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Friday, 18 April 2014

The Larson Twins: Week 5

The Larson twins' house is our next stop. Maybe you remember that the twins Jodie and Jason Larson moved here after Jodie invited her sweetheart Ajay Loner to live with her, and their first house had become too small to accomodate all three of them. Ajay died peacefully of old age last round, but the twins are still here.
...and Jason are both 67 years old and have been on Permanent Platinum ever since they reached their lifetime want of becoming Prestidigitators.
I will only control them to make sure the bills are paid, fellow New Maximilianians are greeted as they walk by, and the fridge is kept well stocked. Other than that, the twins can decide for themselves how they want to spend their time.
On Monday, Jodie greets Rose Greenman.
She later has a toilet accident which she is very embarrassed about. Well, there are two toilets in the house, but of course Jodie insisted wanting to use the one in the downstairs shower room where Jason had just had a shower, and Rose was getting a drink of water from the sink.
Helena Stacks, daughter of Jane Hart (née Stacks) and Matthew Hart from before they were married, walks by and is also greeted by Jodie. Her working out looks bad enough on a slim Sim-lady, but utterly ridiculuous on her rather curvy figure.
On Tuesday morning, Jodie has an early breakfast of pancakes. I think her brother made these; she usually goes for a bag of crisps or a can of juice instead of proper meals.
Surprisingly, Helena is still there from yesterday afternoon. Nobody says good-bye to her, and so she stays until nearly 2.00 pm today.
So the Larsons are on their own again, at bit lost as to what to do with themselves.
Eventually, Jason prepares salad for their dinner.
On Wednesday, Jodie has an extended practice session at the mic.
Jason serves salad once again. I wonder if his choice of food has anything to do with his sister being slightly overweight, unlike himself who is very fit.
On Thursday, the newly wed Castanea Landgraab (daughter of Tybalt Capp and now Malcolm Landgraab's wife) passes by, and of course I send Jodie out to greet her.
The two women have not much in common and don't take to each other's preferred topics for a chat, and Castanea openly shows her dislike when Jodie starts bragging about what a great Prestidigitator she is. Poor Castanea has not even started her own career yet!
Today is the first working day of the week for the twins.
They return home with Jason's best friend Ericka Jayapalan in tow. So far, I was convinced Ericka is a gardener. Maybe that is only her day job, and she works nights at the theatre were the Larson twins perform.
She clearly admires the much older Jason. (The portrait on the wall in the background shows, as you have probably recognized, Ajay Loner.)
On Friday, Jodie cleans the upstairs bathroom on her own accord.
After work, Ericka Jayapalan comes home with the twins once again., but her hosts are so exhausted from their show that they go to bed immediately.
On Saturday, for the first time this week, the beds are made.
After putting the bedrooms in order, Jason makes breakfast.
It is not much of a surprise to see Ericka getting off the limousine with the twins again that night.
Sunday morning, Jodie does some stargazing while it is still dark.
She later starts cleaning the downstairs bathroom, but does not touch the toilet, which could really do with a thorough scrub.
She rather cleans the kitchen counter instead.
That night, Ericka is back from work with the twins again. This time, Jason stays up a bit longer. The two of them have a nice long chat and are clearly happy about being best friends.

Jodie and Jason are now 74 years old. With their regular income from work plus stock gains through the computer, and having little expenses, their household account now amounts to an impressive 545.000 Simoleons.
Will they ever do anything with all that money, such as buying a bigger place (which they actually don't need)? Is the friendship between Jason and Ericka going anywhere? What about Jodie, is she going to find someone to fill the empty space left by Ajay? How long are the twins going to live, and who will be handed their last cocktail by Mr. Reaper first?


  1. I love Larson family but i think that are unlucky, none of them have a family. And what they will do with all that money? Maybe they can make a donation or a foundation. Any tips? Lastly in last photo the floor is glowing, where do you get that?

    1. They never "needed" a family for their lifetime wants, and at least Jason and Jodie have each other as brother and sister :-)
      How do you mean, a donation or foundation?
      The glowing floor tiles are the career rewards that Jason and Jodie both received while they were working their way up the Entertainment career ladder.

    2. They can make a park for the community or give some scholarships or they can give some money to an orphanage, if there is one. Thanks for the tip for the glowing floor tile.

    3. Good ideas! There isn't an orphanage, and there already are all the community lots (including all the parks) that Maxis ever made with all the expansion packs.
      Maybe they could buy a large residential lot and run it like a home for elderly single Sims or so.

  2. I think business would be good for the Larson twins, they did appear with Open for Business after all!
    I've never played them really so don't know their personalities. Jason seems to like to cook and she likes to clean. A bed and breakfast would be cool- if we had one. :D

    1. Next time I'll play them, I hope I'll come up with something good for them :-) Otherwise they will just be left to their own devices, and me as an observer, until they die.


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