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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tybalt Capp's Family: Week 3

Click here for week 2.

This house may look like a perfectly normal house with an orchard, but it houses a family that is anything but normal: Tybalt Capp, four of his six plantchildren and a Servo, who is the spouse of one of them.
Also, from the times before Tybalt's lifetime want changed, there are two dogs, Ken and Sam. Originally, Tybalt wanted to have 20 best pet friends. One day he woke up and felt that now he dreamt of marrying off six children. As he had just turned into a Plantsim and did not know any lady well enough to become the mother of his children, he simply planted six babies.
Now, all six are grown up, and three of them are already married: Castanea to Malcolm Landgreeab, Clover to Ginger Newson and Calendula to Servo Pleasant.
Although I moved the lot to a different place in New Max, this graphics bug - a hole in the road - is still there. Never mind, it does not hinder playing.
Here are the Plantsim members of the household. As they and the Simbot never sleep, there are no beds in the house - otherwise, it would be impossible for six Sims and two dogs to live in such small quarters.
Here he is, Servo Pleasant, Calendula's husband. His LTW is to become Mayor, and he has just found a job as Campaign Manager on this Monday morning.
With the money that came in last week when several household members found jobs in their dream careers (plus the sale of one or two harvests from their orchard), the Capps were able to convert one of the rooms into a shower room and buy two more "sun" lamps, essential for the wellbeing of Plantsims.
Cherry has no three-bolt-man in her relationship panel, but she is already good friends with Justin Kim. She wants to have a date with someone, and she'll have to marry sooner or later anyway in order to fulfill her father's LTW. Therefore, she invites Justin over, and the two of them have a successful date.
Corydal, who wants to be Education Minister one day, is promoted to Substitute Teacher.
Cornel's LTW is to earn 100.000 Simoleons. He has chosen the criminal career to achieve this, and is promoted to Getaway Driver today.
The Plantsims and Servo do not need to eat, and so there is only a small table with two chairs in the house for human guests. I confess I'd feel a little uncomfortable in Justin's place right now, being the only one to eat and having two Plantsims watching me.
Servo is promoted already on his very first day at work: he is now a City Council Member.
"Yes, my son, you too should marry soon," Tybalt tells either Cornel or Corydal - sorry, they look so alike!
The last promotion on this Monday is Calendula's: she was just made Prep Cook.
Tuesday morning sees four of the Plantsims out in the orchard. With regular "talking to", spraying and tending, the orange, apple and lemon trees are all thriving.
Corydal is promoted to Elementary School Teacher today, and Servo to State Assembly Person.
Each promotion bonus adds to the growing funds of what used to be a rather poor household, and so a hot tub can be purchased to facilitate those dates. Here, Cherry is about to have some fun in the water with Justin Kim.
Very early on Wednesday morning, Cornel is promoted to Bank Robber.
Cherry and Justin are now engaged, taking an important step towards fulfilling Tybalt's LTW.
The water wiggler is so useful - not only for the hygiene of the two dogs, but also to keep the plantsims well watered and in sunlight at the same time.
Corydal (left) is promoted to High School Teacher and Calendula (right) to Sous Chef.
Not long afterwards, Servo returns home as Congress Person.

So far, Corydal has not yet shown any particular interest in any particular lady, but of course he will "have to" get married eventually. He calls his closest female friend Paola Picaso.
Paola and Corydal get along very well until I remember that she is already with someone else, and I do not want to break up her relationship.
In the back, you can see Tybalt talking to his brother-in-law, Tank Grunt. He is married to Hermia Capp.
Before the day ends, Cornel is promoted to Cat Burglar.
Thursday starts with an unfortunate Tybalt running into a swarm of angry bees when he just wanted to add to his collection of bugs and butterflies.
Corydal is made University Lecturer.
He then invites Tina Traveller and her mother over. As far as I remember (without looking it up), Tina is as yet unattached. After only one flirtatious interaction, there are pink hearts between Corydal and Tina.
The graphics bug at the back of the lot looks even weirder now that the hole in the road is filled with invisible water and has fish "flying" about in it!
On Friday, Servo is promoted to Judge...
...Calendula to Executive Chef...
...and Corydal to High School Principal.
It is also the day he gets engaged to Tina Traveller.
It is Saturday, and a chessboard and chairs have been added to the room mostly used for skilling.
Cornel is now a Counterfeiter.
Cherry is the only one so far who has not found a job yet. She wants to become Professional Party Guest but there is no position available in the Slacker Career all week. So I often have her taking care of the orchard and other things around the house.
Last week, Cornel started to befriend a townie named Frances Hart. I treat her as a relation of Matthew Hart, seeing as they share the same surname. Today, she invites Cornel to an outing downtown.

A mixed group of playables and townies pull up in front of Bernard's Botanical Dining (I found that suitable for a PlantSim). Frances is the lady nearest the phone booth.

She and Cornel have a successful date together.
When Cornel returns home, he is just in time to witness Sam, the older of the two (very old) dogs, play his last game of fetch with the Grim Reaper.
On Sunday, the remaining dog, Ken, dies as well. Both dogs were in their 30s and led long and happy lives, in spite of hardly featuring in this chapter.
Calendula took the wrong decision with a chance card, and the game tells me that she is fired. But when she comes home, I check her career panel and it says that she has only been demoted to dishwasher, not fired. Phew! Perseida Powers has come home with her today. She goes back to work and is promoted to Drive Through Clerk the same day.
Cornel maxes his mechanical skill. It'll come in handy for further advancing in his career.

At the end of this week, Tybalt is 65, has half of his LTW fulfilled and it is looking good for the other half to come true soon, too.
Will Cherry ever find a job in the Slacker Career? Is she going to be happy with Justin Kim? Will Corydal and Tina get married, and how soon are things going to be taken to the next level for Cornel and Frances? Is any of the PlantSims going to turn into "human" Sims?


  1. That's a very strange graphics bug! As long as it doesn't hinder play though that's fine.
    Tybalt is moving along nicely to his LTW. It is very difficult to tell Plant Sims apart isn't it?!
    I quite often have them turn into humans just to see what they look like and will look forward to seeing if you do the same next time. :)

    1. Two of Tybalt's plantchildren are already "human", those who live in other households: Castanea Landgraab and Clover Newson. The first plantsim I turned into a human was Daisy Greenman. Like you, I like to find out what they look like. Also, sometimes I get a bit fed up with playing Sims who never sleep...!

  2. new place to fish in the road, love the graphic bug. So many plantsims. no wonder you can't tell them apart. I don't really like plantsims because their don't sleep. it gives me a bit of breather waiting for everybody to wake up.

    1. Same here, peachy! This household was an exception, and somthing of a challenge, too. Several other plantsims in my game have been turned into humans for that reason.


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