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Monday, 25 May 2015

Florence Delarosa: Week 6

Florence Delarosa is next on our list. She is widowed and on Permanent Platinum - you know what that means, don't you?

Apart from being largely not controlled by me, it also means that she will now move to the Senior Residence.
Here she is, arriving very early on Saturday morning.
She has brought a watering robot for the garden, but it is not the big hit she was hoping it would be: It breaks nearly as soon as it is activated, and leaves large puddles of water everywhere, much to the annoyment of her fellow residents and her own embarrassment.

Jennifer Burb makes a start on getting rid of the puddles.
Lazlo Caliente (former Curious), now the oldest resident here at 83, makes himself useful by cleaning up the dishes from last night's dinner.
Florence was unable to repair the broken 'bot by herself, so the repair service was called in.
Soon, Florence is invited to join Lazlo, Juliette Davis and Kent Capp at the poker table. "Have you unpacked everything yet, Mrs. Delarosa?" Lazlo politely inquires of the newcomer.
As the apartments at the Senior Residence come fully furnished, there is not that much to unpack; just a few personal belongings.
Jennifer makes a start at gardening. I wonder how much she'll get done before something or someone else distracts her!
Giselle Goth walks by and is greeted by Juliette.
When Lazlo arrives home from work, the familiar hooded figure of Mr. Reaper is already waiting for him. Lazlo was 84 when he died. He was the last of the Curious brothers to go. That's another family name died out in New Maximiliania.
Sunday morning, Jennifer wakes up feeling very sad. She did like Lazlo, but it is also the fact that every death here makes the remaining residents wonder who's going to be next.
Later that day, a magic lamp is delivered to the home. No-one is going to use it - for now.
Kent has an embarrassing toilet accident. Well, I suppose it's nothing too unusual in a home for the elderly.
Tina Traveller has joined Juliette at the poker table.
After today's guests (Tina Traveller and Giselle Goth) have left, the four resdients once more gather round the poker table and play deep into the night.
It is Monday morning when I find Florence looking a bit lonely in the kitchen/dining area all by herself.
During the day, first Beau Broke...
...and then Lisa Ramirez are invited in, the latter walking by just as Jennifer Burb comes back from work.
Kent finds out he has three bolts for Lisa, who is a widow like himself.
B'Elanna Beaker is next and last on today's guest list.
There are telephones in every apartment as well as in the common room, and I usually let the Sims decide on their own who is going to pick it up. This evening, it is Jennifer to take a call in her own small living room.
On Tuesday morning, Florence decides to give one of the communal toilets a good (and necessary!) scrub.
It snows for the first time that winter.
Kent, who has just greeted Helena Stacks, picks up one of the old newspapers littering the front garden.
I have Juliette pay the bills. This household is certainly one of the richest in all of New Max; every resident has brought so much money and needs so little that the household account is somewhere above 1 million 300.000 Simoleons.
Kent makes an effort to get rid of the puddles (still from the broken watering 'bot) before they freeze over and one of the residents or guests can slip and fall.
His good example has apparently rubbed off on Juliette, as she follows him when he picks up one of the flowerbeds that is beyond help.
Wednesday morning, Florence finds she can't sleep any more but is not quite ready to get dressed and face the world, either.
Kent has just been dropped off after work when the special escort service to the Otherworld appears. He was 80 years old, and for the past few days, his and Jennifer's (she is the same age) lifetime bars have been constantly fluctuating. I actually expected him to die sooner than he did. It looks as though Jennifer will have some more "years".
Jennifer tells Florence that she hopes they will be friends for life... even if her life will be coming to an end soon.
It is interesting that Florence seems to be the only one here who sometimes simply does "nothing", appearing to be deep in thought... and I think this is the first time I see a Sim sitting on this, the most comfortable chair on the lot.
Jennifer tackles the overgrowing hedges again.
Juliette receives a phone call from B'Elanna Beaker.
On Thursday morning, Florence builds a snowman behind her apartment.
Today, I have Jennifer take care of the bills.
After she has placed the paid bills in the mailbox, she decides to sweep up some dead bugs I didn't even know were there.
It must have been a traumatic experience for her!
Meanwhile, Juliette has been cleaning her shower room.
She then builds a snowman behind her apartment, following Florence's example from early in the morning.
Martina Martin walks by and is greeted by Jennifer.
"I've been sweeping up dead bugs all morning, you know... How do you like the soup?" - "Umm... *cough* *splutter* very nice... thank you..."

[This is how I handle meals here: Since everyone is on PP, they decide when they want to eat. But everybody had several bowls of Grandma's Comfort Soup and platters of cheesecake in their inventories, purchased at Almeric Davis' shop. So, whenever one of the residents shows the intention to make a meal, I cancel the action and have them "get leftovers" from the fridge instead, until all the bought meals will be gone.]
"So, will you get yourself a nice man and marry him? I can highly recommend marriage, you know." - "Umm... I might... some day..."
Martina thinks that these elderly ladies are really kind, but they definitely are a bit weird.
It is Friday, the last day of the week at the Senior Residence. Jennifer decides it is time to clean her shower.
Florence had the same idea.
Oh no! The bot breaks down again. Maybe it should not have been left out in the snow all winter.
This time, though, Florence manages to repair it without having to call the repair service. Afterwards, starts trimming the hedge nearest her apartment.
Lisa Ramirez is back, welcomed by Jennifer. "Poor Mrs. Ramirez," she thinks, "I am sure she came to see Kent again, but Kent is no more..."
Tybalt Capp, Juliette's older brother, is paying her a visit today.
Look at how much Florence got done in terms of gardening before her needs to go to the toilet and eat something took over!
Jennifer surprises me by making chef salad for everyone. (I realized this too late, otherwise she would have gotten a bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup from the fridge.)
She even cleans the kitchen counter afterwards...
...and cleans up the dishes after some of the salad has been eaten.
Juliette is happy to see her brother. His house is so full already due to his plantchildren and their spouses, there is no way she could have moved in with him; nor with their sister Hermia and her numerous offspring and husband.
As a Plantsim, it hurts Tybalt particularly to see the sorry state of the garden, and he tackles the second half, where Florence had stopped.

We have now only three ladies live at the home. Who is going to join them?


  1. Aww, The Curious Brothers are probably my all time favourite family and it will be odd not to see their name on the list anymore.
    Kent too had a nice life. It's very interesting to see them all in the Senior Residence doing their own thing. That garden is a lot of work but they are handling it well. :)

    1. It really was an interesting week - contrary to what I expected. I thought it was going to be really boring, but there was quite a lot going on. I must admit, though, I was tempted to remove the poker table a few times :-)

  2. It's sad to see the favorites meet their end. I really do like the idea of the Senior Residence but I'm not sure it will ever be needed with my play style. But who knows, I may need to establish one someday. At least this way they aren't all alone at the end.

    1. It really makes things more interested, much more so than I thought. It's a bit like playing a dorm full of students!

  3. your senior residence is a hit. Hopefully nobody will be left on their own in their elderly years.

    1. There are so many elderly Sims now in my 'hood, I think there will always going to be someone eligible to move to the senior residence.


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