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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Capp Family: Week 6

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The Capp family - or, one branche of the Capp clan - moved to this Maxis-made Veronaville-style house quite some time ago. Who lives here at the moment?
Albany and Goneril, to start with. Albany is now 79 and his wife is 68. While she has reached Permanent Platinum during her adulthood when she became Prestidigitator, Albany's lifetime want changed too late in his life to be achieved. He will never become a Business Tycoon, but, as a true Family Sim, he is most happy surrounded by his children and grandchildren anyway.
One of his daughters, Ariel, lives here with her husband Isaiah (nee Gavigan). Together, they share the LTW of marrying off six children. So far, they have one child so far, a little boy named Caleb.
And there is Desdemona, Goneril's and Albany's second-youngest daughter, now proud mother of Catherine. Her LTW is the same as that of her sister, to marry off six children. The father of her firstborn is Pierre Picaso. Here she is, thinking of adopting. I wonder why?
Hal is Ariel's and Desdemona's older brother. He married Sally Riley, but first had a son (Charlie) with her younger stepsister Etsu Cho. He comes visiting on this Monday.
The Gavigans are invited, too. Mary and Nathan are Isaiah's parents and Ariel's in-laws. Isaiah feels like a little boy all over again when he has a pillow fight with his mother.
Proud grandmothers Mary and Goneril - good job there are enough babies to go round :-)
To make the family reunion complete, Ariel's and Desdemona's older sister Miranda is here as well.
That evening, Catherine is helped to grow up from baby to toddler by Uncle Isaiah.
Her mother, Desdemona, is pregnant again. That does not stop her from teaching her little girl to walk.
Catherine's birthday is not the only milestone today for the Capps: Just as he was getting out of the shower, Albany is surprised by Mr. Reaper and his Hula Girls. "Couldn't you at least let me get dressed first," the 80-year-old complains.
Because I had fulfilled so many of his short term wishes, Albany was on Platinum when he died, just not on PermaPlat.
By Tuesday morning, the visiting family members are still here. They don't want to leave Goneril, Desdemona and Ariel alone in their grief. Miranda and Hal have not lived at home anymore for a number of years, but they still felt close to their Dad, who practically raised them, while their mother was pursuing her career.
Goneril can't imagine the rest of her life without Albany. He was the best husband she could have wished for, always supportive of her, keeping the household running smoothly and taking care of the kids when she focused on her work in the entertainment career.
Desdemona sorely misses her Dad. "My children will have to grow up without the best Granddad in the world," she sobs.
Ariel can't sleep. She wakes up having one crying fit after the other.
On Tuesday afternoon, Desdemona goes into labour for the second time in her life.
Charles Capp is born at 1.16 pm.
[Ariel is the first to congratulate her big sister. Actually, she should be working on having another baby herself. But with so many Sims living in the house already (Goneril, Desdemona with Catherine and Charles, Ariel with Gavigan and Caleb), only one of the girls can have another child - unless one of them takes her family and moves out.
Goneril just wishes Albany would have still been here to welcome his youngest grandchild.
With all the excitement about Charles' birth, Caleb's birthday was rather unspectacular. He has the blond hair of his mother but - I think - the nose of his father.
Desdemona does not have much time if she wants to have six children before turning into an elderly lady, and she intents to ring Pierre Picaso so that the two of them can make another baby together.
It is only then that I remember poor Pierre died last round! But Desdemona still needs someone to father her next child, unless she adopts (that explains why she was thinking of adopting earlier this week).
The only other man she knows and likes well enough to want him in her bed is Beau Broke, and she invites him over that same night. As they already are close friends, it takes but one flirting interaction to have the red hearts rotating over their heads, and the two of them can set to work on Desdemona's LTW right away.
Wednesday morning has just begun, when Goneril decides to make spaghetti bolognese for the family. She is the only PermaPlat Sim in this household, and most of the time I do not control her.
Ariel, her husband Isaiah and their son Caleb move out today. If they stay, Ariel won't be able to have any more children.
The next post after this one will be about this part of the family at their new place.
Beau Broke makes friends with what is something like his step-daughter, Desdemona's firstborn, Catherine. The little girl doesn't know that her father, Pierre Picaso, has died - she didn't really know him anyway. For now, Beau is the man who makes her Mum happy, pays her attention, too.
"Am I really pregnant already, after only one woohoo with Beau?" Desdemona wonders on Thursday morning.
Now that one half of the household has moved out, Desdemona and her mother Goneril will need all their time and energy for the care of the little ones. There is a lot of money here, and so Desdemona decides it is time to get professional help for house and garden.
The maid is well paid and does her job to her employers' full satisfaction.
It is only a few hours at this household since Ariel & family moved to their own place, but for them, already a week has passed (as you will see in the next post). They are visiting today, and Ariel obviously has missed her nephew Charles a lot - on her own initiative (I can not control her, being a guest now) she feeds him his afternoon bottle, while Desdemona stacks the dishwasher with their plates from lunch.
Desdemona has a present for her younger sister; it is Christmas, after all, and Ariel really does need a few more things for her new home.
On Thursday morning, Desdemona's third pregancy is confirmed.
At 6.00 pm that day, Charles grows up into a toddler.
Goneril helps looking after Charles and Catherine as much as she can, although she still works.
It is now spring, and the decoration downstairs has been changed in tune with the season.
On Friday, Desdemona spends time in between naps teaching Charles to walk.
Catherine has just been playing with her xylophone upstairs when...
...she grows up into a child. Phew! Looking after two toddlers at the same time was a bit of a challenge, especially since Desdemona is pregnant and needs more rest than usual.
What used to be Ariel's and Isaiah's bedroom is now turned into Catherine's room, all in black and red to match the colours of the outfit she has age-transitioned into.
On Saturday, nearly the whole family comes visiting again. This time, Hal Riley brings along his wife Sally, as well as Stephen, Meike and his firstborn Charlie with his mother, Etsu Cho. The blonde boy standing next to Sally is Caleb Capp.
Isaiah is only visiting, but he still feels responsible for serving berry cake.
Catherine and her little brother Charles are playing upstairs.
Goneril comes home from work just as Isaiah and family are leaving. She hugs her son-in-law good-bye (they did that on their own accord).
Hmm... what happened here? It is still Saturday, but daylight again. I somehow got the days of the week muddled up here, probably because I was playing the other Capp household, too. Catherine enjoys a game of red hands with her Auntie Ariel here, who came visiting.
Upstairs, Desdemona teaches Charles to talk.
Cousin Caleb plays cops and robbers with Catherine.
Later, she suggests a game of Mary Mack.
Aunt Miranda has decided to come over on her own initiative.
Although the Capps have employed a gardener, Miranda finds something to do without anyone telling her to. I like this type of visitor!
It is 10:15 on Saturday night when Desdemona goes into labour, witnessed by her son Charles.
Her third child is another boy, Carmelo. His father is Beau Broke.
On Sunday, Charles wakes up first, and makes sure everybody else gets up, too.
Desdemona joins her daughter Catherine in her room for a game of red hands.
Goneril, ever the proud and devoted grandmother, is looking after Carmelo.
Desdemona needs three more children, and invites Beau Broke over again.
You can tell the two of them have already been working on Desdemona's LTW - they join the dinner table with visitor Lisa Ramirez, still wearing nothing but underwear (Beau) and a bathrobe (Desdemona).
But I did not hear the baby jingle, and so after dinner, I send them back to bed. This time, they are successful :-)
Beau is getting acquainted with his son Carmelo.

