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Monday, 7 April 2014

The Jacquet Family: Week 5

I would have liked to show you a sunnier picture of the Jacquets' house, but it rained nearly every day of their 5th week in New Maximiliania.
Denise Jacquet's grave is still there, near the weeping willow in the front garden of the house; hers is one of the few graves not at Gamesend Grounds, New Maximiliania's cemetery.
But now for the living household members: Denise's son Gilbert Jacquet and his wife Daisy. Gilbert wanted to be a Hall of Famer all his life and reached that goal when he was 60 years old. He is now 74.Daisy was "born" a plantbaby - she is Rose and Jason Greenman's first child - and married her three-bolt-love Gilbert. Her lifetime want was to become Game Designer; twelve days from Elderhood saw her dream come true. While she was still working hard at her career, it became obvious that it was very difficult for a Plantsim, and so her mother-in-law Denise purchased the drink for her that turned her into a fully human Sim.
As Gilbert and Daisy are both on Permanent Platinum, I treat them as NPCs most of the time.
They are not alone in the house, though: Jacqueline, Gilbert's half-Alien daughter, is here as well. She has Denise's former bedroom on the ground floor and became a teenager at the end of the last round.Her LTW turned out to be the one of having 50 dream dates. Let's see how well she will do this week!
Upon entering the lot on Monday morning, Gallagher Newson is seen sneaking away from the house. Has he been doing something he shouldn't have done? No, don't worry. When I last played this household, he was still a teenager, and had a dream date with Jacqueline. Now he has just left a gift for her on the doorstep; can you see the blue china vase? It was, by the way, Jacqueline's 6th dream date.
Later that day, dream date No. 7 is with Ramon Ramirez (he is the second child of Lisa and Checo Ramirez).
At night, Denise's ghost appears but does not haunt the house, just the garden.
On Tuesday morning, it falls upon Jacqueline (since she is the only one I fully control) to repair the computer in her parents' bedroom.
In the meantime, Ramon leaves a hot tub on the porch to say thank you for yesterday's dream date.
OK, so I do control Gilbert and Daisy from time to time. Here, Gilbert repairs the sink because Jacqueline has to get ready for school. Daisy is... umm... keeping him company in the bathroom :-D
I said Jacqueline is getting ready for school... which involves some posing in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She may be half-Alien, but she still is very much a typical teenager :-)
In the afternoon, Param Patel walks by and is greeted by Jacqueline. She hopes to have her dream date # 8 with him, but things turn out a bit different from what she expected.
Her dad returns from work just as she starts flirting with Param. He doesn't seem to mind that at all, though.
Later, he is just about to hug and kiss his beloved wife, when... the age of 76, he is handed his very last cocktail by the Grim Reaper. Her father's death puts all thoughts of a dream date with Param Patel out of Jacqueline's head, which is perfectly understandable.
His tombstone is placed next to his mother's, on the other side of the willow tree. Strangely enough, that night Denise's ghost seems to jump out of (or into?) her son's stone, not her own. She appears nearly every night during that week, while Gilbert does not show up at all.
Wednesday morning, lightning hits the willow and it catches fire. But it is still raining hard enough for the flames to be put out before anyone can come to harm.
Jacqueline and Daisy are on their own now. Biologically, they are not related, and since Gilbert's death, they do not appear as relatives in their respective family trees any longer, either. But they feel like mother and daughter, and see no reason for anything to change that.
Jacqueline asks the boy she is currently most interested in over for another date. Ramon Ramirez is happy to oblige, and the two of them have dream date # 8.
Daisy takes care of the flower bed.
Thursday morning while it is still dark, Jacqueline thinks of kissing - she has plenty of experience in that by now.
She returns from school with her half-sister Wilma Williamson in tow.
But of course, she can't (and won't) date Wilma, and so Ramon is invited over again for dream date # 9.
I wonder what Jacqueline has to write in her diary about Tom Freshe! It is now Friday.
Prezioso Picaso gets off the school bus with Jacqueline.
They have a good date - just not a dream date, so it doesn't count towards her LTW.
Ramon rings and asks Jacqueline to meet him downtown at the Crypt O'Night club, where the teenagers feel all grown up taking a table at the restaurant and drinking sparkling wine (one glass each, nobody got drunk, I promise!).
It is another dream date for Jacqueline - her 10th, which means she has already achieved one fifth of her LTW.
It seems to be Oldies' Night at the club - nearly everyone except for our teenagers and the DJ is past 54.
In the very early hours of Saturday, Daisy does some stargazing in her nightie.
Eventually, she has a bath on her own accord and dresses properly, just in time to greet Tara Gieke.
Jacqueline has had nothing but dream dates with Ramon so far, and today is no exception: # 11.
Unfortunately, Daisy's attempt to make chili con carne results in a kitchen fire. Fortunately, a fire alarm is installed.
There have been cakes and party snack platters in the household members' inventories when the week started, and since Daisy has burnt the food, Jacqueline gets the bought food out instead. What for?
It is her birthday! But... oh dear, what kind of outfit is that supposed to be?! The red jumper and cardigan are in line with the colour scheme she preferred during her teens, but it so doesn't fit, and will have to go. Her hairstyle has changed with her age transition, too.
Jacqueline is one of the few Sims whom I have not sent to college. She had the wish at the start of the week, but then it rolled away and never came back, and as she does not need a degree for her LTW, I have decided to keep her at home.
Typically, though, now that she has grown up and it is too late to do anything about it, she regrets not having gone! (That's her "grandma", Rose Greenman, in front of her. The Greenmans were of course invited for Jacqueline's birthday; although they are not biologically related, they see her as much part of the family as if she was.)
That night, Jacqueline goes to bed for the first time in a double bed; she has certainly outgrown the romantic single four-poster she used to sleep in during her childhood and teenage years.
On Sunday, she invites over the man she has the highest attraction with: Gallagher Newson. She has dream dates # 12 and 13 with him that day, and at some stage, I discover two things: They suddenly have three bolts for each other (it used to be two), and Gallagher wants to get engaged!
Daisy's favourite dish seems to be chili con carne; she prepares another bowl, this time without nearly burning down the house.
Late in the evening, Ramon Ramirez rings. Jacqueline has to tell him that she can't date him anymore, now that she is grown up and he is still a teenager. Whether she tells him about Gallagher I don't know. Also, I don't know yet what is going to happen with these two - I guess we'll find out when it will be time to play Gallagher's household.


  1. The teen Jacqueline and Ramon were a nice match but it looks like she's ready to move on. I wonder if her and Gallagher will get together. She did very well with her dates considering her dad died.
    It's funny how ghosts often jump into each others graves!

    1. I had not seen the grave-jumping before - always only their own graves, never that of another Sim.
      It will be interesting to see how Gallagher feels about Jacqueline once I play his household.


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