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Friday, 11 April 2014

Justin Kim: Week 1

Welcome to Downtown New Maximiliania, where I have not changed anything from the original Maxis-made set up. So far, only a handful of Sims live here, and one of them has chosen this modest house for their address after graduating from college.
        It is Justin Kim, who left college with a degree in History. Up until recently, his greatest wish in life was to celebrate his Golden Anniversary, but I found his lifetime want has now changed to being Hall of Famer.Do you remember Justin's tragic background? He grew up with his parents Robert and Cynthia Kim in a "starship"-shaped house; they had a dog and a cat and were something like the ideal family. Shortly after Justin had left home for college, his parents died in a house fire, and the dog and cat were taken to the animal shelter. So Justin had nobody waiting for him after college.
After he buys and furnishes this place, he has 275 Simoleons left.
       When a student graduates, I usually divide the household money by the number of household members and give the graduate his share of the money in the shape of items for his inventory. In Justin's inventory, one item was the shrine, which he decided to keep instead of selling. Somehow, it suits him.On Monday, the shrine sends him 1.000 Simoleons, so that he can complete the furnishing of his house.
       Mr. Humble arrives with the eagerly awaited computer. But unfortunately, there is no job in the athletic career for Justin.
        Instead, he has plenty of time for the welcome committee, consisting of the Pleasant Servo, Heather Huffington and Lilith Ottomas (née Pleasant).
        He makes Comfort Soup for everyone.
       On Tuesday morning, Justin wakes up just as he went to bed - alone.
       Today, the shrine tells him that he will discover a long lost secret.
       Before he does any discovering, he invites his college sweetheart Georgia Newson over. She has not graduated yet and therefore can not move in with him. Like most of my college lovebirds, these two fell in love with each other without me doing anything.
       You can guess what just went on behind Jusin's bedroom door, can't you ;-)    
Later that day, Justin finds a tattered old map buried in the yard. He could sell it for 450 Simoleons, but decides against it.
       On Wednesday, still unlucky on the job front, Justin makes himself an omelette for breakfast.

        e thinks of getting engaged (apparently, he has not entirely forgotten his former lifetime want) but does not seem to have anyone specific in mind - not even Georgia.

       Some time ago, Justin found out that a distant relative of his, Alec Kim, has been visiting town. After some talking on the phone, today he invites "Uncle" Alex over. (He is a townie and actually not eligible to become a "proper" resident of New Maximiliania, but since he has the same surname as Justin, and poor Justin lost both his parents and has no family left, I decide to go against my own rules this time and let the two of them befriend each other.)

       It is Thursday, and still there is no job in the athletic career available.

        But Thursday means bills, and Justin's account is reduced to a mere 89 Simoleons.

        The shrine is not helpful this time - quite the contrary, Justin ends up with a most uncomfortable itch.

        Ariel Capp, a good friend since their uni days, comes visiting on her own accord.

       "Did you imagine your life to be like this when you grew up," Ariel asks her friend. She, like Justin, had a changed lifetime want from one round to the next.

       On Friday, the shrine is uncooperative in financial matters once more and sends a swarm of angry bees instead of shiny Simoleons.

        By now, Justin's Uncle Alec has taken to staying the night with his nephew, but so far, he declines the offer of moving in every time it is made.

        What a relief when on Saturday, the shrine sends another 1.000 Simoleons Justin's way!

       Cedric Cooke, one of Justin's friends from uni days, comes visiting on the Sunday.

I'm afraid this week wasn't very exciting. I was hoping for Alec Kim's friendship with Justin being established enough for him to move in; he would at least have brought some money, I guess :-)

Will Justin find a job next round, so that he can get started on working at his LTW - and buy new clothes and get rid of the mismatched outfit he age-transitioned into? 
Where is his relationship with Georgia heading?


  1. Are they best friends yet? Sometime they won't move unless they are best friends. Hopefully when Georgia finishes college she will also be able to keep Justin company. Sometimes we play and they is nothing new and exciting to tell. I like him keeping the shrine.

    1. Yes, they are best friends; I know that this is important before any Sim will move in with another. We'll see next round whether "Uncle" Alec will make up his mind and join his nephew in New Max.

  2. I thought Justin had a great week, he was very sociable and busy. I never think to put a shrine in a garden, what a great idea for when it's nice and pays out 1000 simoleons!
    It's a good idea to join up those sims with the same surnames, I've often thought about it but never done anything about it. ;D

    1. There are several I have in mind; two "members" of the Cho family currently live at university, but since no other playable Sim lives in the same house, they are not played at the moment. There is also a Sim called "Christian Love" who could be Sarah Love's long-lost uncle.

  3. Is Justin planning to adopt back his old family pets? (I have never tried to do this, so perhaps it would not work.)

    I have a few townies in my BACC neighborhood who have the same last name. In one household I have an elderly couple named Barrett, and the husband is friends with a young woman also named Barrett--since the old couple is childless (having met and married during their golden years) I might have Mr. Barrett's "niece" move in to help take care of them in their old age.

    (This family exists because Mrs. Barrett, back when she was single, had an affair with one of my playables. He chose to stay with his wife, so she married another elderly townie.)

  4. It would be especially useful to have the young Ms. Barrett move in since I have a strange excess of young men in this family has five boys and only one girl! (Their mother wants to marry off 6 children.)

    1. I have not yet decided on whether Justin will try to adopt the old family pets, but it does feel like something he would do, doesn't it?

      The Barrett family story is interesting. The young woman would certainly be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood!


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