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Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Capp-Monty Family: Week 6

Click here if you want to re-read week 5 with this family.

A much quieter branch of the Capp family lives in this house.

It is Kent and Bianca (nee Monty), a happy 3-bolt-couple still as much in love with each other as they were when they first met so long ago. Bianca is now 66 and Kent is 68. Both are on Permanent Platinum, and so I control them only occasionally.

On this Monday morning, Kent gets a can of juice out of the fridge, and Bianca drinks it for breakfast, watched by her adoring hubby. That is love!

He then goes upstairs to clean the toilet. That seems to be mainly his job, as is most of the cleaning around the house.

Years ago, the Capps were given an RC car for Christmas. They love it, and take turns playing with it.

In the afternoon, first one of their many nephews, Christopher Capp, comes visiting, and then Gunther Goth walks by.
As previously, the Capps are notoriously bad hosts and take nearly no notice of their guests after I have made them greet them.

Later, Bianca takes the trash out.

She then surprises me by serving Turkey for dinner. It's been years since she has last cooked something!

Being out of practice shows; the turkey turns out "slightly overdone", but since there is nothing else offered, the visitors eat it nonetheless.

As usual, it is Kent who stacks the dishwasher afterwards.

On Tuesday morning, Bianca has a mug of her beloved coffee (it is ever only her to make use of the coffee machine - I don't think Kent has had one single mug ever).

For a change, the couple go to bed at the same time and sleep through good part of the morning.

After getting up, Bianca uses the almost empty second room upstairs to do some rope skipping. She is remarkably fit for her age, and for someone who hardly ever eats anything!
Ana Patel is their guest today.
Later, Bianca has a toilet accident - only inches away from the toilet.
Kent goes to work that night, and you can tell from Bianca's expression that she still does not like being on her own while he is at the lab.
On Wednesday, she wakes up ill. Both Kent and Bianca are sick with flus and cold nearly all week.
Dear Kent! If it wasn't for him, the house would completely go to the dogs.
Amazing! Bianca makes another attempt at preparing stuffed turkey, and this time, she is successful.
In the early hours of Thursday, Kent returns from work and finds another infestation of bugs in the front yard.
After having stomped on them for a while, he remembers to use repellant.
This couple is so much in love, they often stop each other from doing rather important things (such as getting food or going to the toilet) by some romantic interaction or other.
Charlie Cho walks by and is greeted by Bianca.
Matthew Hart comes visiting on his own accord.
After having greeted her old friend (and second 3-bolt-attraction after Kent), Bianca decides to do some gardening (in her nightie).
Gerlinde Gavigan has been greeted as well. Matthew tackles the bugs that are still roaming the yard.
And Gerlinde is such a good visitor - she picks up the trash can, which has once more been kicked over by an anonymous townie who certainly has no reason to be angry at the Capps. Again, it is visitors rather than residents who take care of things.
"I know you don't like being on your own at night, Mrs. Capp, so if you like, I can keep you company for a while," the teenager suggests while Bianca is having another coffee.
Friday morning after having leftover turkey for breakfast, Bianca for a change clears the dishes.
This gives Kent time to do some more gardening, which is really necessary, as you can see.
But he has hardly made any progress before Bianca comes out and distracts him :-)
Matthew Hart is back later that day.
He does not distract Bianca, and she finishes all the gardening.
Martina Martin is greeted, and immediately starts to tackle the persisting bug infestation.
Saturday morning sees Bianca once more close to starving. I don't need to tell you that there is plenty of food in the fridge, do I!
Dear Kent! It is nearly always he who washes up the coffee mugs Bianca leaves in the living room.
But at least she makes an effort today and cleans the stove.
Sunday morning starts with another round of playing with the RC car.
Kent sweeps up the dead bugs from when Martiina Martin used the repellant on them two days ago.
He then gives the toilet another badly needed scrubbing.
Meanwhile, Bianca makes the bed.
She then prepares Salmon for the two of them.
After a delicious meal, she gives her husband one of her famous backrubs.
It is the last thing she ever does in this world, for moments later, Mr. Reaper is here for her. Bianca dies at 73.
Kent is 75 and, by the looks of it, has several more "years" to live. He certainly does not feel like staying here on his own, where everything reminds him of Bianca not being there anymore. Instead, he phones the Residence for the Elderly that has recently opened in New Max.
He even eats another plate of Salmon. "Bianca would have wanted me to eat this, she prepared it with so much love," he thinks.
Then all he can do is wait for the taxi that will take him to his new home.

This was sad! Poor Kent, the two of them were so devoted to each other. But he'll have a good few years at the home, I am sure.
And what contrast to play this household after the busy-busy ones with large families!


  1. Bye Bye Bianca. They had a nice life together and were obviously very close! It's funny how useless some Sims are when left to their own devices but it's certainly interesting.
    I love the décor in their house and how you opened up the living space. This was the first house I ever played when I got TS2 so I have a soft spot for it. :)
    Looking forward to reading about Kent's adventures in the Senior Residence!

    1. The first house I ever played in TS2 was the one I currently have Beta Beaker live in. Back then, I gave it to the Burbs. John Burb was the first Sim in my game I played until he died, so it was the first time I saw the Grim Reaper appear. Ah, nostalgia! It seems so long ago! Was it 2004 or 2006...

      Thank you, I like the decor of their house, too. I rarely remember to use half walls but I did place one here, between the kitchen counter and the living space.

  2. oops nearly missed this post. Poor Kent at least he will have company when he moves. Why do townies kick over the bin when the sims have done nothing wrong? then leaving roaches and the flu behind.

    1. No idea why some townies are so angry all the time - must be the frustration about not having a home and family to go to!


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