful that it can not only clean and garden, but also repair things!
You know it is my habit to leave Sims to their own devices a lot when they are on Permanent Platinum and don't have children or pets to look after. When I do this with this household, a few times in the course of the week they nearly starve (in spite of a well stocked fridge), and there are occasional accidents because they insist on doing other things when it really would be much wiser to go to the toilet.
This time, Gabriel's life is saved by the chef salad Kimberly has prepared on her own accord.
By Thursday, Kim has spoken to Count Gregory on the phone enough times for him to accept her invitation when she asks him over. He brings along Jared Starchild and introduces him as a friend. Well, that's news to me, but of course I am going to find out more when it'll be Jared's turn to be played in this round.
Kimberly really tries her best in befriending the count, but he does not want to hear her gossip and turns his back on her.
On Friday, Gabriel greets Cynthia Kim.
A few hours later, her husband Robert walks past the house, and Samantha is quick to ask him in, too.
Kimberly is relieved that, in spite of his not overly successful first visit at her house, Count Gregory agrees to come again that night. Looks like it is the first time for the Kims to meet a vampire!
On Saturday, Kimberly meets and greets Gary Greenman. "I really like your skintone," he smiles.
For a change, it is Kim today who casts a spell, summoning food out of thin air. What is it?
Gelatin. Hardly a filling dish, but better than nothing, I suppose!
On Sunday, the guest for the day is Tina Traveller. That pinball machine is, apparently, the biggest attraction to every guest; so far, they all headed right upstairs when they were invited in, and Tina is no exception!
The spectral servant is looking after the computer in Kimberlys bedroom.
The week ends with Gabriel being 70 and the sisters 67 years old. To play this household with 3 elderly Sims on permanent platinum and no real challenge other than getting into the Garden Club was less boring than I had feared. Having two witches to play with certainly helped, but I do not aspire to have many more in New Maximiliania, although I must admit I'd like to have at least one vampire. We'll see whether that is going to happen or not :-)


  1. I'm still impressed that you play without hacks or CC! I could never do that!!

    I never liked playing supernatural sims, it wouldn't fit SimsVille anyway since I want it to be as real as possible - I know the Terrano family is an exception to that rule :)
    Anyway I do like reading about your witches here, and I can imagine it being a little bit more interesting to play a family of 3 elders when there are some witches involved :)
    It's interesting to see what whitches can, and which spells they had and such :)

    Once my sister had sim and she really wanted her to marry a vampire, and she told me to arrange that - I know she's not that much into simming :) - it took a while for the vampire to move in, but it was kind of fun :)

    I'm sorry for the long comment :)

    1. The longer, the better - so, thank you, Tanja :-)

      I am not too much into supernatural Sims, either, but every now and then, they can make the game more interesting, especially if there isn't much of a challenge in a household otherwise. I like it that witches can make objects that are not available to Sims in buy mode, and every time the Cordial sisters had guests, I made them give their friends something from their inventory.

  2. Oh I love Supernatural Sims, heh. The witches are fun because they can do so many cool spells, and as you said they can make new objects others cannot. I love the Throne, it's their own personal energizer isn't it?

    1. When it comes to supernatural Sims, I am always torn between finding them interesting and not wanting them in my neighbourhood... but they ARE part of the game, and therefore, they are a small part of New Maximiliania.
      I have had Samantha and Kimberly give some of the objects they made as presents to other Sims, so they should appear in some of the other houses as I keep playing :-)

  3. My SAmantha is turned to a nice witch too, and since I never had one before, I am just starting to explore them. Those castles they visited here, or was it the last update? were awesome!!

    1. I like the things they can make, lamps, thrones, little statues.

  4. Witches can be interesting. I haven't played much with them, in fact I don't think I let the girls become witches yet in my megahood. I do have one witch in Breeze Point. She was friends with the "evil" witch, but she wasn't really an evil person, so I had her study the light a lot more. They can make interesting things but I haven't played much with them yet.

    1. It is a bit like with PlantSims: interesting for a while but too many of them and the novelty wears off quickly 😊

    2. I could see that. I have yet to ever have a plantsim either. I know there are a couple in the megahood, I just don't know if I'll reach them in my life time with as little time as I usually have to play.


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