This is how the week ends. Will Beau move in with Desdemona and the kids, or stay at the McGreggor farm with his brother Benvenuto? How much longer will Goneril - now 75 - be around to help looking after her grandchildren? Is Desdemona going to have twins next time?


  1. Ever thought of giving Desdemona cheesecake to help with the ltw. Well if Goneril dies next round then maybe invite Beau to move in then. Lovely read.

    1. Yes, cheesecake would be great, and I was hoping to find one in someone's inventory as it's been sold at Bubbler's Bakery. For some reason, neither Desdemona nor Goneril can make it. Maybe they have not high enough cooking skills for it.
      Beau moving in when Goneril is gone is certainly something I should consider.

  2. I like the idea of Beau being involved in this family. In my Megahood he married Beatrice Monty and they had 2 sets of twins. :D Of course in my current game he's married to Marsha Bruenig and almost at the end of his natural life.

    Sad that Albany wasn't around much but he had a great long life for a pre-made Sim.
    I've always enjoyed this Capp family and it's nice that Goneril is still around to help out.
    I love all the new decoration you've done, particularly Catherine's red and black bedroom.

    1. It's been fun playing such a busy family, it makes for a nice change from having single Sims (or just elderly couples on PermaPlat).
      Glad you like Catherine's bedroom! I always try to stick to the colour scheme my Sims seem to "choose" for themselves when they grow up.
      Beau was nice in trying to bond with Catherine although she is not his daughter. He just seems to be a particularly kind man.

  3. A hectic house this time and you made the house so pretty :)

    1. There certainly was a lot going on! Thank you for saying I made the house pretty :-)


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