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Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Cooke / Dreamer Household: Update 14.11.2010

- - - Update 14.11.2010 - - - On Monday morning, a somewhat apprehensive looking Cedric is on his way to his first day at Private School. Being the new kid is never easy, and being the new half-Alien kid is maybe even less easy, who knows what our Sim-kids have to go through at school - none of us has ever seen it, have we? :-)
Cleo suggests to Patricia on Tuesday morning that the two of them go shopping for new clothes. What they found in their wardrobe after their age transition is neither particularly fashionable nor really fitting for the colder season.
So the two elderly ladies go to Amelia's Closet.
Patricia is comfortable and elegant at the same time in her brown cardigan and trousers, while Cleo has decided on a cheefully pink twin set with a black pair of trousers.
While the first snow is already covering the ground, there is still some gardening to be done.
On Wednesday, Cedric receives his membership card to the Platinum Gym.
The most remarkable event of the day - and of the whole week, I think - is the birth of Dirk's half-Alien daughter Deirdre at 9.50 in the morning on that Wednesday!
Little Deirdre receives the warmest and most enthusiastic welcome any baby could wish for :-)
Dirk knows his baby will be in good hands while he is at work - after all, his own dad raised him practically on his own after the death of Dirk's mother, and Julien and Patricia have been wonderful parents to Cedric.
After school, Cedric likes to get his fun level back up at the grand piano, much to the delight of his father Julien, step-mom Patricia, "uncle" Darren and "auntie" Cleo who enjoy a cup of tea together.
Darren is a loving grandfather and looks after little Deirdre during the day while Dirk is at work.
On Thursday, Dirk is promoted to College Dean of Students. Chester Gieke is his colleague and coming home with him today.
On the very next day, Friday, Dirk handles a problem with a rambunctious lot of fraternity members in such an impressive manner that he is promoted to Education Minister - that's his lifetime want reached, 18 days before he will turn into an Elder. Congratulations, Dirk!
Later that day, Deirdre grows up into a Toddler. Since all the adults in this household are now on Permanent Platinum, she gets fed Smart Milk and nothing else. This enables her to learn all her toddler skills before her first day as a toddler is completely over.
Saturday sees Julien and Darren having dinner together. Julien still thinks it was the best idea ever that he and Patricia had her best friend Cleo move in with them, and then have Darren and Dirk join the household as well.
In Dirk's upstairs bedroom, Deirdre has her own corner with her crib, her rug to play on and her toys.
Dirk looks very smart in his Education Minister suit, doesn't he?
His work does not stop him from spending as much time as possible with his little daughter.
Sunday is here, the snow has gone, and the four elderly ladies and gentlemen suggest a walk to New Maximiliania's Centre Park. They pretend it is for all of their benefit, but secretly, they are of the opinion that Dirk needs a woman in his life - and little Deirdre a mother. Cedric offers to babysit Deirdre while the others go to the park. Although it is a nice outing and they all enjoy it, Dirk does not meet any lady who catches his eye in a particular manner, and after a short while he gets restless and wants to go back home.
Now that it is spring and the flowers in the garden are as beautiful as ever, the household members enjoy being out by the pond again. Darren Dreamer is now 70, Julien Cooke 64, Patricia Cooke (nee Wan) is 63 and Cleo Dreamer (nee Shikibu) is 60.
Sunday night, the unthinkable happens: Dirk is taken once more aboard the Alien space ship! Is he going to come back with a sibling to Deirdre? Will he ever fall in love with a woman? When is Cedric going to college? How long are the four senior members of the household going to live, all of them being on permanent platinum? It will be quite a long time now until we get back here. I have enjoyed playing this busy household, and I hope you enjoyed reading about their week, too!


  1. Oh boy, more aliens. :) Love this house.

    1. Yep, there are more than 20 altogether in the hood!

  2. Wow, nice for Deirdre to have a brother or sister - not som many of your sims have that :)

    1. True - but the half-Aliens have many, many half-siblings :-)


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