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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Martina Martin's Freshman Year

After having spent a week at the Beaker-Bratford-Martin household, we are now going to spend one "year" at the Pinenut Plaza Dorm, part of Sim State University, where Martina Martin has moved.

Martina Martin (left) is part of a group of four newcomers at this dorm. The others are (left to right) Hailey Hart (daughter of Matthew Hart) and twins Prezioso and Pablo Picaso (sons of Jessica and Matthew Picaso).
The three NPC students in this pictures all move out to make room for the newcomers, but Tina Traveller, the (so far) only Secret Society member in the whole neighbourhood, stays of course. Her final year at uni has just begun.
Beta Beaker is in her Junior year. (Her Dad is Loki Beaker, Barry and Björn Beaker are her older brothers.)
Last but not least, there is Charlie Cho, a Sophomore. His parents are Etsu Cho and Hal Capp.
The semester is off to a fiery start when the dorm cook sets the cafeteria stove ablaze. The sprinklers are there for a reason - and I don't mean for providing entertainment to the Cow Mascot.
I can honestly not remember how this instrument ended up in one of the bedrooms. Did I put it there last time I played here? Or was it something that one of the NPC students added autonomously? Anyway, the synthesizer soon becomes one of the most popular objects in the building, with the students taking turns playing.
Beta and Martina have lunch together. Martina is glad that Beta, one of her many half-siblings, already lives here and can show her around.
Tina hacks her grades, something she has learned at the Secret Society.
Unfortunately, she has not learned when to stop, and is caught by the police.
The officer not only gives her a stern lecture...
...he also fines her 450 Simoleons and confiscates the computer. Not that it matters - there is plenty of money, and the computer is instantly replaced with a much better model. But Tina still has to write her term paper, and decides to do it the honest, old fashioned way.
Pablo rolls the wish to declare his Major in Physics, so Physics it is.
If it wasn''t for having to go to classes occasionally, all these students would ever do is to Hula!
Prezioso soon decides on the Biology Major.
Upon returning from class one afternoon, Martina and Prezioso fall in love autonomously. They have two bolts for each other.
As soon as a student has acquired the necessary skills to pass the semester successfully and written his or her term paper, I leave them pretty much alone. This leads to rather odd sleeping patterns, which means sometimes they are hungry when the dorm cook is not on duty.
Hailey and Martina talk about how much they enjoy being so grown up now and living the student life, while Pablo seems to only have eyes for Hailey.
When she finishes her meal, he finally approaches her and starts flirting. (He did that on his own accord. It took a few more flirty conversations and backrubs before they had pink hearts flying.)
Beta is the neatest of the seven playables here. Sometimes she goes from room to room and makes everyone's beds.
Half way through the semester, Martina declares her Major in Arts.
The Campus Coach keeps pestering the students. Here, Charlie and Tina are her victims.
Beta, Charlie and Tina have their exam some hours before the other four. Tina is now in her final semester.
Prezioso, Martina, Hailey and Pablo all pass their end-of-semester exams with good grades.
Now Hailey, too, wants to declare the Arts major.
Charley has to study some skills before it makes sense for him to write his term paper.
One evening, I find the students not dancing the Hula, but upstairs near the dart board for a change. Hailey is crying! What happened?
Beta has been mean to her younger half-sister! I keep catching her wanting (and often succeeding) to poke Hailey, and I have no idea why she does that. Poor Hailey cries every time.
The Campus Coach is back and transforms the cafeteria into a gym.
Beta has shown the wish to invite someone over for several days now, and since her father is the only one to have time when she rings, he comes over on his own.
Maybe Pablo wants to protect Hailey's sleep from being interrupted by Beta; he spends hours resting on the bed next to her while she is fast asleep.
Tina has just graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology. Will that help towards her new lifetime want of being Mad Scientist? (She is one of those Sims in my game whose LTW has mysteriously changed last round.)
She invites her mother, Trisha (the lady in the blue polo neck t-shirt) and friends Etsu Riley, Gabrielle Newson, Jacqueline Jacquet, Marcus Baldwin and Tessa Ramirez (not pictured) for her graduation party.
Meanwhile, the rest of the students return from their exams. Has Beta stopped harrassing Hailey? It looks as if she is waving to her in a friendly manner.
Soon, everyone - and I mean EVERYone - joins in the Hula. The party is a success, and Tina leaves campus for good, ready to start the next chapter in her life.
Who will take her place? There are now six playable students at this dorm, so there is room for two newcomers.


  1. it must get a bit confusing who's related to who. At least tina ltw changed before you started her career.

    1. That's true! And since the last mysterious change of so many LTWs throughout the neighbourhood, I can never be sure I still find my Sims with the same LTW when I come back to them.
      The half-Alien Sims are all related through their Alien father. At the moment, there are somewhere around 17 half-siblings living all across New Maximiliania.

    2. It will keep it interesting for awhile, once you have checked on everybody's ltw. But you never know they might all change again. lol

  2. I know you don't care for hacks but you could do with the Lot Debugger (batbox) from MATY. It would change the LTW's back for you. It's a handy tool.
    I assume Beta has a mean personality? That's often why sims pick on each other I find.
    Have they befriended Tina yet? Will the others get into the secret society?
    I do like the way they autonomously decide who they are attracted to. Makes it more life like. :)

    1. Oh, I'm alright about the changed LTWs - it adds an element of surprise to my game :-)
      So far, nobody has made an attempt to get into the Secret Society; Tina is the only one.


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