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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Davis Family: Week 2

Monday morning at the Davis house finds Juliette and Aldric going to work, while Almeric of course stays behind; there is plenty of work for him to do at home.
The dishwasher needs fixing, for instance.
Almeric really could have done without being electrocuted!
When his brother and sister-in-law return from work, all three of them sit down for a meal and talk about their day's events. Aldric tells them of how someone at the restaurant where he is Executive Chef wanted nothing but two eggs, sunny side up!
Later, Aldric prepares food for Almeric to sell. His pork chops are delicious and should sell really well.
Meanwhile, Almeric is taking care of some equally important paper work, such as paying the bills.
On Tuesday, Almeric opens the shop and receives his Silver Sales Badge.
His brother is still preparing food for the shop... and yet another kitchen fire interrupts his efforts.
When Juliette returns from work on that Tuesday, it is with a promotion to College Dean.
On Wednesday, she has the day off and uses it to prepare large quantities of Grandma's Comfort Soup, all in order to help Almeric's shop to become a success.
The gardener is here, and by the looks of it will be busy for the entire day!
Oh no - Juliette is not faring any better than her husband... she, too, manages to set the kitchen stove on fire after several hours of cooking.
Thursday sees Juliette make her lifetime want come true: she now is New Maximiliania's new Education Minister! At 12 days before she will reach elderhood, that's not bad.
With the onset of autumn on Friday, Almeric decides to start selling Christmas cookies. Even those Sims who show by their clothing that they still very much want summer to last, are drawn to the shop by this special offer.
Meanwhile, Aldric has started to produce some beautiful paintings that are also put up for sale downstairs in the shop. The paintings and Christmas cookies help raise the shop to rank 4, and Almeric makes his Golden Sales Badge.
One of the customers, Loki Beaker, takes pity on the condition of the yard and starts raking leaves without anyone having told him to do this.
The shop remains closed on Saturday and sees the Davis' preparing more food to sell; Aldric also works on the skills he needs for his next promotion. On Sunday, the shop is open yet again, and reaches rank 5 just as Almeric gets his Silver Badge for handling the cash register.
His twin brother's hard work pays off when he returns home, having been promoted to Restauranteur. If I am not very much mistaken, he is now one step away from reaching his lifetime want of being Celebrity Chef. 

For Almeric, business is very slow, what with the constant need of making more food and ordering groceries. I am wondering whether I should have him start selling other things for now, while his brother and sister-in-law still work full time in their jobs and can't dedicate as much time and effort to the shop as they would like to. At this rate, he'll never reach his goal of owning five top-level businesses.


  1. It's going well though! Juliette top of career already, the business is running nicely. It's so nice when someone gets faster on the Register! Go Almeric! You could always hire someone to help out while Juliette and Aldric are at work. It's my Lucy Burb's LTW as well, and it is hard, she's on her 4th biz now but did start as a teen.
    I'm glad Almeric survived the electrocution! I often close my eyes when that happens to my sims for fear of the worst, :D

    1. Ah, now here's a question: does Lucy have to keep all the businesses running on top level at the same time, or can she do one after the other?

      So far, I have decided against hiring other Sims, because I want to play with the "true" Maxis-made Sims mostly, and not with townies and such. Only one Sim is an employee at someone else's business, and that is Natasha Una at Malcolm Landgraab's salon.

    2. My Lucy finishes one business before she starts another- She just needs the memory of maxing the business. I'm fairly sure, though I've never used it, that there is a loophole that allows you to just run one business, get it to level 10, let it drop back to 9, then back to 10 again, which apparently counts as it gives them the memory. I can see the appeal of doing that, lol. :)

    3. Now there's an idea - I never thought of trying that way, thank you :-)
      Since I like to experiment with various forms of business, I think for now I'll stick to them having different businesses, but rather one after the other than trying to juggle with running several at the same time.

  2. I would advice to have fewer varieties of food to sell, then the restocking is easier. (As if you need that advice now, 7 years later :))

    1. It still is good advice, thank you :-)

  3. The store may have been slow, but you are doing better than I was a lot of the time. I just recently learned there is a "wholesale" mode for when you buy things to sell from the catalog. I NEVER knew that was a thing, and so I was struggling with making money...which I understand now.

    This family still seems like it's fairly successful for now. Hope they continue.

    1. Usually money is not the problem when it comes to my Sims' businesses. It is more the general managing of everything - looking after customers, manning the till, restocking and at the same time not neglecting their own needs too badly.


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