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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Dosser Family: Week 6

This handsome house is one I particularly like and wonder why I discovered it so late; I found it in the lots & houses catalogue about 1 1/2 years ago. In my game, it is home to the Dossers, Jessie (nee Pilferson) and Mickey.
The week starts in the very early hours of Monday with Mickey coming home from "work" - if you can call it that :-) He is a professional party guest, which was his lifetime want.
Maybe you remember that the last time I played this couple, they were having a party, with one of the party guests being Gunnar Roque. Gunnar and Jessie were once involved - but only briefly, and only to help Gunnar with his LTW. However, somehow the whole thing came out, and Mickey was so hurt by Jessie's betrayal that he choose to sleep in the tent for several nights.
Jessie is very unhappy about the situation and hopes to make up with her beloved husband soon. They are, after all, a 3-bolt-couple.
Mickey is freezing - there is, of course, no heating in the tent, and it has been cold enough for last night's snow to remain on the ground. He is not only freezing because of the weather, though; the apparent loss of the love of his life also makes him feel cold.
He lights a fire and warms himself.
Jessie joins him downstairs and turns on the music. She rolls lots of wants around Mickey, and he does not reject her talking to him. She even apologizes.
After a seemingly endless morning of talking and other activities, the Dossers finally reconciliate. Phew! It would have been a shame for them to split up, wouldn't it.
Now that things between him and his wife are sorted, Mickey feels like a party. He invites eight of his many friends.
They all arrive at the same time.
The music from the stereo induces half of them to dance.
And everbody gathers round when Mickey is ready to blow the candles on the birthday cake I found in his inventory (obviously bought at Bubbler's Bakery).
Now both Mickey and Jessie are elders. I think they have many happy years together ahead.
On Tuesday, although Mickey is on Permanent Platinum like Jessie, I direct him to make several Water Wigglers at the toy bench. He is one of only two Sims in all of New Max who are able to make this very useful toy.
Jessie is eating leftover crisps from yesterday's party.
Then, she half-heartedly attempts to do some gardening. The garden here is a bit of a problem; most of the shrubs were placed by Maxis on slopes and can not be trimmed.
It is Wednesday morning, and the Dossers are happy about their latest acquisition: a jaccuzzi in the bedroom! It was Jessie's wish to buy a hot tub, and I thought it fitting for a Rock Goddess and a Professional Party Guest to have it installed in their bedroom :-)
The bar downstairs is still the only way both Jessie and Mickey have meals - they never cook or get snacks from the fridge.
Carolina Capp is greeted later. This girl is certainly making an effort to get to know the neighbourhood - she has been appearing on many lots already this round!
Another liquid meal for the Dossers.
On Thursday morning, Rock Goddess Jessie is on the phone to her agent to talk about money.
She wanted to buy a sofa or loveseat, and I obey. The light installation on the wall behind her was my idea - easily done with move_objects on and using the appropriate keys to put lights at different heights.
Titania Summerdream is the Dossers' guest for today.
For a change, Jessie does not head for the bar when she is hungry - she gets something from the trash can instead! (This is all without me intervening.)
Mickey follows her example, just as Jessie greets Castanea Landgraab.
As happens every now and then with Sims that I do not control, in spite of having a fully functional shower and a bath tub in the house, Mickey prefers a sponge bath.
It is Friday morning, and Jessie is - not for the first time this week - close to starvation.
The Harts (Matthew and Jane, nee Stacks), close friends of the Dossers', come visiting on their own accord.
Mickey is as close to starvation as Jessie, but what does he do? Build a snowman.
Jane makes drinks for everyone, Callum Capp included.
By Saturday, Jessie has developed food poisoning from the "snack" she got out of the trash can. For the rest of the week, she has to throw up several times a day.
She is saved from starvation mostly by going to work. Every time she comes back, she has Tammy Young in tow, one of the townies turned vampires without me doing anything.
She is still ill on Sunday.
But that does not stop her from enjoying the comfort of the jaccuzzi with her hubby.
Both Jessie and Mickey roll the want to influence someone to garden, and gardening really is necessary at this place. Matthew Hart probably did not think he was going to be recruited for the job when he came visiting again today.
Neither did Circe Beaker have any idea of why she was being greeted so friendly.
The garden looks somewhat better, but there is still a lot to do. However, both Circe and Matthew gave up eventually, constantly complaining of shrubs that can not be accessed because of having been placed on slopes.

This is how the week ends; Jessie is now 66 and Mickey in his 50s. Will they keep being as daft about their eating habits next round?


  1. It is amazing how ea/maxi built gardens, built on slopes when they know the sims can't get to them. And the sims who would rather eat out of a dustbin they cook themselves meals. The amazing mind of the sim.

    1. Those guys who built the houses for the lots & houses catalogue obviously did never do any in-game testing!
      True, our Sims sometimes do amazing things :-)

  2. What a great round for Mickey and Jessie. I think it's very fitting that a Rock Star and Professional Party Guest have a hot tub in their bedroom! Along with their 'liquid' diets it's all very Rock 'n' Roll. :)
    Also I love the idea with the trailing lights, looks very effective. :)
    One of the things I love most about playing an entire neighbourhood is that next time you go to someone else's house they've made a whole load of friends without any effort from you as they are so social. :)

    1. Yes, it was all very fitting what they did, and the hot tub in the bedroom with champagne next to it :-)
      You are right, the friends bit about playing a neighbourhood is very nice. Also, I always check everybody's inventories - usually, my Sims have been to the businesses run by other playables, and it is interesting to see what they brought home.


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