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Friday, 4 April 2014

The Indie-Smith Household: Week 5

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This is the first time this round that we stop at this house; there will be another stop later on for the surname "Smith", because (of course you have recognized it immediately) this is the original Smiths' house. Right now, though, we are here because of the two household members with the surname Indie.
In case you don't remember what happened before (or have only recently started reading my blog):
Jenny and Pollination Technician Smith have died peacefully of old age a long time ago. Their children, Jill and Johnny, are grown up. Jill married Mitch Indie and used to live with him and his half-Alien daughter for a short while at his rented apartment before they decided to move to the house where Jill grew up.
Sadly, Mitch died in a fire during the last round, so Jill is now a widow.
Bailey, the cat, is still here as well.

By the way: Jill is one of those Sims in my game whose lifetime want has inexplicably changed since last time I played her. Her former LTW was to become General, and she already had been well on her way towards reaching it. Now she wants to have 20 simultaneous lovers!! I can't help feeling a little disappointed in her, irrational as it may be.
Isabella Indie, Mitch's half-Alien daughter, is now a teenager. She has Jill's old room and was recently over at the Riley household for a makeover, which explains her unusual hairstyle.
And here is Johnny, Jill's older brother. He has been through quite a lot last round, too: First, he was turned into a Vampire by his friend, the Contessa, and then he did not look after himself at all, so that he died. He was resurrected, though; his mother Jenny had only just lost her husband, and I did not want her to lose her son as well. Johnny has been cured from Vampirism. He is on Permanent Platinum ever since he became Mayor, and I do not control him.
Not long ago, on Twoyys4me's blog I saw that she used this career rewards object to get one of her half-Alien Sims a nose. I wonder why I never had this idea, too - so, thanks to my dear fellow Simmer, the Smith-Indie household now owns one of these machines, too. (I had Jill take a job in the Entertainment career only long enough to get this object and then had her quit immediately, without ever having worked a single day in that career.)
Isabella will hopefully one day have a nose, too! She is still too young to use the object.

        On Sunday (which is the starting day at this household), Johnny and Isabella become best friends. By the way, their Alien father is not the same - they are, I think, the only half-Aliens in all of New Maximiliania who are NOT related.

       Jill keeps thinking of adopting a child. Technically, Isabella is not her child, but practically, she has adopted her the moment she moved in with Mitch.
Well, with her new lifetime want, she won't have time for a child - also, there are no orphaned New Maximilianian children listed with the adoption agency right now.

        On Monday, there is enough snow in the front garden to build a snowman.

To warm up, afterwards Jill lights a fire in the cosy den. Bailey seems to enjoy the warmth, too.

       It is about time Jill gets started on her new LTW. I'll have her turn her male friends into lovers first, and then work on new relationships.
Her best friend so far is Buck Grunt. He becomes her Lover # 2 - the first one being Gunnar Roque.

        Johnny, who is treated as unplayable, decides to make spaghetti for dinner for everyone.
After Buck has left, Jill has asked Gunnar over. She needs to maintain their relationship on a "romantic" level in order to make it count towards her LTW. Since Gunnar is in his undies and Jill in her PJs, you can guess what happened before these two sat down for a plate of spaghetti ;-)

        On Tuesday, Shaun Singles becomes Jill's # 3.

        Hal Riley (formerly capp) becomes # 4. He didn't look so cold anymore after Jill was "done" with him ;-)

        Isabella brought Glenda Greenman home from school today, and the two girls spend the afternoon playing video games.

        There are few occasions when I do control Johnny; one these is to greet fellow New Maximilianians walking by the house. This here is Ana Patel.

       # 5 on Jill's list of lovers is Benedick Monty.

        On Wednesday morning, Johnny has a swim in the pool. Afterwards, I find him looking rather listless.

        While Isabella is at school and Johnny at work, Jill invites Jared Starchild over with the intention of making him her # 6.

        Today, Dora Dreamer comes home from school with Isabella. The two girls are half-sisters.

       It is one of the first fine days this spring, with the snow entirely gone, and Jill feels like having a barbecue.
Early on Thursday morning, I find Johnny sitting on the balcony. He seems to be a rather pensive Sim. No wonder if you consider what he has already been through in his life (and death!).
Bailey is now an elderly cat.
Wilma Williamson, another one of Isabella's many half-siblings, comes home with her from school today. The two girls wear the same outfit in different colours :-)
Jill makes a pot of comfort soup, and it seems her guests can't wait to taste it!
Later, the girls have a friendly game of darts and talk about their Alien father.
Perhaps you have noticed that Isabella has put on some weight. She does not roll the want to get fit again, but she still gets on the exercise bike on her own accord, in spite of there being many more "fun" objects around her, such as the RC car, the swimming pool and the darts board.
On Friday, Jill repairs the trash compactor.
Johnny can't be bothered to make breakfast today and just stuffs his face directly from the fridge.
Later that day, Victor Aspir becomes Jill's 7th lover.
Isabella brings Pablo Picaso home from school with her. That is odd - didn't I send him to college?
Johnny greets Castanea Capp.
On Saturday, Jill wakes up before everyone else and gives Bailey a good cuddle.       
Nearly all week, Isabella wanted to buy a handheld game. Today, I send her to "Sims Gone Wired" to fulfill that wish.
Ah, Jill, your LTW may have changed, but you are still a Family Sim at heart, aren't you!
sSunday ends with Jill working on Gavin Newson as her next conquest. She has just served Crepes Suzette (a wish of hers). For someone who has started on a new LTW relatively late, she has not done too bad this week, with already 7 names on her list.

Will Johnny overcome his aimless drifting through life and find something sensible to do?
Is Isabella going to move to college, or start working on her LTW of becoming a Professional Party Guest without a diploma?


  1. What a great round. I love the Smith house- once you tidy up the yard a bit to make it less of a pain to get to the shrubs. :)
    It's funny with the LTW's changing, it happens in my game too sometimes. But Jill is doing very well with hers seeing as it only just changed.
    Johnny is a nice sim, I always love playing him. Maybe he'll find an outlet next round.
    Isabella has got the cosmetic surgery machine, can't wait to see her use it! Odd about her bringing the Picaso boy home, he does look to be wearing a teen outfit though so maybe it was one of his brothers? Didn't they recently die in a fire at Uni?

    1. I like the Smith house, too; I can't remember having done much to the yard, and tried altogether to keep it as close to its original look & feel, but of course there have been some changes in furnishing and decorating :-)

      Yes, Johnny is a nice Sim, which is one reason why I had him resurrected by Grimmy when he so stupidly killed himself during his short stint as a Vampire.

      Pierre and Placido Picaso died in that fire at the dorm, not Pablo. (There were two sets of twin boys from Jessica Picaso; the older two died, the younger two are still around.)

  2. if you have sent them to college but are in the college bin waiting to be moved into a house or dormitory, and they haven;t grown up they will still get on the school bus sometimes. Or even if they are in a dorm where you haven;t played and still not grown into young adults, then they will sometimes get on the school bus.

    1. I think the latter is the case, peachy; I am quite sure I have not left them in the student bin (I "never" do that - but of course one has to be cautious with the use of the words "never" and "always"!).


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