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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Beaker - Bratford - Martin Household: Update 24.04.2014

We've already been at this house during this round, when it was Barry Beaker's and Monica Bratford's turn to be played. Now we are back for the household members with the surname Martin.

Here are Monicaand Barry. They are 3-bolt lovers and on Permanent Platinum, so I rarely tell them what to do. Barry is pregnant, as you can tell.

Martina Martin still wants to become a Celebrity Chef; her lifetime want has not changed, like it has with so many other Sims in New Maximiliania. She is currently the only Sim in the household who is not on Permanent Platinum.

Her Dad, Jacob Martin, is still around, too.

On Monday, Monica has a toilet accident -just like Jodie Larson a few days ago. She usually is not too daft at taking care of herself, but when Barry is nearby, she forgets all else!
Things are still awkward between Barry and Jacob.

It is now summer, and Martina changes into this pretty dress which I quite like on her.
All three adults are rather neat, and take turns in cleaning and emptying the trash bin.
In the afternoon, Martina meets and greets Castanea Landgraab. This former PlantSim, daughter of Tybalt Capp, appears to be walking the neighbourhood quite a lot since she married Malcolm Landgraab a week or so ago.
As I said, things are still awkward between Barry and Jacob. They do manage to talk civilly to each other for a short while only, before...
...they start to argue again. Here, seconds before I took this picture, Jacob wanted to apologize to Barry but was turned down.
Jacob puts it all down to hormones (after all, he was once pregnant himself, and knows how Barry must be feeling!) and serves him an extra large plate of pork chops in spite of the unfriendly treatment.
Castanea talks about babies. Does this mean she wants a baby, too, now that she's married, or is it just about Barry's soon-to-be born little one?
On Tuesday morning at seven minutes past seven...
B'Elanna Beaker is born!
As you can see, Castanea has not yet left. She and everybody else flock to welcome the youngest New Maximilianian.
Monica happily does her share in looking after little B'Elanna.
And so does Jacob. Apparently, his animosity towards Barry does not extend to the baby.
On Wednesday morning, I catch Jacob thinking of marriage. No wish turns up, though.
Barry looks none too happy about finding Jacob in the bedroom he shares with Monica! Words are exchanged that would have better been left unsaid.
Martina flees the scene and shuts herself in her room to cry. She hates it when her Dad and Barry argue, and they argue a lot.
Monica tries everything to smooth the rough waters, and it looks as if she succeeds.
Barry and Jacob even spend part of the evening on the roof terrace together, stargazing with telescope and binoculars.
Monica loves Barry so much, she can not understand why the two men have not become friends from Day One.
Thursday morning before school, Martina spends some time playing with her little half-sister.
After taking the wrong decision with a chance card, Jacob is demoted. Brittany Upsnott comes home with him from work.
Jacob and Martina still react embarrassed every time they catch Barry and Monica in a romantic situation! I honestly wonder why they do that. Monica was never married to Andrew, Jacob's father and Martina's grandfather, and her relationship with Barry only begun after Andrew's death, so she was never unfaithful to him.
Martina has nothing against Barry. After all, through him, she now has a little sister!
It is still Thursday when B'Elanna grows up into a Toddler.
Her appearance is changed to better match her father. (Frankly, I was bored with each and every half-Alien child in the neighbourhood having black hair.)
On Friday, another half-sister of Martina's and B'Elanna's is paying a visit: Isabella Indie. Her hair is not black, either - thanks to Charlie Cho's free makeover.
Later that day, Barry invites his family over. He wants them to meet their latest member. Beta and Björn, Barry's siblings, are here with Circe and Loki Beaker.
Barry happily introduces little B'Elanna to them.
On Saturday, Martina has a good look at everything in her room.
Then she kisses her little half-sister.
Finally, she says good-bye to Barry and Monica - her Dad is asleep, I'm afraid - and leaves for college, where we will meet her again.
It is just as well she has left, so she does not have to witness what happens only moments after the above picture was taken, of Jacob once more apologizing to Barry.
Instead of accepting the apology, Barry attacks Jacob!
The older man has no chance against the physically much fitter Barry. I half expect Jacob to leave the place, but he sticks around.
He is still friends with Monica, and even cooks a meal for the household the same night.
Barry invites over his family on the Sunday for the second time this week. Erin Singles and Xander Roth come along, too.
Things appear perfectly normal, and nobody would have guessed that Barry and Jacob had their fists flying yesterday.
Will Jacob and Barry ever stop being enemies? How will their fighting affect B'Elanna as she grows up? Are Monica and Barry going to get married? Will Jacob ever get together with his three-bolt-love Erin?


  1. where do this name originate B'Elanna from. I have never heard of it before. It is a very nice name or is it made up?

    1. Do you know Star Trek? It is from Star Trek Voyager, a half-Klingon female character is called B'Elanna Torres.

  2. B'Elanna is a pretty name. I was a fan of the Next Generation but never saw anything beyond it. :D
    It always makes for interesting play (and reading) when Sims are not fond of each other.
    I think that kids sometimes (as is real life) just find it embarrassing when parents show affection toward one another. lol.
    It's a lovely house and looks great the way you've decorated it.

    1. My favourite Star Trek was also the Next Generation, but I loved Deep Space Nine, too :-)
      Martina's embarrassment may be a typical teenage thing, but Jacob's? Also, Martina is not related to either Barry or Monica, so she could just shrug it all off.

  3. I have heard of star trek voyager but not really watched it.


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