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Monday, 18 May 2015

The Cleveland Family: Update 18.05.2015

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A beautiful house with what looks like a beautiful garden - at first glance. If you look closer, you'll notice that the park-like garden is badly neglected. There are weeds everywhere, the hedges need trimming, and the small orchard to the left is in urgent need of care.
Who has allowed things to deteriorate so much?
Only Sims on Permanent Platinum who are not controlled anymore could do this: Justin and Jules Cleveland. These two have been sweethearts for a very long time, and eventually got marired. They are still firm three-bolters. Justin is now 67 and Jules 68. Their parents have died long ago, leaving the two of them on their own in the big house.
To put an end to the constant bug crisis, I finally give in and have them call the exterminator. While they're at it, another phone call is placed to have someone come and take care of a clogged toilet. It is Monday.
Jules is still not very good at getting herself something to eat. Most of the time, just as she is on the brink of starvation, she grabs a bag of cookies.
Lilith Ottomas was walking by. But before I could send anyone out to greet her, she came in on her own accord and occupied the computer upstairs for hours. Strange, that!
Francis J. Worthington was greeted. He cleared up the pile of trash that was still next to the path leading up to the house; the very same pile that has been responsible for the bug infestation last round.
Lilith tears herself away from the computer and sprays those bugs the exterminator has not seen (or maybe new ones have appeared since his visit in the morning). What would our Sims do without their good visitors!
On Tuesday morning, a nearly starving Jules chooses to jump into her husbands arms instead of eating.
Later, when he goes out to take care of some weeds, she follows him for some early morning birdwatching - instead of eating.
Only when he makes omelettes for breakfast does she follow him to the kitchen. Of course she now can't wait for him to finish but eats and drinks straight out of the fridge.
Eventually, though, husband and wife have a proper breakfast of omelettes together.
Justin is still the one who does most of the cleaning here, as it is the case on Wednesday. But Jules nearly always keeps him company!
And, surprisingly enough, every now and then she does some of the cleaning, too.
Justin still loves Bricky, his childhood friend.       
Castanea Landgraab was actually here to nick the newspaper, but Jules greets her polite as always.
When she returns from work in the afternoon with a townie colleague in tow, instead of saying goodbye to the townie (as I have ordered her to do) she begins trimming the hedge. Just as well!
Justin joins her later and pulls some weeds.
Thursday morning starts witha drum solo from Justin, much to Jules' delight.
A penguin comes visiting.
Justin sweeps up some of the dead bugs from Monday's extermination campaign.
When Carolina Capp walks by, he greets her.
Graham Grunt is next. Such a good kid! He single-handedly takes care of nearly half of the large patch of weeds here.
Friday begins with Justin's usual visit to the most popular painting in this house. I have no idea why they find this one so fascinating, but buth Jules and Justin often spend hours looking at it.
Justin cleans the kitchen, as usual in the company of his dear wife.
She completely takes me by surprise when she cooks chili con carne for lunch!
Later, Carl and Callum Capp come visiting.
On Saturday morning, Justin gives Jules a backrub.
And she is back to her usual meals of juice, cookies or crisps today.
Still, she does remember to clean the bathtub on her own accord.
Sunday morning sees them both using their original bed (all week, they have slept here and there in the house). Jules patiently waits for her hubby to wake up.
Gunther Goth and Georgia Newson are the Clevelands' guests today.
Justin cleans up the old newspaper.
And the week ends with another surprise from Jules: she prepares Turkey for herself and the guests.

By the looks of it, her life won't go on very long into the next round, while Jusin may have a few more years. These will probably be spent at the Senior Residence. What will become of this house, the garden and the orchard then?


  1. I do love that house but I remember how much of a nightmare the garden is! Thank goodness they had lots of visitors to clear some of the weeds for them.
    It will be a shame to say goodbye to Justin and Jules but they've had a nice life haven't they? :)

    1. That garden really is impossible to keep on top with! It was even worse when the original ornamental flowerbeds were still there.
      Justin and Jules matched so well, I am glad they were 3-bolters and Jules found happiness in marriage when her parents couldn't.

  2. Wow a big house just for two people. Lots of gardening done by visitors and the Clevelands. Lovely read

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think it will be somewhat of a relief once Justin (or Jules, whoever the widowed partner will be) moves into the Senior Residence.
      Just getting from the front door to the road takes half a Sim-hour!


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