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Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Cho-Riley Household: Update 17.05.2015

For Charlie's last year at uni, you can click here. For the previous week at this household, click here.

This Maxis-made house is - in my game - home to the Cho-Riley household.

The original owners, Vivian Cho and Timothy Riley, have died of old age long ago, but their memory is honoured with the portraits on the living room wall.
The only member who still carries the surname Cho is Charlie - he is the son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp, and the reason why I am playing this week here.
I am glad to discover that his lifetime want has not changed; he still wants to become City Planner and is currently working as an Architectural Planner.
His mother Etsu (left; Vivian's daughter) and Sally Riley (right; Timothy's daughter) are still here, too. They are now 64 years old and have been on Permanent Platinum for a long time, meaning I do not control them more than what is necessary to keep visitors greeted, bills paid and the fridge stocked.
Hal's surname is not Capp anymore, because he married Sally Riley last round. When they were all younger, he was an item with Etsu (he is, after all, the father of Charlie). There were many turns of the love carousel in this household until everyone reached a stage where they could be happy with the way things were. Hal and Sally are three-bolters; with Etsu, there were always "only" two. Hal is also on PP and 64 years old.
Meike Riley is Sally and Hal's child. I have tried to make her look a bit like her counterpart in the real world :-) She is a Popularity Sim and dreams of being The Law one day.
Stephen Riley is the son Etsu and Timothy had together shortly before Timothy died. Because Timothy is also Meike's grandfather, I am not really sure about what relation Stephen and Meike are. Not cousins, not uncle/niece or aunt/nephew, and certainly not half-siblings. One thing is for sure, though: they are best friends and don't mind one bit sharing a room.
Stephen is a Fortune Sim with the LTW of becoming Space Pirate.
For some reason, the week at this house begins on Sunday, not Monday. If possible, I try to make weekends full of family visits, and today, Hal has invited over his mother Goneril and sister Desdemona with her daughter Catherine.
For Meike, it means a welcome chance to talk to Gran Goneril. She never knew her grandma on the maternal side, because Sally's mother died before the game began; Timothy is a widower at the start of it, as you probably all know.
Early on Monday morning, I find Hal and Sally cuddling under the starts. Just as I want to take a picture, they get up.
It is a day with several visitors, Heather Huffington making the start.
Gunther Goth is next; he is Alexander Goth's half-Alien son and has a twin sister, Giselle.
B'Elanna Beaker has come home from school with Stephen and Meike, too. Stephen has many half-Alien class mates and is endlessly fascinated by their non-human heritage.
Charlie comes home with a promotion to Master Architect. He is just in time to greet Johnny Smith.
When Etsu returns from work, it looks as if she's had a great day :-)
Of course, nobody really needs to work in this family anymore. They have more then 350.000 Simoleons in the bank, but Etsu never thought of quitting her job after she had reached her LTW of being Media Magnate 20 "years" before Elderhood, and neither did Hal, who still works as a Celebrity Chef.
It is Tuesday, and another round of visitors begins when Shaun Singles, son of Nervous (Subject) and Erin Singles, walks by and is greeted by Hal.
It was Gunther Goth who came home with the teenagers yesterday. Today, it is his twin sister Giselle who gets off the school bus.
It is more important than usual for Stephen and Meike to get their homework done early in the afternoon. Why?
Because the Headmaster of New Maximiliania's Private School is here for his evaluation visit. Getting into Private School is a big wish of Stephen's.
The house tour is successful, and the Headmaster seems to enjoy Hal's Comfort Soup - it is not that often, I guess, that he gets to eat soup prepared by a celebrity chef! With 103 out of 90 points, both Stephen and Meike are accepted into Private School.
On Wednesday morning, the two of them get ready for their first day at the new school. Meike has just looked up a few facts about the institution, and Stephen is impressed with her forethought.
They look smart in their school uniforms, don't they! (The real Meike Riley never had one, as she grew up in Germany, where school uniforms exist only at a few places. The real Stephen Riley hated having to wear one, he once told me.)
Sally has perfect access to several beds in the house but in true PP-Sim-style she chooses to sleep on the settee, watched lovingly by her husband.
Minutes later, he follows her example :-)
Today, both Giselle and Gunther accompany the teenagers home from school. Charlie joins the young people to watch some TV before he'll knuckle down on skilling for his next promotion again.
Sally greets General Buzz Grunt.
Charlie is busy drafting.
It's another lively meal at the Riley-Cho's kitchen that evening. "You two look so alike," Sally says to Giselle. "That's because we're twins, Mrs. Riley," the girl answers politely.
I didn't know Sims can use the career rewards objects on their own accord! I am sure this is the first time I've seen a Sim using the drafting table without being told.
On Thursday morning, I find Hal sleeping in Etsu's bed - with her in it... Is this reverting to old times? No, don't worry. The love carousel won't turn all over again. You know what it's like with PP Sims - they will just sleep in whichever bed they happen to be nearest, or the one they think offers the most comfort.
Just before lunch time, Hal's younger sister Ariel comes visiting.
Later, Sally greets Wilma Williamson.
The sparklers, poppers and other party things are still on the back porch from one New Year's Bash many years ago. Every now and then, a Sim finds their way to them.
Charlie has the day off on Friday and enjoys a leisurely morning doing the crosswords.
Deirdre Dreamer gets off the school bus with Stephen and Meike today. It almost looks as if there were mostly half-Alien teenagers in the neighbourhood these days!
Lilo Landgraab, daughter of Malcolm Landgraab (and also blessed with a twin brother), comes by later and joins Meike and Stephen for a game of kicky bag.
Saturday morning sees Meike having a lone bowl of cereal while Stephen is cleaning up after her.
Etsu still loves the toy brick she used to have as a child so many years ago.
Sally greets Dora Dreamer, while Charlie has decided to empty the trash on his own initiative.
In the evening, I tell Meike to repair the telly. She is not very successful - hardly surprising for someone who has only one mechanical skill point! But a shower and a plate of spaghetti later, she is as right as rain again.
The week ends with Charlie working on his last logic skill point.

Will he remain single forever, or meet a nice lady to fall in love with? Are Stephen and Meike going to go to college? It has been Stephen's wish every day, but not Meike's.
The elderly Sims in the household are now 70 years old. How much longer will they all be around?

Another "boring" week - no fires, no deaths, no births or weddings :-) But you know I have a soft spot for this family, and I liked playing them for this week.


  1. That looks like a great house and it wasn't at all boring with all the visitors! Thank goodness Meike survived the electrocution, those moments are a bit heart stopping sometimes!

    I do like Sims in school uniform! I hated mine at school as I suspect most children do but as a parent I appreciated it much more for its purpose.

    Well I've been trying to figure out the family tree conundrum and as Sally and Stephen are half siblings then that would make Stephen a half-uncle to Meike I think. :)

    1. Half-uncle and half-niece, I guess that could be it :-)
      Yes, school uniforms are actually a good idea, I think.
      I like this house, it is very playable and the only traffic jams sometimes happen at the top of the stairs.

  2. It is nice to hear a little bit about your childhood to do with the uniforms. My Secondary school in the East End of London we didn't have to wear a uniform either (it was a long time ago nearly 25 years). Now going back to the sims. Has Stephen got any 3 bolts for any ladies yet or are you waiting for college? Will you send Mieke's as well?

    1. No 3 bolts in Steve's relationship panel yet, but he has two bolts for one of the half-Alien girls of his acquaintance :-)
      If he'll go to college, I think I should send Meike, too. But I am not sure yet. Since she wishes to become The Law, it seems likely she would choose going to college for that, wouldn't she.


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