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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Cho / Riley Family Album

Only a few snapshots have survived the several moves of the Chos and the Rileys:

The family, the moment after moving into their current house. 

Etsu's first A+ day at school :-)

Etsu instantly after her age-transition to teenager.

Vivian, the way she looked before turning into an Elder.

Vivian and Timothy's wedding.

Sally and Etsu were as happy as everyone else that day.

A better look at the bride.


  1. I do like Sally and Etsu. Timothy and Vivian just seem made for each other, maybe that's partially where they start out, but I like them together too.

    1. I like playing my Sims the way Maxis has obviously meant them to be played, even though it can be fun to go against the grain sometimes :-)


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