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Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Davis Family: Week 4

This very large house once belonged to Catherine Viejo and Betty Goldstein. Then, their tenant Andrew Martin and his son stayed on for some years, before it was purchased by the Davis brothers. They still live here now, but not on their own.       
Americ (left) and Aldric (middle) share hte house with Aldric's wife Juliette, nee Capp.
Juliette is on Permanent Platinum. But unlike other PP Sims, I still control her, because I need her to help Almeric: He wants to own 5 top level businesses, and it is too difficult to do that on his own.
The house is easily large enough for a home business, and Almeric has opened a bakery and tea room in the annex.
On this Monday, it reaches rank 8.
Also today, Juliette becomes an Elder.
On Tuesday, Almeric is baking for the shop, when he accidentally causes a kitchen fire. Fortunately, there is a fire alarm on the kitchen wall.
The shop is very busy today, selling Grandma's comfort soup (made by Juliette) and cheesecake (made by Aldric).
The brothers watch TV together in the evening after a long day of hard work for and at the shop.
On Thursday, the shop reaches rank 9.
Aldric reaches his lifetimewant when he is promoted to Celebrity Chef. Strangely enough, the colleague he brings home from work today is Carolina Capp - a teenager who has no job!
Friday morning sees Ripp Grunt, a customer at the shop, smelling the flowers in the front garden.
First Juliette...
...and then Aldric cause more kitchen fires when they attempt to grill hot dogs to be sold at the shop. I finally conclude that barbeques obviously can not be operated indoors without causing a fire, and move it outdoors.

The hotdogs are a big hit now that the barbecue season is approaching, and sell out within less than 2 hours.
How stupid is this!!! Almeric is only 1 customer star away from his business reaching level 10, when he loses TWO stars because he is too slow to ring up customers Beatrice Monty and Heather Huffington! He just spent an hour coughing and sneezing. Very annoying!
It is Saturday, and the business has finally reached Rank 10. Almeric and Aldric have some grilled cheese together...
...while Juliette is greeting her sister Hermia, who has been invited over along with daughter Carolina, uncle Cornwall and Hermia's and Juliette's brother Tybalt.
Almeric is thinking hard about what business to open next. For lack of imagination, he simply shuts down the first home business and re-opens it again - still as tea room and shop. It now counts as a different business, beginning at level 0.
Juliette eventually sets the BBQ on fire again, although it is now outdoors and she has been successfully grilling ribs for ages.
All the customers come running out to the fire, and soon, the newly re-opened business loses so many customer stars it goes down to rank -2! I had no idea a negative business rank is possible.
By Sunday morning, the fire is still raging, because there is no fire alarm outside.
The buiness is at rank -4 when first Aldric...
...and then Almeric dies. Juliette is left on her own. Will she die, too?
No. Somehow the flames stop on their own accord, and now Juliette urgently needs to take care of all her needs.
The cleaner starts at sweeping up the ashes. Juliette has a shower and tries to sleep for a while, but she restlessly gets up soon again and shuts down the business.
She then moves to the recently opened Senior Residence. There is no way she will stay in the large house on her own, where everything reminds her of her beloved husband and his brother.
The only personal items she has taken with her are this portrait her husband once painted of her and her kitchen plaque.
She soon meets the other three currrent residents at the poker table: Jennifer Burb, Kent Capp and Lazlo Curious. Lazlo is the oldest at 82, Jenniver and Kent are 75, while she is the youngest at 59.
All four residents are on PP, and so I don't tell them what to do. Juliette cleans one of the toilets in the communal building on her own accord (every resident has their own en-suite shower room and toilet, but the communal building holds two toilets as well).
She spends the rest of the day on her bed, sadly reminiscing the happy times she had with the Davis brothers.

Well, that was... fun. After several weeks of no deaths and no fires, this family certainly made up for it! I expected Juliette to die any minute, too, and was surprised when the flames simply stopped before it was her turn.


  1. I have to say I'm surprised you didn't lose Juliette and a few customers as well. Grills are dangerous. A sad way to lose your husband.

    I do like the retirement home. Very nice.

    1. Yes, I remember there was once a lightning-induced fire in Malcolm Landgraab's garden, when he was still running a swimming pool as a home business, and one of the customers died there. But that was a townie customer, and this time at the Davis', there were no townies. Playable Sims apparently can not die while they are not on their home lot.

      Thanks! It is fun to play the home, much more than having all those elderly Sims live on their own somewhere.

  2. Gosh what a tragedy for poor Almeric and Aldric! They were doing so well too with their home business in what is one of my all time favourite homes to play. :) An indoor grill never works as you found out but it seems that one was destined to set on fire regardless of location!

    I didn't realise a business could go into the negative either! Did you happen to spot what title the negative business had?

    Juliette has made some new friends already at the Senior Residence- it's such a good idea I am going to steal it. :D I have the lot down in my game, I just need some residents in it. ;)

    1. I doubt Almeric would have ever made his LTW come true; he was going to turn into an Elder soon and still only had the one business on top level. But I would have certainly have made him try, had he not died in that fire.
      Sorry, no, I did not check the title of the business when it went into the negative.
      Hope you'll enjoy playing the Senior Residence as much as I do! I guess we'll see a lot of it in my game this round... so many of the original students/adults have now reached this age, and have somehow ended up on their own.

  3. It has been quiet for a few weeks without any fires or deaths, perhaps the grill was faulty has it had three different fires on it. Maybe should have returned it and got a new one lol. At least you don't have to 5 business now (or was this all planned lol). At least Juliette won't be living on her own.

    1. Yes, this week certainly made up for the "lack" of fires and deaths! Nothing of it was planned, but of course not intervening in such situations means I am deliberately running the risk of losing a Sim... or two...
      Juliette seems a bit too youthful for the Senior Residence, but she is just so much better off there than rattling around in the huge house on her own.


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