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Friday, 18 April 2014

Sarah Love: Week 3

In her third week after graduating Summa Cum Laude in Biology, Sarah Love is still renting in the most expensive apartment building in all of New Maximiliania. She can well afford it, has nobody else to feed but herself, and earns good money as the town's Police Chief.

No other mouth to feed but her own is not quite true - her wombrat Blacky is still her faithful little furry friend. Will Sarah reach her lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero this week?

Monday starts with the usual routine of paying the rent.

It is Sarah's day off, and she plays "The Sims 3" for a while.

Later, she and fellow tenant (same building, different apartment) Brittany Upsnott go jogging together.
Sarah needs one last body skill point for her next promotion and so, after the jog and a bit of a rest, heads downstairs to the gym, which is one of her reasons for renting in this apartment building and nowhere else.

On Tuesday morning, she has just enough time to clean Blacky's cage before her car pool arrives.

A thunderstorm is passing across the neighbourhood, and lightning hits and ignites one of the trees in front of the house. The rain makes a quick job of putting the flames out, though, and nobody comes to any harm.

On Wednesday, Sarah rings some of her friends from university, and they reminische about the time when they all graduated.

Quite late in the evening, she is downstairs in the gym room again, and manages to finally max out her body skill just as Wednesday slips into Thursday.

Her effort is rewarded when she comes home from work that day with her final promotion: She is now Captain Hero, and has reached her lifetime want 12 days before Elderhood.

Friday morning sees her playing with Blacky, as is her habit at least twice a day.

Her neighbours are unusually noisy today, and she bangs the wall to make them stop.

For the first time today, she flys to work in her Captain Hero's outfit.

Now that she is on Permanent Platinum, I intervene little with her actions. When Sarah returns from work, she sits on the bench in front of the house for a while. Maybe she wonders what she will do now, seen as she has reached her big goal in life.

Brittany Upsnott comes out of the building; she has obviously spent some time in the basement where there is not only the gym, but also a jaccuzzi, bar and grill for the tenants' use. She has some gossip about fellow tenant Jasmine Rai, and I must confess that Sarah listens with great interest.

On Saturday morning, she browses the web for a while, still in her nightie.

Half an hour before it is time to go to work, she decides she wants an omelette. By the time she finishes making it, she has to leave, and the omelette is spoiled when she gets home.

It takes her until Sunday morning before she cleans up the smelly omelette plate.

But once she is in the swing of things, so to speak, she makes her bed and cleans the bathroom as well.

Maybe finding her Mr. Right is something she can dedicate her time to now.

With most of her friends, she has maintained contact throughout the week by phone, and Sunday night, she invites six of them over: Monica Bratford, Zoe Zimmerman, Hal Riley (formerly Capp), Delilah O'Feefe, Tara Goth (formerly DeBateau) and Martin Biggs (formerly Ruben).

Brittany Upsnott joins the party in the hall and obviously finds Martin quite attractive. Well, he is in a 3-bolt-marriage with Marla Biggs and not interested in her.

Before the party ends, one of her fellow tenants complain about the noise coming from her apartment (although there is not even a stereo!), but maybe Jasmine Rai only wants to get back at Sarah for her having listened to Brittany's gossip about her.

What will Sarah do now with her life? Is she forever going to share her apartment with nobody but little Blacky?


  1. I didn't realise that neighbours complained about noise! I thought it was only playables that could complain, :D
    Sarah has a nice life, Captain Hero and great apartment. It'll be interesting to see if she rolls any wishes for a partner.

    1. There were two complaints, one I didn't take a picture of, which was by a non-playable tenant of the same building, and one by Jasmine Rai, who is a playable.
      I quite like her apartment, too, although there is a lot of empty space in the open plan living/dining area which I have not decided yet what to do with it.


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