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Monday, 7 April 2014

The Joque Family: Week 5

The Jocques' house still looks the same from the outside, but things have changed quite a bit since last time we've been here:
Marcel, after his wife Sofia died of old age, has indeed acted on his 3-bolt-attraction for Opal Contrary once she was widowed as well. He moved in with her and her grown-up son Rick, and lived there happily until he, too, died of old age.
His daughter Violet, whose lifetime want is to own 5 top-level business, has the whole big house to herself now.

And she turns out to be one of those Sims in my game whose LTW has mysteriously changed - she now wants to marry off six children!! She is only 15 days from Elderhood, so she better get started on that huge task!

First of all, she sells both the home business (the toy shop her mother founded while Violet was still a teenager) and the community lot (the Frippery Frock).

Then she asks Shane Cho over. She met him at university; he is still a student. (Originally, Shane was an NPC student, but since he has the same surname as a playable family in the game - Etsu Cho and her son Charlie -, I treat him as a relative and have made him move in with a student household.)

Shane is more than happy to help Violet with her LTW ;-) It takes the couple two attempts before Violet hears the welcome sound of the baby jingle. Unfortunately, Shane can not yet move in with her; he has to graduate first.

While Shane has fallen asleep after all that hard work for Violet's LTW, she has a bowl of comfort soup and does the crossword.

Then, she lights the fire in the living room and enjoys the warm cozy feeling sitting next to the fire place gives her.

After a little while, she decides to take a hot bubble bath - something she shouldn't have done, because the chair she was in just moments before catches fire.

By now, Shane has woken up, goes downstairs and discovers the fire. His cries alert Violet.
While Violet doesn't know at all what to do, Shane isn't of any help; I think he leaves the lot, although I can't say I have seen him doing so.

What I have seen, though,was Violet being caught up in the flames.

She and her unborn baby are "met" by Mr. Reaper, who can't believe yet another inhabitant of New Maximiliania has perished way before their time.

Sorry, Violet - but my self-imposed rule is not to intervene in such cases, and I stick to my own rules most of the time.
This "week" was over quickly - not even a full day passed, before Violet passed! I wonder whether another family will eventually move in here.


  1. oh dear what a shame. Another sim gone by fire. I thought pregnant woman couldn't die, maybe because she hadn't had her first pop yet that the game didn't realise it.

    1. I never expected this Sim-week to be over so quickly...!
      As far as I know, pregnant women can die just the same as other Sims, children included. Just toddlers and babies can't die, I think.

  2. Well that was a sad end to Violet's life! You are so good not to interfere because it really keeps the general population down. :)

    1. I have not done another head count since the end of 2013, when there were 214 Sims plus 1 Servo living in New Max; that's still quite a lot, I think :-)


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