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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hermia Capp's Family: Week 6

For week 5 with this family, click here

Another Capp house is this sprawling mansion. It is home to a large family of nearly all age groups.     

Hermia and Tank live here. Hermia is Tybalt's sister; Tank is General Buzz Grunt's firstborn. Once upon a time, Hermia wanted to marry off six children, and Tank dreamt of having 20 best pet friends. Their lifetime wants changed inexplicably last round. Now, Hermia wants to have 20 best friends, and Tank is an aspiring Mad Scientist.
However, five children were already born before Hermia decided NOT to want to marry off six. Her first set of twins were Callum (left) and Christopher (right). Romance-Sim Callum wants to have 20 lovers, while Christopher, in typical Fortune style, will eventually try to own 5 top level businesses.
The elderly gentleman here is Cornwall Capp. Maybe you remember that his young and pretty wife Regan died in a fire many years ago. He has become something like a surrogate grandpa to Hermia's children. This one is her youngest, Cameron.
Cornwall is the only Sim I do not control in this house: He reached Permanent Platinum when he became Mad Scientist 5 days before elderhood.
The remaining two children are the twins Carl...
...and Carolina.
On Monday, the teenage boys bring Perseida Powers (daughter of Jonah Powers) home from school with them.
But before they are allowed to spend time with their guest, there is homework to be done. With so many children in the house, I try to let them do as they please as soon as they have done their homework. If they do really daft things and neglect their needs, I also intervene, and make sure they go to bed in time to be fit for school the next day.
Tank is promoted to Science Teacher.
When at 3.00 pm the younger children come home from school, Stephanie Stacks gets off the school bus with them.
I have Tank change his hair colour from brown to red, since this is one of Hermia's turn-ons. They still remain at two bolts, however. He seems to like it, though!
And so does Hermia :-)
On Tuesday, while the kids are at school, Hermia takes care of the fruit trees in the greenhouse.
Tank is made Project Leader that day.
Cousin Caleb Capp comes home from school with the kids.
To raise their fun level before doing their homework, Carolina and her younger brother Cameron play Mary Mack together, while Carl and cousin Caleb play cops & robbers.
Tank has gone back to work the same day and returns home with yet another promotion: He is now an Inventor.
Callum wanted to get fit ever since he'd put on weight last week, and finally reaches that goal after several laps in the swimming pool behind the house.
On Wednesday morning, Cornwall is up first (as usual) and does what he does nearly all the time: give financial consulting.
Hermia greets Jacqueline Jacquet.
Cameron proudly presents his first A+ report.
Meanwhile, another cousin gets off the school bus after the siblings: Catherine Capp.
Tank is now a scholar.
It is still Wednesday, but much later than 6.00 pm, when first Carl grows up...
...and then Carolina. The twins' aspiration is of course determined by lot: Carl's is Pleasure, and he wants to have 50 dream dates (sounds more like a Romance Sim to me). Carolina resembles her mother in that she wants to have 20 best friends. Her aspiration is, of course, Popularity.
The first thing happening on Thursday is Cornwall and Tank making music together.
B'Elanna Beaker comes home from school with the teenagers, and Callum instantly feels attracted to the green-skinned girl.
Carolina has changed her hairstyle and outfit. Her mother custom-made this dress for her.
It is Friday morning when Cornwall, very hungry and close to a well-stocked fridge, decides on a bag of crisps for breakfast.
Stephen Riley accompanies the older kids home today.
Tank, who has been promoted to Top Secret Researcher earlier that day, is now an Elder.
On Saturday, Carolina changes into a very pretty summer dress. I have just told her to serve a batch of sandwiches when...
...I realize her twin brother Carl has had the same idea! Why all those sarnies?
Hermia, also now in a pretty hand-made summer dress, has invited her brother Tybalt and his family over. Goneril Capp and Catherine (at the back end of the table) have joined them. It is not difficult to have a large number of Capps in one place, is it!
Callum and Cristopher are typical teenage boys; not so keen on family gatherings, they prefer going for a jog together.
At 6.00 pm, it is Hermia's turn to cross the threshold to Elderhood.
Sunday morning, I have Callum tune the piano. It has been the most popular object in the house yesterday; nearly everyone had a go sooner or later, and there was much dancing, applauding and generous giving of tips.
Hermia has made chef salad for lunch. She can't believe it when she listens to Christopher talking about how one day he wants to get engaged and married. He has not even been to college yet!
Today, the Grunts - Tank's father and brothers - are invited over. As one of his brothers, Buck, has married into the Monty family, Benedick, Beatrice and their father Antonio are invited as well. The half-Alien boy is Graham Grunt, Buck's son and Tank's nephew.

This was a fun week to play; I so love the large families! But it also meant playing on normal speed nearly all the time. I only sped up while the kids were at school and when everyone (everyone but Cornwall) was asleep.
Cameron, the youngest, came home from school every day with a VERY low fun level. Maybe he feels a bit left out now that he is the only child not yet a teenager.
The ghosts of Hermia's father and the love he found so late in life, Doris Ottomas, never appeared, although their tombstones have not been moved.

Cornwall is now 76 and probably won't be around much longer next round. Will the teenagers go to college? How many more best friends will Hermia need before reaching her LTW? Is Tank's LTW imminent? Where was Hermia's and Tybalt's sister Juliet?


  1. As Juliet Capp moved in with someone else? Why do you not always give people that are having birthday's cake? Lovely read.

    1. Juliet married one of the Davis brothers and became Juliet Davis.
      I give them cakes when they are throwing a real birthday party, because that always boosts the party meter. This time, it was just "invite over" and not "throw party".

  2. What a great round, the Capp family really love their family gatherings don't they? It was good to see Capp's and Monty's in the same house without a fight!
    It's nice to see Tank and Hermia as elders, I've never seen that before. I hope Tank can reach his LTW :)
    Aside from when my Sim's sleep I always play on normal speed as I never want to miss anything. :D

    1. When I first created New Max, I cleaned up everyone's memories with SimPE. That took care of the enmity between the Capps and the Montys :-) They never fought in my game.
      If Tank does not get fired, he'll reach his LTW.


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