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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Capp-Contrary Household: Week 7

Week 6 is here.

You all know this house: it is the original one that Maxis made for the Contrary family, and in my game, it is the last remaining member of the Contrary family who still lives here.

Rick is now 56. His father died a long time ago, and his mother, who remarried last round and was left a widow for the second time, has also died.
Originally, Rick's lifetime want was to have 50 dream dates. Then, it changed to having 20 best friends. When we left this household last round, he had 14 best friends.
Since then, though, three of them have died, and he is now down to 11 best friends.
His sweetheart MIranda Capp still lives here, too - and she is the reason why we are here this Sim-week: The last member of the vast Capp clan to be played, before it's the turn of another surname on the alphabetical list.
Miranda became Mayor not that long after graduating from college and has been on Permanent Platinum ever since. This means of course that I hardly control her.
On this Monday, Rick makes his best friend # 12 (or 15, depending on how you count) in Callum Capp, one of Miranda's many relatives.
Later, Callum's younger brother Carl Capp passes by.
He gladly joins Rick for shooting some hoops behind the house.
Tuesday morning sees Miranda cleaning up Rick's dish from last night's dinner on her own accord. Must be love!
Rick is busy keeping up with raking and burning leaves in the backyard, while Miranda is at work.
The only other event worth mentioning that day is a broken bathtub.
Unusually early on Wednesday morning, Miranda receives a phone call of one of her many family members to inform her of the death of one of Tybalt's beloved dogs.
Rick makes his Bronze Badge for sewing today.
On Thursday, Castanea Landgraab, nee Capp, comes visiting.
On Friday, Miranda takes the trash out on her own accord. She is rather good at doing such jobs without anybody telling her.
As you can see, she even takes care of the shrubs in front of the house.
Later that day, I control her for a change. I make sure she has been to the toilet and had a shower before I have her make a platter of crêpes suzette. What for?
She has invited her sister Desdemona over, along with her husband Isaiah Capp and daughter Catherine (not pictured). Rick raises his glass to her.
"Happy birthday, auntie Miranda," Catherine says.
Happy birthday indeed, Miranda!
Funny how her hairstyle has changed. And of course that horrible outfit must go.
Strangely enough, now that they are both elders, Rick and Miranda decide to sleep in the bedroom that used to be Opal's and Edward's, and later Opal's and Marcel's.
Saturday morning, Desdemona is here again. Rick and Miranda sit on the bench on the front porch for a while. "Your mother was not here for your birthday. Don't you think the two of you are old enough now to make up whatever differences you may still have from many years ago?" he encourages her.
Goneril is invited over by Rick (Miranda really has a zero-points-relationship with her mother!), and he makes sure the two ladies sit down in the living room. At first, it seems they have nothing to say to each other, and the atmosphere is rather awkward.
Rick politely leaves the room. "What have I done wrong all my life, mother?" Miranda demands to know. "What, you?! I thought I was the one who'd done you some great wrong," Goneril says.
"You and I never were as close as we should have been, and I don't know why," Miranda confesses.
"To be honest, I don't know why we weren't close, either. I certainly never let this happen on purpose," her mother admits.
"But didn't you grow up well, even though I was not always around and left most of the work involved in raising you and your siblings to your father?"
Miranda has to agree; she did indeed grow up well, and so did her siblings.
The rest of the conversation is private, but from now on, I hope to see Goneril and Miranda on much better terms.
Sunday is spent doing nothing in particular. Rick is on the phone to establish and maintain friendships, and Miranda greets Clover Newson (another member of the Capp family, he is one of Tybalt's six plantchildren).
She is now 56 and Rick 63. Neither has had any wish revolving around the other.

Will that ever change? Is Rick going to make more progress towards his LTW?

What a contrast this household was to the one before!


  1. Lovely read. Capp here and there is always a load of Capps everywhere.

    1. They certainly break the record of most numerous family in my game! The Newsons come secnd, I think.

  2. It certainly was much quieter but very enjoyable nonetheless. I wonder if Miranda and Rick will get together in their twilight years? Maybe if one of them wishes for a date? ;)
    Lovely to see Miranda and Goneril mending their relationship too, :)

    1. I honestly felt bad about mother and daughter having no relationship at all, and thought it was about time to change that. As Rick has had a difficult relationship with his parents when he was in his early teens, but later was able to turn things around with them, he seemed to be the right person to advise the two women on that.


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