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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Cooke / Dreamer Household: Update 23.10.2012

When we left the Cooke / Dreamer household, Dirk Dreamer had just been "invited" aboard the Alien spaceship for the second time in his life. Now, early on Monday morning, he returns, welcomed by his father Darren and step-mom Cleo. Again, the Alien encounter is not a good memory for him, although he does of course acknowledge that without it, he would not have his little daughter Deirdre, who he loves tenderly.
Speaking of Deirdre, the little girl has taken to playing with her big half-brother's toys when Cedric is asleep.
There has been an addition to the household while I was not playing them: Bello, a dog that was born and raised by Cassandra Roseland, née Goth.
Julien Cooke and his wife Patricia (née Wang) are discussing whether or not to give Julien's teenage son Cedric a playstation.
For the first time since moving to this house, Julien gets behind his sewing machine. Patricia, always wanting to be close to her husband, does some rope skipping.
Bello has settled in nicely with his new family.
Cedric greets Pierre Picaso.
While Cedric and Pierre have a meal with Darren and Patricia, watched by Bello, little Deirdre happily plays in her corner with her building blocks.
On Tuesday morning, Dirk finds out he is pregnant again. His father is clearly happy - he loves being a granddad to Deirdre, and being a granddad to TWO grandkids must certainly be twice as good!
With so many adults living in the same house, Deirde never lacks attention. Cleo Dreamer, née Shikibu, loves watching the little girl while she is reading a book.
Cedric is accompanied home today from school by Melrose Moonbeam.
Melrose seems to have a bit of a funny way of talking to Dirk about his Alien pregnancy!
Cedric's aspiration level has been red for some time now; I must admit I have not paid his wants much attention. No wonder he is so angry that afternoon that he kicks the trashcan over!
The same evening, Deirdre turns into a child. Of course, she won't stay in that daft costume - it is not something for everyday wear.
She obviously loves her new outfit and hairstyle. The outfit was made for her by "uncle" Julien, by the way.
"Thank you for making breakfast for me, Granddad!" Deirdre says before taking a plate of delicious omelette.
On Wednesday, Cedric comes home from school with Helena Stacks.
I am not sure what the two of them were up to, but they are obviously not too thrilled about Cedrics little half-sister coming into the room, wanting to join them...!
Helena, don't you think you're a bit young to drink that wine? Not to speak of this being not very appropriate behaviour when you are someone's guest!
Julien has just received his Gold Talent Badge for sewing.
On Thursday morning just before 7.00, Dirk gives birth to his second daughter, Dora, assisted by his father.
Today, Cedric is accompanied home by Myra Moonbeam, Melrose's twin.
On Friday, Deirdre brings home her first A+ report!
 ...and a class mate, Charlie Cho, son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp.
Cedric may not always appreciate his younger half-sister when he has a female visitor, but he certainly is a good big half-brother, feeding baby Dora.
He and Deirdre sometimes talk about their Alien father. "Maybe one of us could become an Astronaut when we grow up..." he suggests.
"...and then go into space on a rocket and find our other Dad's space ship," Deirdre adds excitedly.
Before Friday is over, Cedric leaves for college. He will be missed by Deirdre, I think - but she'll get to have his room now :-)
The room is redecorated for her, still with the same furniture, but painted in white and pink. The wallpaper would make anyone less placid than Deirdre nervous or even aggressive, but she loves it!
Of course, the en-suite bathroom that used to be Cedric's is hers now, too.
On Saturday, shortly after 11.00, the Grim Reaper suddenly appears in the house. Who has he come for?
Dear old Bello passes away at the age of 32, bemourned by the entire household.
To help distract Deirdre, she is allowed to invite over a friend, and Charlie Cho soon arrives.
The children play together and then have a plate of spaghetti bolognese each, talking about books they like.
Charlie hugs Deirdre on his own accord before he leaves.
When Dirk returns from work, he asks his daughter to help him cleaning the bathroom while he repairs the shower. Deirdre is a very neat kid and enjoys such activities.
On Sunday morning, Dora grows up into a toddler, helped along by her proud granddad.
Finally Deirdre and Dora can play together at the drawing table!
Tybalt Capp comes visiting on his own accord.
Dirk, if I was you, I think I'd stay away from the telescope...! 
The week at the Cooke / Dreamer household ends with Darren being 77, Julien 71, Patricia 70 and Cleo 67. We are going to see how Cedric is doing at college next.


  1. The girls are cuties, and I really like the pink bedroom it looks nice. :)

    1. It suits them, doesn't it :-)

    2. Yes it really does. I'm trying to be more adventurous with my decor for the sims. I tend to go with similar looks, but there so many fun options.

    3. True; and I have even more options now since Twoyys4me has sent me the files with floors and walls from "The Sims Life Stories" and the extra packs from the official Sims2 store!

  2. I love the activity table! It's great for building children/toddler skills and relationships alike!

    1. Yes, I like it, too, and it really keeps toddlers out of harm's way (such as playing in the toilet or constantly getting baths).


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