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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Delarosa / Curious Household: Week 3

Florence Delarosa's 3rd week in New Maximiliania is about to start. She still lives in her original Maxis-made house, still on her own, still working on her lifetime want of becoming a Prestidigitator. When I left her at the end of her 2nd week, she had made it to Master of Ceremonies.
Here she is, still in the same outfit she had when the game started. Something different about this household is that it is Wednesday here when the game starts, not Monday.
Florence and Pascal Curious have been in love for a long time, but neither of the two had ever acted upon it. Now that Florence has learnt that Pascal has so tragically lost his only child, Carolina, in a fire while the girl was in her first year at university, she decides there is one way she can help her man to overcome this tragedy: she invites him over and asks him to move in with her, where he is not constantly reminded of Carolina's childhood and youth, with all her things still in the house. Pascal brings a bit more than 16.000 Simoleons with him, but that's not what Florence is interested in - she is very wealthy on her own.
She prepares hamburgers for lunch and hopes Pascal will be able to be happy again, now that he lives with her.
"The world will keep on turning, darling," she encourages Pascal.
On Thursday, Florence has worked out enough to not only gain the necessary body skill point for her next promotion, but also be rewarded with a membership card to the Platinum Gym.
Thankfully, all that happens after Pascal gets electrocuted while trying to repair the trash compactor is that he needs a shower.
Friday morning, he smiles properly for the first time since his daughter died, and serves delicious pancakes for breakfast, much to Florence's delight.
After breakfast, she heads off to Amelia's closet to get herself something more suitable to wear now that it is summer. Being such a gardening enthusiast, she can not pass the beautiful flower beds in front of the shop without smelling their wonderful scent.
Back home, she changes into one of the new outfits she has purchased, and spends the early afternoon trimming the oleander shrubs.
At 4.00 pm, both Pascal and Florence leave for work. They do not need to work for money, but it gives them both something to do and of course Florence still needs to work in order to reach her lifetime want.
She returns home with a promotion to Headliner.
No wonder Florence's flower beds are nowhere near as beautiful as the ones in town, with stray dogs and wolves constantly making a mess of them!
On Saturday, Florence goes to work in her new "Headliner" outfit - it is the same dress as the Divas wear when they are seen on Downtown community lots.
When the limousine drops her off after work, the ground near her feet begins to sparkle...
...and she turns into an elegant elderly lady.
Nothing worth mentioning happens on Sunday. Early on Monday morning, Florence manages to max out her Charisma skill, something she needs for her next promotion.
Lola Singles comes visiting.
And at dusk, a gypsy lady leaves a magic lamp on their doorstep.
Pascal hopes that the genie will be able to resurrect his beloved daughter Carolina, but to his disappointment the genie only gives him the choice of Melanie Debateau, Regan Capp, John Mole, Mortimer Goth, Catherine Viejo and Betty Goldstein. So he dismisses the genie without making any wish. I wonder why Carolina was not on the Genie's list? Maybe because she did not die in the main neighbourhood, but on campus?
We leave Florence and Pascal just when Tuesday turns into Wednesday. Florence is now 57 and Pascal 76; looking at his lifetime bar, I guess he will not reach 80, or maybe just about. But it will be some time anyway before we will return to this household, and who knows what can happen in the meantime!


  1. Oh that's nice that Pascal found Florence! How funny, in my megahood she joined union with Vidcund's alien daughter! I like the match up here though but what a shame he didn't get the option to resurrect Carolina. I guess it's not meant to be.

    1. Yes, I was somewhat disappointed when Carolina's name did not appear on the pie menue of possible resurrectees, but as you say, it is probably not meant to be. I still wonder why, though; is it a bug or has it something to do with her having died in a campus neighbourhood?

  2. I would guess that Carolina was not resurrectable (?) due to her dying in another hood.

  3. I would imagine it was because she died on campus as well. Sad though, it would have been cool to have her back. Oh well, these guys seem to be making a happy life together none the less.

    1. I think they were good for each other, two somewhat lonely Sims found love rather late in life.


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