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Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Cleveland - O'Mackey - Picaso Household: Moving

- - - Update 13.11.2011 - - - We are back at the O'Mackey house. Maybe you'll remember that things have changed here; Alexandra and Gabe are legally still married, but Alex has had her three-bolt love Matthew Picaso move in, with Gabe refusing to move out; instead, an extra room has been added for him on the top floor.
The back is unchanged with Gabe's greenhouse and lemon tree, along with Alex' career rewards object, the obstacle course.
On Monday, Gabe asks their daughter Jules to move back in - she has graduated from college successfully a while ago and spent her first week after college at the house of her three-bolt love, Justin Cleveland, along with Justin's mother and father. Justin's father died recently, and Jules agrees a change of place would be good for everyone.
Gabe gives his lemon tree one last spraying of insecticide...
...and collects one last harvest.
A little later, the whole group of six adults have arrived at their new dwelling: (from left to right) Gabe O'Mackey, Marissa Cleveland, Matthew Picaso, Alexandra O'Mackey, Jules O'Mackey and Justin Cleveland.
This is the house the bought - do you remember it? It used to be the Capp mansion, before Consort Capp, newly married to Dora Ottomas, died of old age and his grandchildren moved to college.
Where the old family cemetery used to be is now Gabe's newly planted orchard, and he happily sets about gardening straight away.
The welcome committee consists of Pauline Aspir, Ariel Capp and Gerlinde Greenman.
Matthew maximizes his body skill.
Later that same day, Justin is promoted to Symphony Conductor.
Gabe goes to bed happily after a day spent in his brand new orchard.
Alex and Matthew like their new bedroom.
On Tuesday, Gabe receives his Golden Gardening Badge.
On Wednesday, this penguin comes into the house, trying to talk to Alexandra's greatest catches mounted to the wall.
Matthew is promoted to Hand of Poseidon - he has reached his lifetime want 5 days before elderhood.
Thursday early morning sees Marissa receiving a special plaque for maximum enthusiasm in arts and crafts, and rightly so:
Look at the beautiful paintings she has created over the past few days!
Still on Thursday, this gypsy lady leaves a magic lamp at the back of the house.
With such a huge yard, there is always plenty to do, and when they have time, Jules and Justin like raking the leaves together.
Thursday afternoon, Gabe turns into an elder - where else but in his orchard!
A little later, it is Alexandra's turn... she is an elderly lady, too.
Because Marissa had the same hairstyle, and also because Alex so obviously now prefers the colour pink, she changes her hairstyle.
Later that evening, she tries to burn some of the leaves, and accidentally catches fire herself.
Good job her 3-bolt-man Matthew rushes to the rescue!
On Friday, Alexandra and Matthew go shopping for clothes.
Alexandra chooses a pink twin set to match her trousers and the colder season. As usual, many other New Maximilianians are there: Malcolm Landgraab, Justin Kim, Mickey Dosser, Gareth Newson and Johnny Smith.
Do you remember that Alex was the ONLY Sim I have ever observed in my game who could pet the skunk without getting sprayed? Well, the skunk seems to remember her... but it still sprays her this time.
Still on Friday, Jules is made Hall of Famer - she has reached permanent platinum 18 days away from elderhood.
On Saturday, Gabe is spraying the trees in his orchard...
...when he turns into a plantsim! Along with Leod McGreggor, he is the second Sim in my game who turned into a plantsim and was not "born" one.
Alex has just received a Gold Badge for fishing.
And Matthew turns into an elder - now there are four elders in this household, with Jules and Justin being the only "young ones" left.
Speaking of Justin, he became Rock God the day before (Friday), but I forgot to take a picture - there was so much else going on :-) He has now reached his lifetime want, too, 17 days before turning into an elder. Now all six household members are on permanent platinum.
On Sunday, Matthew invites over his twin boys, Placido (left) and Pierre (right). The boys live with their mother, Jessica Picaso, but Matthew makes sure to maintain a good relationship with them.
After a while, the boys start having a pillow fight. Matthew is glad that they seem to like the new house; after all, he plans to have them over every Sunday.
Soon, the boys discover the good things about the new house ;-)
Gabe is a much better cook than Matthew, and so it is he who sits down for a meal of stuffed rainbow trout with them. "No, Placido, I am not an Alien, I am green because I have turned into a plantsim. Don't you recognize me? It's Gabe!"
Placido asks his dad to dance with him, he thinks Jules is really cool at the drum kit. (Now that everyone in the household is on permanent platinum, I often leave them to their own devices; I only make sure that they get dressed after getting up, because I don't like it when Sims walk around in their undies or PJs all the time; and I try to get them to do some yardwork every now and then.)
As you can see, I am not really successful in having my Sims stay on top of their yardwork - look at the sorry state of what used to be ornamental flowerbeds! With this picture of Alexandra pulling some weeds, the week at the O'Mackey/Picaso/Cleveland household ends.


  1. Are you still playing sims 2?

  2. Nice to see that Matthew keeps in touch with his children!

    1. I think he is the type to do that.

  3. Wow, I'm guessing there is a lot in the other families updates and/or you lost a lot of what happened early on. It's fun how so many of your families have split and joined in different ways. I'm usually too much of a sucker for that, but with wishes you never know. I have one family that might end up that way.

    1. I played them so long ago I cannot remember every detail, but I think their stories are still there .


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