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Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Capp-Gavigan Family: Week 1

To make discerning of the many Capp households easier, I call this one the Capp-Gavigan family, although Isaiah gave up his surname when he married Ariel.

Here is the first week at the new place after moving out of Albany and Goneril's large house:

It is going to be a short week - we start on Monday, with Ariel, Isaiah and Caleb moving to their new place. Because they moved out at the old place on a Wednesday, I am only going to play them now until Thursday night, so that they are not being played for more than 7 days in a row altogether.

Do you recognize this house? It is the original Maxis-made lot that once belonged to Tara Kat. In New Maximiliania, Tara has long since moved out and got married to Chester Gieke.

Immediately after entering the lot I realize I have made a mistake: Ariel's family is rich, but she has only taken a few items with her (mainly, her and her husband's bedroom furniture, their university diplomas, Caleb's crib and the changing table, plus all the cake she had in her inventory anyway from various visits at Ty Bubbler's bakery). The house was unfurnished (I thought Tara's old things were still there), and now the young family have only 332 Simoleons to start with.
Some of the items in their inventories can be sold (a wardrobe, toys made by Isaiah, and a shelf), plus I replace expensive wall coverings with cheap paint, remove a wall and replace more expensive indoor doors with the cheapest one. That gives them a total of 1.737 Simoleons - still not much to furnish a house. Therefore, the bedroom is the most "luxurious" part of the house.
The rest of the money is just about enough for the cheapest table, chairs and lamp (what would our poorer Sims do without IKEA!)...
...cheapest stove, counter and fridge... well as the cheapest toilet, shower and wall lamp for the bathroom. How much do they have left now? 2 - that's right, TWO! - Simoleons.
But it's Tuesday tomorrow, with its usual bills to pay, and because neither Ariel nor Isaiah will have time for a job, there is just one thing to do: Dig for treasure.
Two rocks (= 50 Simoleons) later, Isaiah still has not found the coveted treasure chest. Instead, he hits a water pipe.
Thankfully, you can always count on Mr. Humble delivering his parcel. The computer is instantly sold, and so there are now 1.402 Simoleons on the bank.
The welcome committe is here, consisting of Isabella Indie, Melody Tinker and Calendula Capp, one of Tybalt Capp's six plantchildren.
Technically, she is not related to this branch of the Capp family in my game. But I still like to think she is Auntie Calendula to little Caleb.
"You know, sweetheart, we really should do something to have another baby... and do it soon!" Ariel suggests. Isaiah has nothing against it - they still both have the lifetime want of marrying off six children, with Caleb being their only offspring so far.
Tuesday morning, Caleb is up bright and early, as toddlers usually are.
he shower breaks, but of course calling the repair service is out of the question in a household where money is so tight.
No need to wonder, Ariel, I heard the jingle when you and Isaiah were in bed yesterday afternoon!
Helena Stacks, a friend of the Capps' since university, comes visiting. The three share one of the cakes Ariel bought last week at Bubbler's Bakery.
By Wednesday morning, not even Ariel doubts her pregnancy anymore.
She toasts their new baby with her hubby.
It is Thursday, and the next set of bills is here. All week, I send Isaiah out to dig for treasure whenever possible, and at the end of the week, they have 1.236 Simoleons.
Husband and wife take turns sleeping, so that there is always one of them awake with Caleb, and Ariel gets enough time to eat, have a bath and rest now that she needs more of everything during her pregnancy.
Thursday afternoon sees the arrival of Nathan and Mary Gavigan (Isaiah's parents), Goneril (Ariel's mother) and Gesine and Gerlinde Gavigan, Isaiah's younger sisters.
Desdemona was called, too (you can only just about see her behind Isaiah here), plus there is an assortment of guests who were invited in when walking past. It is Caleb's birthday!
He happily tucks into his birthday cake, with his young aunt Gerlinde and his Mum keeping him company at the table.
It can only be the cheapest bed for Caleb for now, but he does not mind.
At precisely 8.08 pm, while the party is still in full swing, Ariel gives birth to...
...another boy, Cataldo. Caleb got up when he heard all the noise of his relatives cheering the newest arrival in the family, and welcomes his little brother.
When the guests have all gone home and Caleb is back in bed, Isaiah and Ariel finish the leftover bags of crisps. They can not afford to waste any food.

Will Isaiah find a treasure chest eventually, or will he keep digging up rocks, bones and the odd piece with more value, like an old map or a sculpture?
Is Ariel going to have twins next time?

PS: By now you know that Ariel received a present (actually, there was more than one item in the parcel) from her sister Desdemona when she was visiting shortly after moving out. But this did happen in real time after I have played what you see on this post, and so the contents of the parcel will be revealed only next round.


  1. After playing so many wealthy families it's always a nice challenge to play those who are not!
    Digging can result in some good things, but never when you need them of course. :)
    Ariel and Isaiah are off to a good start in their new home.

    1. Yes, I actually enjoyed having to think about what to do with the little money they had!
      Back when Albany and Goneril first started, I think Albany dug up a treasure chest just when he needed it, but I am not sure - it's years ago.

  2. Yeah it was very short, but lovely, I hope you have lots of c names ready for the onsite of all the babies that will be coming. Well let's hope the parcel had lots of furniture and other things to sell.

    1. As long as I stick to Italian names, there are still several ones beginning with C :-) And if I run out of them, I'll look up some more on baby names websites.
      Yes, the contents of the parcel will be very useful!


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